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Price: Starts from 149 AED

Diagnosis Time: 50 Minutes
Repair Time: 3-7 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 89 AED
*Additional charges as per bill estimate
**A Site Visit Charge is required to carry out a physical inspection of the item.

Noise Fan Motor or Blade Issue
AED 149 - 499
Door Malfunction
AED 149 - 749
Not Cooling
AED 149 - 999
Thermostat IssueAED 149 - 449
Electronic Wiring Issue
AED 149 - 399
Leaking WaterAED 149 - 399

Get #1 Professional & Trusted Fridge Repair Dubai Services

A broken-down refrigerator can spoil your food and beverages if you don’t take immediate action. Fortunately, UAE Technician can save you from such a disaster with expert fridge repair Dubai specialities. Now, it’s easy to fix your refrigerator on the very same day regardless of the issue you encounter with your appliance.

Be it the bulb inside the refrigerator or the appliance stops cooling, we have the right solution to every possible issue a fridge can have. We offer a wide range of refrigerator repair near me services so you don’t have to deal with stubborn technical failures. 

On the other hand, our team of professional and experienced technicians can handle any type and model of refrigerator including:

  • Top mount
  • Bottom mount
  • French door
  • Side-by-side 
  • Counter-depth 
  • Built-in fridge and more

We have teamed up with the most qualified and skilled fridge repair near me experts to solve any kind of problem on-site. Therefore, you can expect only efficient quality repair and replacement when it comes to refrigerator repair from UAE Technician. Call us to book a fridge repair Dubai today at a reasonable price. 

Common & Alarming Fridge Refrigerator Problems UAE Technician can Repair

Refrigerators, like any other electronic appliances, are destined to break down someday. For example, you might notice that the appliance gets warm or water is everywhere near the refrigerator. All you need is a competent fridge repair Dubai that can save your kitchen appliance.

After all, replacing a refrigerator just because of a minor problem is not justified. On a related note, all your stored food items inside your fridge can be spoiled if you don’t hire a technician from home appliances repair near me. As per our experience, a refrigerator can come across the following issues and you must schedule a repair:

Refrigerators have become so inevitable that it becomes very difficult to live a single day without it. Refrigerators become unusable when they suffer from problems like technical issues. Thus, it becomes a priority to repair your appliance at the earliest. Hence you need those technicians who will repair your refrigerator properly. Otherwise, you might encounter multiple issues if your refrigerator is repaired in the wrong way. If you are looking for refrigerator repair services in Dubai, UAE, then our technicians at UAE Technician can help you.   

Refrigerator Issues Covered by the Experts at UAE Technicians:

Noisy Compressor

A refrigerator should make a considerate humming sound when it runs cooling cycles. However, a louder buzzing sound from your refrigerator can be alarming. Dirty and clogged condenser coils of a fridge can lead to such a loud noise. Hence, you can opt for a cleaning of condenser coils once you unplug the refrigerator.

However, it's not always the dirty condenser coils. A faulty compressor can also trigger the same consequence. As reported by our technicians, loose bearings and broken-down motor fans can generate a rattling sound. So, finding out the exact source of the constant noise from the refrigerator can be difficult.

Therefore, you must consider our fridge repair service because our skilled technicians know where to look. They can repair or replace the malfunctioning parts of your refrigerator. Apart from that, our experts can check whether the appliance is levelled appropriately. Schedule a fridge repairing near me from UAE Technician to get rid of such a consistent noise. 

Freezer isn’t Sufficiently Cold

The freezer compartment of a refrigerator is a safe place for your exotic and perishable food items. However, you might notice that all your perishable foods are spoiling very quickly these days. Chances are there that your freezer unit is not getting cold enough.

Now, a lot of things can lead to a malfunctioning freezer compartment. For example, faults in the freezer evaporator fan, the condenser coils, and the fridge compressor are more likely to reduce the efficiency of the freezer. However, UAE Technician can fix your freezer issues by applying the right fridge repairing near me solution.

Our refrigerator repair experts can easily detect the cause behind a notorious freezer. Then, they can clean the condenser coils, and repair the evaporator fan or the compressor if required. So, get in touch with our dubai fridge repair team for a quick and hassle-free experience.

Water is Leaking from the Fridge

Walking around your kitchen can be concerning if your refrigerator starts spilling water on the floor. Eliminate the risk of being hurt by choosing UAE Technician’s refrigerator repair near me. According to our technicians, a fridge generally leaks water due to 2 prime reasons.

A blocked defrost drain is the most common reason for a refrigerator to leak water. So, you might try draining warm water inside the defrost drain to unclog it. However, the overall unclogging process can be tricky and dangerous if you are not aware of a refrigerator’s mechanism.

In fact, locating the defrost drain pipe can be rigorous. In addition, a frozen or blocked water supply can make your fridge leak water on the kitchen floor. Moreover, you can notice an erroneous water dispenser and ice maker if there is an issue with the water supply.

Contact UAE Technician’s fridge repair Dubai team to be on the safe side. Our professionals have the right knowledge and experience to revive your appliance’s functionality. They can unclog both the defrost drain and water supply line safely. Additionally, they can easily diagnose the root cause and you don’t have to suffer any longer. So, hire our experts and say goodbye to the concurrent leaking of water due to your refrigerator.

Refrigerator Compartment is Warm

Your fridge will be of no use if it can’t protect your food from spoiling. If your refrigerator compartment feels comparatively warmer than it should be then you should opt for a fridge repair near me.

However, you can check the thermostat and make sure whether it’s turned down. In addition, check if something prevents the vents of the refrigerator compartment. If these handy solutions don’t work then it’s time to seek excellent and proven technical solutions.

