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Price: Starts from 199 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Prices in Dubai UAE

Type of Service

Approximate Price in AED

Time Duration

Surface Pro 2 Screen Replacement


1 Day

Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacement


1 Day

Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacement


1-2 Days

Surface Pro 5 (2017) Screen Replacement


2-5 Days

Surface Pro 6 Screen Replacement


2-5 Days

Surface Pro 7 Screen Replacement


1-7 Days

Surface Pro 2 Battery Replacement


1 Day

Surface Pro 3/4 Battery Replacement


1 Day

Software Support for Microsoft Surface


1-2 Days

Upgrade The Ram In Laptop


1 Day

Cleaning From Dust, Prevention



New Laptop Setup



Installing Software In Laptop



Remote Support For Laptop



Your Microsoft Surface device can help you a lot in your everyday tasks with its wide range of features. It has a lot to offer you as long as it is in good condition. So, you must ensure an immediate solution to any malfunctions that occur on your Microsoft Surface. The best way out is to book professional assistance in such situations. That is where we at UAE Technician can come to your help.

We can offer you long-lasting solutions to every common and critical issue with your Microsoft Surface. Moreover, we can offer you very fast and efficient service. Contact us at our Microsoft surface service center to get a Microsoft Surface repair.

Surface features six main lines of devices:

We cannot imagine a life without the MS Surface suite. Each time we switch on our PC for the office or home use, the very first thing we do is to search for the MS Surface applications in our PC.

A Series of touch screen Windows personal computers and interactive whiteboards is known as Surface. The Surface comprises of four generations of the hybrid tablet, 2-in-1 detachable notebooks, and convertible desktop all in one, interactive whiteboard and various accessories all with unique form factors

  • Surface line of hybrid tablets with optional detachable keyboard accessories and optional stylus pen

  • Surface Pro line of professional hybrid tablet use similar optional detachable keyboard accessories

  • Surface Laptop a notebook with 13.5-inch touchscreen, the device runs Windows 10 S by default

  • Surface Book notebook with a detachable screen. The base is configurable with or without discrete graphics and an independently operable screen

  • Surface studio 28-inch desktop that adjusts into a digital drafting table

  • Surface Hub touch screen interactive whiteboard designed for collaboration

Find all the latest Surface products:

  • Surface Pro 4 and all accessories

  • Surface Pro 3 and all accessories

  • Surface Book and all accessories

  • Surface Pro 2 and all accessories

Have so much to do with yet they can come across issues that you can sometimes find easy to solve if not. Then find the right of experts as we offer MS Surface Support Services to our users.

  • Surface broken LCD Screen and digitizer replacement and repair as well

  • Battery not charging the Surface

  • Doesn’t not getting started you Surface

  • Digitizer (touch screen) not responding

  • The pen does not collaborate with surface Book or Surface Pro

  • Surface type cover (keyboard) problem

  • When not able to boot the Surface

  • surface dead due to water spill

Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Dubai Services We Provide

We can help you fix malfunctions on a wide range of Microsoft Surface models. You can hire us to get the following services, among others:

Keyboard Repair and Replacement

You might often face issues with your Surface keyboard, and we can help you fix that. Are you unable to get any response from some specific keys? Then, you must try removing them and cleaning the area right below.

If the problem persists, you can approach us to get replacement keys. We can also repair your Surface keyboard at a very reasonable price. All you need to do is call us and book a Microsoft Surface Pro repair Dubai.

Startup Solutions

You need not panic when you cannot boot up your Microsoft Surface. If you cannot fix the problem by yourself, we can always provide you with an efficient solution. A forced restart is often enough to fix startup problems on your Surface for a while.

You must also disconnect any peripheral devices you might have connected to it. If none of this works, you should reach out to us at our Microsoft Surface service center. We can provide you with our MS Surface repair service shortly after the booking.

Battery Repair and Replacement

Does your Surface device’s battery drain out too fast? We have an optimal solution for that as well. However, you must apply some solutions first. Reducing the screen brightness and closing some background programs might help slow down the battery drainage. If the battery is not charging or cannot charge above a specific percentage, you must replace it. 

With our Microsoft Surface repair Dubai, you can get an affordable solution to all battery-related issues. Our services also include a top-notch battery replacement to provide you with a long-term solution.

Black Screen Solution

Your Microsoft Surface might fail to turn on because the battery has died. In that case, you must connect it to the charger right away. If the screen remains black, you must try performing a forced restart on the device. The steps for doing that are pretty much the same on all Surface models.

If you fail to fix the problem, you must call our Microsoft Surface service center immediately. Our technicians can reach your location to inspect and repair your device. You can always receive an effective solution for the back screen through our MS Surface repair services.

Surface Pen Fixes

The Surface pen not working might indicate that you need to replace its battery. If required, you can approach us to get a replacement battery at a reasonable price. We can also inspect your Surface Pro for any other causes behind this problem. Based on the diagnosis, we will proceed with an appropriate Microsoft Surface repair Near me service. You can get this service at your location, look for our Microsoft Surface service center.

