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Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: Closed.

Price: Starts from 229 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 5-7 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Type of Data Recovery ServicePrice (AED)Estimated Time To Fix
Software (Logical) Problems2292 Days
Firmware issues7494 Days
Circuit Board Related Problems8197 Days
Heads Related Problems149914 Days
Bad Blocks9497 Days
Stuck Heads14993 Days
Motor/HDA Related Issues179914 Days
SSD Software (Logical) issues3495 Days
RAID Software (Logical) issues7797 Days
SSD Firmware / Electrical issues9495 Days
RAID Software (Logical) issues7797 Days
RAID Firmware Problems14997 Days
USB Software (Logical) issues2992 Days
Integrated Circuits Related issues3794 Days
Mobile Software (Logical) issues3793 Days
Mobile Electrical issues3092 Days
Videorecorders Recovery4097 Days
CDs/DVDs Recovery3397 Days
FDDs Recovery3397 Days
Hard Drive Data Recovery in Dubai: Get your Lost Information Back Within Two Days!

Computers and laptops have made our lives easy. Many tasks that required a lot of human efforts now can be completed within minutes and that too without employing many efforts. Today, we depend on these devices entirely for record-keeping, entertainment, work and much more. One of the vital parts of a system which stores every bit of information is a hard drive. If this component of your laptop or computer collapses then you will lose all the data in a single blow. There can be many reasons behind it such as damaged or deleted MBR, sudden crash due to mechanical failure etc. If you have encountered such a situation, then only an expert who has knowledge and skills in the hard drive data recovery domain will be able to help you. UAE Technician has been working in this industry, Dubai data recovery, for decades. Our quality of service and a team of experienced professionals has made us the first choice of consumers in entire Dubai for hard drive data recovery.

We realize that your system can face a situation of data loss at any time. To provide you assistance when you require it the most, we have established a system of 24x7 customer support helpline. Now by just calling or emailing us, you can get suitable solutions as well as advice, from experts associated with data recovery services in Dubai, within minutes.

We have worked on various Operating systems and have retrieve data from even a dead drive

Our specialists are certified experts and have handled several cases of damaged hard drives. Their exposure in the field of hard drive recovery has helped us in generating solutions which are budget-friendly and productive. To serve you with excellence, we use only the latest technology such as certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, so that we can maintain the same level of quality which we promise in every transaction. Our team has worked various operating systems such as DOS, OS/2, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Windows 3.11, Windows 386, Windows 286, Linux, Mac OSX, NetWare and VMware. So, with us, you gain an array of guaranteed recovery services in Dubai.

Our Data Recovery Company Serves You With:

Owing to experienced technicians and advanced tools and utilities, you to mitigate every major-minor problem associated with your hard drive. Our professionals are trained to intervene in all data loss scenarios and implement strategic data retrieval procedure. Here are a few areas which we get to deal with every day:

  • Accidental deletion of data
  • HDD crash due to a faulty power supply
  • Head crash
  • Reinstallation of an operating system
  • Auto-formatting of a disk
  • Disk getting overwritten with a Ghost image
  • Damaged MBR
  • Physical damage
  • The disk is not spinning
  • Corrupted data
  • Deleted MBR

Additional Professional Data Recovery Assistance

Apart from the highlighted problems, there are certain instances that can help you to determine that you are about to go through a data loss. This is when you must join Dubai data recovery services and seek prompt guidance. 

Let's have a look:

  • In case, you hear a clicking sound whenever you turn on your device, then you must keep the data recovery service contact number handy.
  • If you accidentally drop the external hard drive or spill liquid on the drive.
  • The headpins break or the motor gets jammed, then your Data Recovery Dubai can be your ultimate guide.
  • Further, if the system is unable to detect the hard drive, then it is a direct indication that you are about to witness a data loss.
  • This is where you need prompt data recovery services. Experts associated with the Dubai data recovery agency is your best bet.

To provide you with comfortable services, we offer on-site assistance for drive recovery. Now you don't have to bother about searching for a Hard Drive Data Recovery Center near you. By calling our experts, you can book a visit and get suitable solutions to your doorsteps. In case if the device will need our lab facility, then we will pick it up and after fixing the issues will deliver it back to your chosen address.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services - UAE Technician

Moreover, we offer a wide range of data recovery services Dubai. Choose an affordable service package and recover the data immediately. Search “data recovery near me” to reach out to us. Mention the type of data you want to retrieve. Based on that, we will connect you with certified technicians who are ideal for the job.

