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Price: Starts from 149 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Lenovo Laptop Repair Prices in Dubai UAE

Type of Service

Approximate Price in AED

Time Duration

Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement +1 Year Warranty


1 Day

Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Replacement


1 Day

Lenovo Laptop Hard Drive Replacement


1-2 Days

Lenovo Laptop Body Repair


2-5 Days

Lenovo Laptop Hinges Repair


2-5 Days

Lenovo Laptop Motherboard Repair


1-7 Days

Lenovo Laptop Battery Replacement External


1 Day

Lenovo Laptop Battery Replacement Internal


1 Day

Replacement Of Thermal Paste


1-2 Days

Upgrade The Ram In Laptop


1 Day

Cleaning From Dust, Prevention



New Laptop Setup



Installing Software In Laptop



Remote Support For Laptop



We are providing the best services of LENOVO LAPTOP SCREEN REPLACEMENT in Dubai. If you are located in Dubai and your laptop screen has been damaged unfortunately then there is no need to worry about it. We have the complete solution of your broken Lenovo Laptop Screen within a very affordable budget.

Lenovo makes very good quality products but some time due to lack of knowledge and wrong configuration this type of concern occurred, But don’t worry we have the expert certified professionals team to resolve your all type of concern related to Laptop screen of Lenovo Brand.

UAE Technician is the best place for Lenovo laptop Screen Replacement:
If you are eager to know more info about our service in Dubai, then don’t hesitate to call us on our number which is 045864031. Along with this, you are always welcome to email us at Connect with us as quickly as you can if you want to get the best service as well as advice from our super-skilled technicians.

Services for ASUS Laptop Screen Repair Provided by us:

Broken screen 

Your Acer laptop broken screen can occur if you somehow drop the device. A broken or dying display doesn’t mean that your laptop is lightweight. 

Shattered glass 

The shattered glass in the LCD panel can lead to a hectic situation with your Acer laptop. This can also happen due to some physical damage. 

Color issues

The screen fading is one of the main reasons for the color issues. It can be resolved by adjusting the screen settings. 

Dead pixels

Dead pixels occur in the display which can get defected occasionally. The pixel defects cannot be fixed so easily as they can happen at any time. 

Adjust Laptop LCD Brightness

Adjusting the LCD brightness means increasing or decreasing the brightness. The function key will play a key role in brightness adjustments. 

Lines, Fuzzy, Color, or Blurry Issues 

Your laptop monitor will display the lines, fuzzy colors and blurry issues. This is the problem that can occur from the LCD panel sensitivity to certain color patterns. 

LCD Screen Cracked

LCD screen cracked will lead you to various display problems. This can occur due to physical interference. 

Broken or other Damages

The broken or other damages of the Acer laptop are hinges in the device, cheap quality laptop components, and others. The broken parts must be fixed at once to roll back the laptop in working condition.

Touchscreen Troubleshooting 

Problems of the touchscreen can happen at any time. Troubleshooting it at any cost will be the best idea to make things normal. 

Display ports issue

Display ports issue can occur when there are certain loose connections inside the device or software issues. Fixing the issue at any cost will be a better idea to make the display normal. 

Why choose our laptop screen replacement service?

We can assure you that we are the best providers of the laptop screen replacement service in the entire Dubai. We repair laptop screens with delicate precision so that it can last long even under heavy usage. Once you take up our service, you will never look back to any other one that we can assure you. 

The entire cost of our laptop screen replacement service is very much user-friendly as well as budget-friendly too. We have multiple clients who are very much happy with our service. They are cost-effective with a valuable outcome. 

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