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MS Surface Support

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  • Support for Microsoft's Surface PC
  • Support for Microsoft's Surface Laptop
  • Support for Microsoft's Surface Tablet
  • Support for Surface Pro, Book, Studio
  • Software and Hardware Support




MS SURFACE Support and Repair Services

We cannot imagine a life without the MS Surface suite. Each time we switch on our PC for office or home use, the very first thing we do is to search for the MS Surface applications in our PC.

A Series of touch screen Windows personal computers and interactive white boards is known as Microsoft Surface. The Microsoft Surface comprises of four generations of hybrid tablet, 2-in-1 detachable notebooks, and convertible desktop all in one, interactive white board and various accessories all with unique form factors.

Microsoft Surface features six main lines of devices:

  • Surface line of hybrid tablets with optional detachable keyboard accessories and optional stylus pen
  • Surface Pro line of professional hybrid tablet use similar optional detachable keyboard accessories
  • Surface Laptop a notebook with 13.5 inch touchscreen, device runs Windows 10 S by default
  • Surface Book notebook with detachable screen. Base is configurable with or without discrete graphics and an independently operable screen
  • Surface studio 28-inch desktop that adjust into digital drafting table
  • Surface Hub touch screen interactive whiteboard designed for collaboration

Find all the latest Microsoft Surface products:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and all accessories
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and all accessories
  • Microsoft Surface Book and all accessories
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and all accessories
MS Surface Support
MS Surface Support

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Repair Services

MS Surface Support

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Repair Services

MS Surface Support

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Repair Services

Have so much to do with yet they can come across issues which you can sometimes find easy to solve if not. Then find the right of experts as we offer MS Surface Support Services to our users.

customer satifaction
  • Microsoft Surface broken LCD Screen and digitizer replacement and repair as well
  • Battery not charging the Microsoft Surface
  • Doesn’t not getting started you Microsoft Surface
  • Microsoft Digitizer (touch screen) not responding
  • Pen does not collaborate with surface Book or Surface Pro
  • Microsoft Surface type cover (keyboard) problem
  • When not able to boot the Microsoft Surface
  • Microsoft surface dead due to water spill

We offer following services for MS Surface :

Hardware Support Services for MS Surface:

  • Screen and input
  • Processor
  • External ports
  • Storage
  • Cellular connectivity
  • External Color

Software Support to MS Surface:

  • Proper Installation to Microsoft Office
  • Properly not working of the application
  • Find the installation key to Microsoft Office
  • Outlook and Email setup along with configuration
  • Fixing Word, PowerPoint and Access
  • Support on latest updates to MS apps

There are benefits of using MS Suite instead of independent software applications:

The above information is sufficient to get you with the successful installation of Microsoft Surface Suite. Get you any further future query resolved regarding the MS Surface Repair Service on your system by connecting to reliable and efficient team via dialing our number @ +971-523252808 and get assisted immediately.

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