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Server Data Recovery Solutions in Dubai: Get Your Data Safe By a Professional in The Industry

Previously there was a time when we had to keep manual records of all information. With the advent of technology now we have computers and laptops for storing it but today businesses generate a massive amount of information and to ensure its safety there is one alternative that users are nowadays using, and that is servers. It offers a secure form of storage that anyone can access multiple times if they have permission from the organization. It also provides security from malicious threats and maintains a back up of data which has made it the first choice of users.

However, servers can also face issues or lose data due to controller failure, drive failure, corruption, etc. Here you will need an expert who can help you in such a situation UAE Technician is the right platform for it. We can be your one-stop solution for all server data recovery issues as we offer excellent server data recovery service in the entire Dubai. We specialize in retrieving data from storage systems like RAID, SAN, and NAS. Our professionals are capable of conducting risk-free recovery without any hassle. By providing quality server data recovery services to users and that too always on time, we have become the leader of this industry.

Today the working culture has changed a lot. Now people are active at night as well to grab overseas opportunities. By following this new working style, we instated a helpline which can offer you round the clock assistance. All you need to do is make a call on our server data recovery helpline and register your complaint. From there on, our experts will take care of all your worries related to data recovery. Our support services are renowned in entire Dubai for providing quick response and quality solutions.

Our professionals have never failed in recovering lost data no matter how worst is the condition

Due to its multiple essential features, every business is using servers, but you can encounter critical hardware and software issues if you have become dependent on it. In such a situation we can come to your aid. UAE Technician is one of the leading server data recovery company which is based in Dubai. We have decades of experience in retrieving damaged, corrupted or lost data from malfunctioned enterprise storage devices and RAID servers. We have been successful in providing on-time excellent RAID array and server hard drive data recovery solutions to business organizations in Dubai and the whole United Arab Emirates. We promise that we will bring your business back up to its feet within minimum time. The reason for our success is our spotless room facilities and qualified electronics engineers as well as software specialists who are capable of recovering lost information from any storage device no matter how severely it is damaged.

Our technicians are working in the industry of server data recovery for more than ten years. To keep them up to date we train them regularly so that they can deliver quality server and enterprise storage device recovery as we promise to our consumers. Till now we have served various enterprise scale infrastructure, as well as small to medium businesses.

Following are the areas in which we can assist you:
  • Fire/Flood Damage
  • Multiple Hard Drive Crashes
  • Corrupt or Damaged Partition Table
  • Drive Not Booting – Missing or Deleted File/Directory
  • Rebuild RAID Failure
  • Clicking Drive(s)
  • RAID Controller Failure
  • Damaged Striping
  • Inaccessible Drive(s)
  • Formatted Drive(s)
  • Failed Software or Operating System Upgrade
  • Lost or spoiled RAID Configurations
  • Restore the database with no recovery
  • Msdb recovery
  • Distributed commit and recovery
  • Ssisdb recovery
  • Msdb in recovery pending state
  • Adventureworks2012 recovery pending
  • Restore with standby

With extensive research on data loss situations and years of experience, we have developed the latest tools and techniques that have helped us in providing quality server data recovery solutions. Our technicians have successfully recovered data from RAIDs with different types of failures such as unable to boot into the OS, Raid configuration is corrupt, Raid controller failure, Rebuild failure, Electrical issues, Hard drive failure and Multiple drive failure. Following are the services which we offer to our users:

  • Server database recovery
  • SQL server recovery
  • Recovery from troubled windows server
  • LINUX server recovery
  • UNIX server Recovery

Our labs are certified by class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and Class 10 ISO 4. We regularly test them to comply with strict standards. Our professionals will provide you with a diagnosis with a report which will contain information on your server condition along with the cost estimates for required solutions. We will make sure that you get full transparency in our transactions.

Why should we be your service partner?

We understand that a user selects a service provider on some quality indicating benchmarks. If you are searching for a productive solution, latest labs, qualified engineers, on-time delivery, full-time assistance, then you have come a right place as we can be a platform where you will get all services related to server data recovery without any hassle and that too at affordable prices. However, along with class apart services, we also offer some benefits which you can get if we become your choose service partner.

Fast Recovery - Server data loss can severely threaten your company which is why we keep on searching for new ways which can enhance the data recovery process. We also train our technicians regularly which has made them capable of completing almost all cases within minimum time.

Trained and Certified Recovery Teams - We provide data recovery services for both virtual and physical servers. Our team has decades of experience with all types of high-capacity storage devices which has helped them in resolving issues without any hassle. Whether you have a primary email server or a large, proprietary web server, our technicians will always provide the best data recovery services without any delay.

Enhanced Security - We are one of the leading brands in this industry which provide the safest data recovery services. We keep your privacy intact and takes the utmost care of your data while applying solutions.

Free Server checks and several Turnaround Options - We offer free server checks and provide fast recovery options as well as a correct estimate as customer satisfaction is the key to our success

If you are also searching for a server data recovery specialist then instated of going for a local vendor, choose us and get quality solutions within a minimum time. With us, not only one but you will get a team of professionals who have years of hands-on experience in retrieving data from devices. We will make sure that you get excellent solutions without any delay at reasonable prices. All you need to do is contact our technicians by dialling our number. In case if you are unable to connect with us by a call, then you can write us an email as well. One of our specialists will get back to you within the promised time. Now get associated with a leading brand and experience our excellent server data recovery services.

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