Your HTTP Website will be Labeled ‘Not Secure’ from Today! Reach us to know more about HTTPS

Your HTTP Website will be Labeled ‘Not Secure’ from Today! Reach us to know more about HTTPS

HyperText Transfer Protocol, commonly abbreviated as HTTPS  is the system of transmitting and receiving necessary information across the server and the client. The server is the machine where your website code is placed and client is no one but your browser. HTTP looks after the mutual understanding between server and the client to exchange information or data successfully. Need to install Https on the website?Pat yourself on the back because you have indeed arrived at the right page for assistance.

HTTP Website will be Labeled ‘Not Secure’

Scroll down to know how to secure your website through https:

  • Generate a CSR and Private Key – There are different tools available to create CSR online and you can also find the same with your web server. You can generate your CSR and Private key with your cPanel as well. Keep the private key secret and never share it with others.
  • Request an SSL – Once you have CSR and Private key, now you are ready to get an SSL Certificate. As you have already decided the CA and the type of SSL you need. Apply for SSL and fulfill all required information like domain name, organization name, address and CSR info.
  • Choose the type of validation method for domain verification and submit all required documents as per your SSL validation. The certificate authority will verify your SSL request and if found everything is fine, they will send you SSL Certificate through email.
  • Install SSL – After approving the certificate, now it’s time to download the certificate and install it on your web server. If you did not find the email or SSL certificate, you can contact your SSL provider. The certificate issued for the domain and the CA’s intermediate certificate will be located at the bottom of the email. Copy and save those in your server exactly in the same location where you have generated your private key and CSR. Name the certificate with the domain name and a .crt extension, for example, Domain.crt, and name the intermediate certificate as intermediate.crt.

Perks of choosing HTTPS certificate:

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer or HTTP over SSL. In this, SSL acts as a sub layer under regular HTTP application layering. HTTPS encrypts an HTTP message prior to transmission and decrypts a message on arrival. By default, HTTPS uses numerous ports, whereas HTTP uses relatively fewer ports. URLs beginning with HTTPS indicate that the link between the client and the browser is encrypted while using SSL. SSL transactions are negotiated by means of a key-based encryption algorithm between the client and the server, this key is usually either 40 or 128 bits in strength, though a higher number of bits indicate more secured transactions. HTTPS or SSL connections are necessary if you have an online store or you do any financial transaction using a credit card or online banking or ask for any other sensitive information. Below is a list of additional security features of HTTPS:

  • HTTPS Boosts Search Rankings

With over 200 ranking factor, Google added HTTPs as a major ranking signal. We all know how difficult it is to rank in the organic search engine results, so a secure website will give your website a boost.

  • Improved Referral data

Whenever traffic from an HTTPS site is directed or referred to an HTTP website, the referral data is lost and the traffic is classified as “direct traffic.” This problem is eliminated when your website is HTTPS. Having this issue resolved gives marketers a better grasp on the state of their referral traffic as well as their overall analytics.

  • Better security

SSL Certificate encrypts all communications and stops any interception. It protects sensitive data from cybercriminals.

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