Windows Server 2019 Insider Preview Build 17650 launched by Microsoft

Windows Server 2019 Insider Preview Build 17650 launched by Microsoft

Here is another good news for the users of Microsoft, they launched new Windows Server 2019 Insider preview. Their new launch pushed their build number up to 17650 and along with the new attractive features. Microsoft wants the tester to put their focus on the two particular areas that are In-place OS upgrade and application compatibility. Here below in the post, you will get to know about the latest features.


Failover Clustering: File Share Witness

This feature comes up with two improvements; the first one restricts the use of a Distributed File System share as a location. Adding a File Share Witness to a Distributed File System share cause issues of stability for your group; this configuration has never been approve. But now, if a share uses DFS, and if DFS is detected, Failover Cluster Manager will stop the generation of the witness and will pop up an error message on your screen about not being supported. Whereas, the second improvement allows the use of an FSW for numerous scenarios where support was earlier possible:

  • Weak access to internet due to the remote location, blocking the use of a cloud witness.
  • The absence of shared drives for a disk witness could be a Storage Spaces Direct hyper-converged configuration, a SQL Server that is always on, Availability Groups, or database exchange availability group, none of which use shared disks.
  • The absence of a domain controller connection because of the cluster being behind a DMZ.
  • A workgroup for which there is no Active Directory clump name object (CNO).

Failover clustering: Moving Clusters between domains

Switching a cluster from one domain to different one has always been a different task. Depending on the functions in the cluster, that role must also be expelled and recreated. There are two common situations for this, first, suppose a company named “A” purchases a company named “B” and needs to move all the servers of the acquired to their domain. In another one, the head office creates a cluster and moves it to another location

To take you from one domain to another there is addition of two new PowerShell.

Storage Replica

To block the replication of volumes between servers or clusters for disaster recovery storage replica enables the synchronous and asynchronous. It also assists you to make stretch failover clusters which span two sites along with all the nodes staying in sync. In the new launch, the following improvements are made: Storage Replica Standard is available on Windows Server 2019, it not just on Datacenter Edition. It has following limitations when its installed on servers operating Standard Edition:

  • Instead of unlimited numbers of volumes, SR replicates a single volume
  • Instead of unlimited size volumes can have a size only up to 2 TB.
  • Volumes can have only one partnership rather than the unlimited number of partners.

The Windows Server 2019 build 17650 you can download it directly from the Microsoft,will expire on July 2, 2018. For further query or to have windows server support contact us at our service helpline number, our experts will be available on 24×7 basis to assist you.