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Technical support for MS office

We cannot imagine a life without the MS Office suite. Each time we switch on our PC for office or home use, the very first thing we do is to search for the MS Office applications in our computer. The word, Excel and PowerPoint gives new dimensions to our business. A MS Office end- user requires proper training and guidance to work on the MS Office software. We offer excellent support for office.

office applications

  • Excel
  • word
  • Power point
  • Office outlook
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • OneNote
We offer following services for office:

  • Help to find office installation key
  • Installing office to the PC
  • Installing multiple version of office to the one PC
  • Assistance on activating office 2010, 2013, office 365 and others
  • Outlook setup and Email configuration
  • Fixing product key problem
  • Fixing general error on word excel and PowerPoint
  • Installing add on to the M.S word
  • Assistance on control panel setting
  • 365 online office assistance
  • Compatibility packs to word and excel
  • Recover document and protect them
  • Help on automatic updates

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