For example, you delete a file while moving it to another folder. Then, you open the Windows PC’s Recycle bin to restore the file but find out it’s not there. Retrieving the business file might be challenging in such circumstances. But, there is nothing to fret over when our data recovery experts are here to assist. We use advanced and reliable software to recover our clients’ data.

UAE Technician is a one-stop destination to recover the lost or formatted data. We have teamed up with professionals who can retrieve data from hard drives. Be it an internal or external hard disk, and we can restore data from everywhere. You can count on us anytime to get back the required hard disk data.

We have specialisation in offering the following data recovery services across Dubai:

Solid-State Drive Recovery Service

SSDs are less vulnerable to damage than HDDs. However, this hard drive can get damaged due to consistent usage and overheating. Like other storage devices, SSDs will eventually fail, leading to data loss issues. Contact our data recovery experts beforehand if there is any sign of SSD failure.

It is pretty easy to identify a faulty solid-state drive. The hard drive might be corrupted if the Windows or Mac laptop is stuck in the boot loop. Moreover, the computer will run slow when the SSD is about to wear out. You may experience issues when switching from one app to another. So, hire our experts when you face these glitches on the device.

Types of Solid-State Drives from Where We Recover Data:

UAE Technician can retrieve data from different types of SSDs. Are you getting a clicking sound from the SATA solid-state drive? Call us immediately. This is a hard drive issue that requires immediate professional involvement. You can also lose important data if you fail to replace the hard disk on time.

Additionally, we can retrieve data from NVMe SSDs. Our data recovery services Dubai can restore every media file from this hard drive. We can also recover the formatted or missing data in SATA and NVMe SSDs. Search “Mac data recovery near me” and hire our competent experts. We will inspect the solid-state drive and replace it if required.

When Should You Hire Our SSD Data Recovery Service Specialists?

Fail to reboot the laptop after an electrical surge? Then, book our impeccable Macbook data recovery services Dubai. Besides, Blue Screen of Death errors is clear indications of SSD failure. You can’t fix this problem without replacing the hard drive. So, join us and rest assured by our top-ranked technicians.

Did the Mac screen turn black suddenly? It could occur for a damaged solid-state drive. Hire our competent experts when you experience this issue. Moreover, a few more signs indicate the SSD is about to fail.

Schedule an appointment with us if you notice the following SSD damage signs:

  • Scratch on the hard disk
  • A broken solid-state drive
  • Faulty flash controller
  • Damaged NAND flash memory chips

If the laptop has fallen from a height, then there is a high possibility that its solid-state drive is damaged. Take immediate action if you want to recover its data.

What are you waiting for? Call our skilled data recovery Dubai service experts to restore the important files now.

SATA Hard Drive Recovery Services

The latest Windows PCs have the SATA drives. You might find this hard drive in the old Mac laptops. These hard drives are less prone to damage and are more durable. However, it might stop responding after an improper shutdown.

A corrupted OS can also prevent the SATA drive from working properly. It will also restrict you from accessing the files stored inside the device. Hire our Mac data recovery professionals in such instances to get back the data. We will check the internal hard drive’s condition. And, our experts will install a new SATA drive compatible with the PC.

When is the right time to Hire Our SATA Drive Recovery Service Experts?

Does the computer fail to detect the SATA drive? Then, there is a high chance that the device has a faulty hard drive. Moreover, a few signs indicate the SATA drive is damaged. System crash issues are the major indicators of SATA drive failure.

If the PC can’t read or write any data from the hard drive, replace it now. Did you notice error messages while moving files? It could occur when the device has a malfunctioning SATA drive. If you don’t repair it on time, you may lose all the data. Join us and retrieve the media files with our on-site assistance.

Want to recover the formatted SATA files? Don’t worry! UAE Technician got your back. Visit our website and choose the required Laptop data recovery service from the list. Don’t forget to mention the SATA drive’s model number while booking our top-notch services. We will arrive at your doorstep to offer the best recovery solutions.

NVMe Data Recovery Services

NVMe drives offer 5-6 years of longevity. It can stop working after that and remove all the data. Have you been using the same hard drive for more than 7 years? It could increase the chance of data loss issues. Engage with our experts and restore the data in a secure storage device. After that, we will replace the faulty SATA hard drive with a new one.

Did you reset the computer without taking a data backup? Then, it might be difficult to recover the NVMe files, especially if you don’t know which software to use. This is where UAE Technician comes into the work. We can retrieve the deleted data from different types of NVMe drives. Our data recovery services Dubai expert can also restore data from NVME M.2 drives.

