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Ransomware Removal Services in Dubai: Stay Safe and Stay Ahead of Cybercriminals

Everything has its pros and cons. So is the case with the digital world. No doubt we have gained numerous benefits from it but now we face a new type of threats as well, and one of them is ransomware. Since 1987 it is paralyzing our systems. Some of the most significant attacks which had a devastating effect on all countries were Wannacry (Wannacrypt), NotPetya, Locky, Crysis, etc. Ransomware is a form of malware that takes control of your valuable data and then denies access to you. The attacker first hacks your computer or laptop and then takes away your data. In return for your hacked information, they demand a ransom from the victim while promising they will restore access upon payment. However, seldom anyone gets there data back, but instead of giving in to their demands, you can try to beat them by hiring an expert who is experienced in providing ransomware data recovery services and here we can help you. UAE Technician is working in the domain of ransomware data recovery for two decades. We are one of the most trusted ransomware data recovery service providers in Dubai.

Such kind of attack can take place at any time. Here, how prompt you are will decide the fate of your data. To provide you with a point of immediate assistance, we established a system of the 24x7 helpline. Whenever ransomware attacks your system, all you need to do is make a call to us. Our technicians will guide you in taking the right steps and will brief you about the solution that will bring your data back.

Our team has worked on almost all types of ransomware till now

Before 2013 there were only small attacks that were taking place, but then CryptoLocker happened. Today attackers are more sophisticated than before and so as their methods. We knew that only certified and trained professionals will be able to fight away all of them which is why we gathered a team in which every member has more than ten years of experience in the domain of ransomware data recovery. Through their insights and exposure, we developed such solutions which are cost-effective and quality. Ransomware is evolving day and night. To stay ahead of it, we train our professionals on a regular basis. It has helped us in keeping their skills sharp and updated.

Below you can have a Glimpse of Ransomware types on which we have worked so far:

Crypto Ransomware

Apocalypse, 777, Cryptowall 2.0, CryptoTOR locker, SVPENG, CryptXXXX, 8lock8, Cryptohasyou(,enc), 7ev3n, Paycrypt, Kriptovor, Android defender, Cerber, PCLOCK2, Xorist, Pc Cyborg (US), Poshcoder, Zerolocker, Jisut, Pottieq, Alphacrypt, Jobcryptor, Cryptolocker, Cryptinfinite, Radamant, Hydra crypt, Ransom32, Fakeben, Cryptorbit, Decryptor Max, Cryptor, Simplocker, Cryptowall 4.0, OMG, Casinomtgot, Tor locker, CTB/Onion/Critroni, KeyBTC, Torrent Locker, Simplocker Android, Synolocker, Coin locker, Ransomweb, Pacman, Cryptograpgic locker, Coin vault, Keyholder, Cryptofortress, Tesla crypt, TOX rabsomware, Troldesh, Brake Bad, Threat finder, Jaff, Spora, Wallet, WannaCry, NotPetya, Locky, Crysis.

Locker Ransomware

Reveton, Department Of Justice, Kovter, Koler Android Worm, Porndroid, Urausy Police, Nymaim, Lockerpin, OphionLocker, Zuquitache, Virlock. 

We understand that you can need ransomware data recovery services at any time and one cannot take the whole server to a service center. In such case, you can utilize our on-site assistance feature. By dialling our toll-free support number, you can fix an appointment with our technician. They will visit your premises as per your choice of time along with solutions to your issues.

Why should we be your choice for the ransomware data recovery service provider?

Our experience and precision in handling cases is the reason for our success. Till now we have handled several cases and has never failed in drawing positive results. By choosing us, you will get a team of qualified professionals who will work on your system. Your data is our first and primary priority which we always keep in mind that is why we always seek permission before applying any treatment. However, only providing services is not our motive. We know that customer satisfaction is the key to staying in business which is why we offer you some advantages that you can enjoy with us. Below is the list of benefits which you will get:

  • Full disclosure of all the costs that will incur
  • On-time delivery of all the services
  • System security update
  • 24x7 customer helpline
  • qualified and trained professionals
  • State of the art service centers

In case if you are also searching for a ransomware data recovery service provider then give us the chance to serve you with quality solutions. Our methods are affordable and secure. We will make sure that you get your data back within the promised time and without giving in to the demands of the attacker.

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