Top 7 Wireless Routers of 2019 in Dubai UAE

Top 7 Wireless Routers of 2019 in Dubai UAE

Know which One Runs the Best in Your Home Network

A router is a network gateway device that enables you to connect two or more networks via wired or wireless connection. These days, it has become a basic necessity for both home and business users. Routers basically forward data by making the internet to work by using a unified addressing system.  And with the progress of technology, routers are also getting updated day-by-day. The wireless routers are now in the basic trends as it works on the functions of a wireless access point. One of the most important features that you can have in your wireless router is the security encryption. And with various useful features and functionalities, numerous wireless routers are introduced that serve various purposes. So, if you are looking for the best wifi router for home 2019, go through this article throughly. Here, we are going to discuss the best wifi router for home and its features.


Top 7 Wireless Routers and their Features


  1. Google Wifi

Nowadays, traditional routers are no more in trend as the wireless mesh routers offer innumerable features that add a lot of conveniences. When the concern is the best wifi router for home 2019, Google wifi is the best to opt for. It offers seamless and reliable wifi network throughout the home. The setup of this router is quite simple and you can easily bring the internet right where you want to.


  1. Linksys AC9100 Dual Band Wireless Router

In case you stay in a multi-storeyed house and there are multiple people who are using the internet connection, then Linksys AC9100 Dual Band Wireless Router is the best to suit this situation. It is the best for high-wifi traffic as it allows you to connect more than 12 devices which include smartphones, tablets, game TVs, etc. Besides this, the MIMO technology allows more than one person to stream videos at the same time at a faster speed. The setup of this device is quite easy as it has an inbuilt smart set-up wizard. Hence, it proves to be the best wifi router for home in 2019.


  1. ASUS AC3100 T-AC88U


Gaming requires a different type of specs, ports, and hardware, for unmatched streaming. An extraordinary network is required to support high-volume and high-bandwidth gaming. Therefore, ASUS AC3100 T-AC88U is the best router to provide a unique gaming experience. To fulfill the server-hosting and local co-op activities, it has eight LAN ports.


  1. Netgear Orbi

Netgear Orbi is a reliable router that effectively provides full home coverage. Although expensive, it is one of the most powerful routers. Three identical nodes are used here to set up your network. There are a number of ethernet ports that will help you to connect a lot of devices. It is primarily used for gaming purposes.


  1. 5. TP-Link Deco M5

It is affordable and one of the best wifi router for home 2019 which enjoys a huge user-base. Though it does not provide as good speed as the others do, it adds incredible value. If you have internet plans up to 500Mbps in speed, then it is the ideal device to use. It uses Adaptive Routing Technology to provide the best connection for each device.


6. Eero Home Wifi System

Eero offers the easiest setup process. You have to just connect it to your modem through the included Ethernet cable. Then, wait for the indicator light to blink blue and follow the instructions that come on-screen. Once the setup is done, it becomes handy for testing Internet speeds, managing networks, creating guest networks and more. Hence, it proves to be a deserving candidate to be the best wifi router for home 2019


7. Luma Whole Home Wifi

The best part of the Luma router is its sound. Besides this, it is also fast and simple to use. It has automatic band steering that directs traffic to the most efficient band thereby giving you the fastest speeds. Being one of the best wifi routers for home 2019, it offers a hassle-free process to make your wifi run smoothly and also suits the best for entertainment purposes.


All the above-mentioned routers are known for their amazing features. We have already discussed all the essential benefits and the purposes that it serves. Hence, it will effectively help you to choose the best wifi router for home 2019. However, these routers also at times generate problems that might hamper your work as well as user experience. But opting for a proper router support will help to eliminate the errors thereby enhancing the routers’ performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do routers affect internet speed?

Yes, routers affect the speed of the internet. In case your Internet speed tests low, hook up a computer directly to your Internet modem, bypassing the router. You can also run an HTML speed test to check whether the internet connection is appropriate or not.


  1. How to choose a good wireless router?
  1. Figure out your Internet’s top speed
  2. Look for the local internet service providers
  3. Find out whether or not you already have a modem
  4. Outline your budget
  5. Determine the amount of space the router needs to cover
  6. Make a note of each device that your router will support
  7. You have to know the router speed and range.


  1. Do I need a router for wifi?

Either a modem connected to a wireless router, or a wireless gateway, to establish a proper wifi connection in your home. The router is then used to connect the internet.


  1. How long should a router last?

In case your router is more than 5-6 yrs old, then you can definitely think about replacing it. This is because, after a certain period of time, heat can damage the internal components, which might result in intermittent outages or slow performance.


  1. How can I increase the range of my router?
  1. Know your router’s maximum range
  2. Remove obstructions from your router’s path
  3. Position your router correctly for optimal performance
  4. Check if you have signal interference
  5. Ensure your router is using the 2.4 GHz channel
  6. Use an unofficial range extender
  7. Upgrade your old router