When Should You Book Our NVMe Data Recovery Services?

Are you getting a warning message while transferring data? Is the computer turning on and off? Then, it calls for the immediate intervention of our vetted experts. Usually, these issues occur due to a faulty or virus-infected hard drive. And, recovering data from such an NVMe drive might take an ample amount of time. Thus, search “Laptop data recovery near me” and hire our experts.

Book an appointment with us when you notice the following NVMe drive failure signs:

  • Missing files
  • The computer displays a blue screen
  • The hard drive makes a clicking sound
  • Screen freezing issues
  • A slow laptop
  • Overheating
  • Black or blank screen
  • The hard disk is set as “Read Only”

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Dubai, We Provide

UAE Technician can retrieve data from damaged external hard disks. If you have accidentally formatted a DVD, contact us. We will recover the media files from there within minutes. Our reliable experts can restore data from every DVD, irrespective of its format. Book our services and get back the lost data by spending approximately AED 339. However, the price varies based on the extent of the damage.

Types of DVDs from where We Recover Data:

Four types of DVDs are available for PCs and laptops. These are read-only, writable, recordable and random access memory DVDs. And, our data recovery services Dubai experts can retrieve data from all of them. So, search “data recovery near me” and get the ultimate support from us.

Types of USB Flash Drives from where We Recover Data

UAE Technician became a reputed service provider by recovering data from flash drives. Moreover, we can retrieve data from security flash drives.

Did you remove an important document from the boot flash drive? Hire our data recovery experts without further delay. We will restore the required data on this external hard disk with ease.

Types of CDs from where We Recover Data:

We have the expertise in recovering data from recordable CDs. Additionally, our experts can help you to restore the files in the audio and video CDs.

Did you format a re writable CD while transferring all the data? Book our premium quality services and retrieve them on time.

Types of Media Files, the UAE Technician Recover

UAE Technician can recover every type of data, regardless of its format. Our data recovery services Dubai expert can help you to retrieve the following data:

  • System files
  • PDF files
  • Pictures
  • Email attachments
  • Music files
  • Video
  • Game files

Why should we become your Service Partner?

A hard disk drive is a non-volatile memory hardware device that acts as secondary storage. It has one or more platters in which data is written with the help of a magnetic head that comes in an air-sealed casing. If it malfunctions then only a technician, who knows the full mechanism can save your data. By opting for us, you will get access to qualified professionals and class apart solutions at reasonable prices. We will ensure that you get your data back within two working days.

Benefits of Joining with the Best Data recovery Dubai

We house the best expert in Dubai UAE, who have immense knowledge and experience to render upfront solutions to logical and physical hard drive failures. Irrespective of the variant of external hard drives, you get a premium repair specialist to deal with data loss. Instead of spending 2000 AED, you gain an inexpensive service, that meets every budget. Further, you get the option to customize the service based on your need. 

The entire process is transparent and you get to track the recovery process from its initiation. Forget standing in a long queue or waiting days to get a local data recovery professional. We are just a call away. Further, our easy-to-access website and booking facility grants you the power to avail of assistance right at your doorstep. 

What Differs our Data Recovery in Dubai?

We follow a strict policy in terms of data privacy and data retrieval process. Every credential and customer information remains 100% confidential. As soon as you place a service request, a nearby expert is assigned, who arrives right at your doorstep, based on your preferred time. We maintain a clean laboratory for quick assessment and diagnosis of the problem, to reduce the downtime. In case the hard drive has gone through any previous dissembles process, then the service charges may vary. You gain only certified and guaranteed spare parts and guaranteed data recovery service.

Key Features that make us a Renowned Data Recovery Company

Along with excellent Data Recovery Dubai services we also offer some benefits which every user can enjoy with us. Following are the perks which you will get if we become your service partner:

  • Free estimates
  • On-time delivery
  • On-site assistance
  • Experienced professionals
  • Quality solutions for data recovery
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Secured payment facilities
  • No data No charge

You can go throughout customer reviews and recent project feedback to know what makes us a part of trustworthy recovery services in Dubai. Confused? Talk to our customer support executive, sort your doubts and pick the best-suited assistance. Our prime concern is our customer's satisfaction. 

Prompt Data Recovery in Dubai — We are Just a Call Away!

Give us a chance to serve you with class apart hard drive data recovery Dubai service and experience excellence. With our vast service network, we have catered to numerous customers from different parts of Dubai. When you register a complaint with us, one of our experts will reach you within the promised time and will fix your data recovery issues.

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