UAE Technician is here to take care of your kitchen appliances with certified tools and techniques. A torn door gasket of your refrigerator might be the reason why your appliance is unable to cool foods down. In fact, the fridge can’t maintain the required temperature if the door is loose.

Our technicians can investigate the instance and devise the appropriate repair for you. For example, our fridge repair Dubai experts can easily replace the door gasket or unclog the vents of the refrigerator. Additionally, they can repair thermostats if they are troubling the overall refrigerator mechanism. So, call UAE Technician to get the best for your refrigerator.

Ice Buildup on the Freezer Floor

A sheet of ice on the floor of the freezer compartment may not concern you but it can harm your refrigerator’s efficiency. In addition, excessive ice buildup inside the freezer can take longer for your food items to thaw. As a quick solution, you might prefer storing your food somewhere else inside the appliance.

However, a clogged defrost drain can give birth to a thick sheet of ice on the floor of the freezer. You can try unplugging your refrigerator and letting it defrost. Well, this process might not provide satisfactory results every time, especially if there’s any food particle stuck inside the defrost drain.

So, consider our fridge Repair Services near me to get the right help with the defrosting process. Our technicians will inspect the appliance first and figure out whether the issue arises from the defrost drain or the evaporator coils. 

Moreover, they will check the gasket of the freezer compartment as excessive moisture can lead to the ice buildup. No matter what the problem is, UAE Technician can find you a solution with its award-winning fridge repair services in Dubai.

Frozen Food in the Refrigerator Compartment

You might hear that your refrigerator is running the cooling cycle without any break. As a result, your refrigerator compartment might start freezing your food instead of just keeping it cool. Now, the temperature control inside a refrigerator remains in the hand of the thermostat.

Hence, you should check out the thermostat and turn it down if it’s on a higher level. In addition, a thermostat reset might help you in this situation. Otherwise, you can book a refrigerator repair near me by contacting our professionals.

Our technicians will diagnose the problem by inspecting your fridge’s thermostat, compressor and evaporator motor. Next, they might reset the thermostat, and repair or replace the evaporator or compressor motor depending on the situation. So, eradicate all your refrigerator worries with our specialised home appliances repair near me. Call us today to get a service at your doorstep.

Fridge Brands We Take Care of

Understanding the symptoms of your refrigerator issues is as equally important as knowing the model and manufacturer of the appliance. Thus, you can report the problem with the exact required information to our fridge repair dubai near me team.

In return, our technicians can quickly get you and reach you with the required tools and spare parts. By the way, UAE Technician is a proud service vendor that can deal with most refrigerator manufacturers or brands. As a matter of fact, we are not partial to any brand. Our technicians focus on delivering optimum results with the best-quality repair.

Here are some refrigerator brands in what our professionals excel:

  • Haier
  • Samsung
  • GE Appliances
  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • Super General
  • Hoover
  • LG
  • Nikai
  • Westpoint
  • Bosch
  • Siemens
  • Nobel
  • Hitachi
  • Toshiba
  • Akai
  • Aftron
  • Midea and more

As you can see, our technicians specialise in a vast array of refrigerator brands, you can rely on our expertise. You can also reach out to our fridge repair Dubai team even if your refrigerator brand isn’t mentioned here. We are pretty sure that our professionals can help you out too.

Reasons to Select Our Fridge Repair Dubai Services

Recurring refrigerator problems can be annoying. In addition, your food can be wasted if you wait for the repair guy to arrive for days. Well, not any more, because UAE Technician brings you the opportunity to repair your appliances at the earliest. On a related note, you can avail of a plethora of advantages with our home appliances repair in Dubai services:

Quality Repair

First, quality workmanship is our motto. Our technicians are committed to delivering you the best repair possible according to your fridge’s condition. They take pride in identifying the underlying cause behind a problem and devising the right solution.

Genuine Spare Parts

UAE Technician makes sure that the professionals carry only approved and original spare parts. Thus, you can get only genuine results from our fridge repair Shop Dubai service. Count on UAE Technician to get long-lasting and satisfactory repairs for your refrigerators and other home appliances.

Saves You Time

Are you thinking of attempting a refrigerator repair on your own? Well, it may be possible for you to handle minor refrigerator issues but they can be time consuming. Instead, you can consider a refrigerator repair near me from UAE Technician. Our technicians will solve your fridge’s problem in a single attempt and you can start using the appliance without any delay.

Safety Guaranteed

Refrigerators are a complicated home appliance with both electrical and plumbing connections. Additionally, they have chemical components that can be dangerous if not treated safely. Hence, it’s better to hire a professional for fridge repairing near me. Our refrigerator repair specialist can safely repair your appliance. Moreover, you and your family can be out of risk.

Quick Repair

With UAE Technician, you don’t have to wait for days to get your fridge repaired. We ensure that we can allot service calls to our technicians efficiently. Thus, they can reach out to you as soon as possible. So, contact our home appliances near me team to get a prompt refrigerator service in Dubai.

Budget-Friendly Rates

Replacing a refrigerator before the right time can be expensive. That’s why refrigerator repair is a more convenient option. On the other hand, UAE Technician reasonably charges its customers for any fridge repair Services in Dubai service. We offer free estimates and competitive prices for our customers.

Call UAE Technician for the Best Refrigerator Repair in Dubai

In short, UAE Technician is the value-for-money option to revive your refrigerator. Our technicians have extensive experience and state-of-the-art machinery to address your concerns. So, don’t give it a second thought and grab the best for your refrigerator. You can call our experts to schedule a fridge repair service at your convenience.

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