Microsoft Surface Screen Solutions

Restarting your Microsoft Surface can often help you fix an unresponsive screen. So, you must try that out before hiring a professional technician. You should book our Microsoft Surface Repair near me immediately if that does not do the trick. We will diagnose the issue and then ensure a long-term solution.

Is your Surface device’s screen damaged? Then, you can get an affordable replacement for it with our MS Surface repair service. We can also fix any other problems that you might face with your device’s screen.

Display Solutions

You might come across various issues with your Surface laptop’s display, and that includes a dim or flickering display, among other things. Updating the display driver might help you fix them effectively over the long term. In case of a dim display, you must make sure you have not set the brightness too low. Turning off automatic brightness can also effectively fix the dim display problem.

Our technicians can handle display solutions expertly within a short time. So, you must visit our Microsoft Surface service center or give us a call. Our MS Surface repair services can offer you an optimal solution to display issues.

WiFi Problems Repair

You must check whether the problem with connecting your device to WiFi lies in your router. If it does, then you do not need a repair yet. Otherwise, you must try restarting your device and check whether it can connect to the network. If it cannot, you must ensure you have the latest network driver. The troubleshooter tool on your Surface device can help you resolve this issue.

You must contact us if this problem has something to do with a hardware issue. We will thoroughly inspect your device to find all the issues causing the WiFi connection problem. We will proceed with a competent Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai.

Virus Removal

You can usually remove viruses from your device using reliable antivirus software. If the virus has caused too much damage, you must get a professional virus removal.

We can provide that to you as a part of Microsoft Surface repair Dubai near me. You must always act quickly whenever you detect viruses or malware on your device. So, reach out to us as soon as possible to book an MS Surface repair to fix this problem. We can help you prevent or minimise data loss on your Surface laptop.

Storage Replacement or Upgrade

Low storage space can cause a lot of problems on your laptop. With us, you can get a quick and affordable storage upgrade for your Surface device. You can book an urgent Microsoft Surface repair Dubai with us for that.

Also, you must contact us immediately if you detect a damaged storage drive on your device. Strange sounds are a common sign of damaged hard drives across all laptops. Our MS Surface repair services also include a highly competent storage replacement.

Microsoft Surface Models We Repair

Our Microsoft Surface service center Dubai UAE can handle repairing tasks for a wide range of models. And, that includes both hybrid tablets and laptops from the Microsoft Surface series. 

We can repair and provide replacement parts for the following Surface models: 

  • Surface Pro 2

  • Surface Pro 3

  • Surface Pro 4

  • Surface Pro 7+

  • Surface Laptop Go 2

  • Surface Go 3

  • Surface Book 3

  • Surface Laptop 3

How do You Benefit from Our Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai Near Me?

Our MS Surface repair services Near Me aim to offer you the best customer experience. Here are the benefits you can expect by booking them:

There are benefits of using MS Suite instead of independent software applications:

  • The MS Surface is designed to make work together with all different applications. This makes it easier to insert documents of one type into another. For example, if you can copy a graph from a spreadsheet into a presentation, you are still able to edit the graph because the programs are linked.
  • The various MS Software applications have a similar interface. This makes it easier to learn the software and to switch in between the applications.

The above information is sufficient to get you with the successful installation of the Surface Suite. Get you any further future queries resolved regarding the Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Service on your system by connecting to a reliable and efficient team.

Easy Booking

You need not necessarily visit our Microsoft Surface service center to get a repair. Instead, you can simply dial us to make a booking and get an on-site service. 

Quick Response

You need not wait for long after the booking to receive a professional MS Surface repair service. We always proceed with customer requests within the shortest possible time.

Certified and Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are very reliable when it comes to complex laptop repair tasks. They are certified for performing Microsoft Surface repairs and are considerably experienced. So, they can always provide you with a competitive solution to your laptop issues.

Reasonable Prices

Laptop repairs can be quite costly, even when they do not have to be. So, we keep our Microsoft Surface repair Near Me and replacement services as affordable as possible.

Book Microsoft surface repair dubai at your doorstep 

Our Microsoft Surface service center DUbai is only a phone call away if you need us. You can reach us anytime during our business hours to talk to our microsoft surface repair technicians near me and book a repair. The technical team can also answer any of your queries regarding our services.


We provide repair services for various Microsoft Surface devices, including Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, Surface Go, and more.

The repair time can vary depending on the issue and the model of your device. Generally, most common repairs are completed within 2-3 business days.

Yes, we use genuine Microsoft parts to ensure the quality and longevity of our repairs.

Technicians at Microsoft service center Dubai are trained to address both hardware and software issues, from screen replacements to software troubleshooting.

We offer a warranty on our repairs, typically ranging from 90 days to 1 year, depending on the type of repair.

While appointments are not mandatory, it's recommended to schedule one to ensure faster service and minimal wait times.

Yes, we have experience in repairing water-damaged Surface devices, but success depends on the extent of the damage.

We accept various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets for your convenience.

While we take precautions to protect your data, it's advisable to backup your important data before repair to avoid any potential loss.

Yes, we provide pickup and delivery services for your convenience. Please inquire about this service when scheduling your repair.

The cost of screen repair varies depending on the model of your Surface device. Contact us for a specific quote.

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