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Price: Starts from 149 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

We are a highly recognized company located in UAE for providing the complete hardware solution for the Acer laptop. We have a certified technician expert for the Acer Laptop Camera Repair Dubai. As everyone knows very well that Acer makes very good quality products for long life without any headache but sometimes due to lack of knowledge and some internal physical damage laptop cameras will not work properly. Therefore we have a highly skilled professional expert to fix your all camera issues in a single shot.

UAE Technician center is the best platform for Acer Laptop Camera Repair:

We are here to assist you with all the facilities of Dell adapter repair services Dubai. If you face any problem regarding your Dell laptop, you are always welcome to call us at 045864031. None other than that, email us your queries at It will be the best idea to contact us as soon as you face problems. We are always ready with our expert professionals to help you at once.

Our highly experienced technicians provide the following Services for Acer Laptop camera repairs

AC Power Adapter Issue 

The issue of the power adapter can occur when a third party adapter takes the place of the original adapter. The signs will be any sort of physical damage along with the overheating issue of the adapter. 

DC Power Adapter Issue 

DC adapter is alternatively known as the AC adapter. So both are near about the same thing and their issues will be the same in Dell laptops. As they are near about the same thing, then their purpose is also the same. 

Battery Plugged in Issue

When your laptop is not charging, make sure that the issue is regarding the battery and the battery is not yet charging. This issue is very much frustrating and you need to deal with it to run your Dell laptop. 

Not Charging Issue

The main symptom of not charging issue is the Dell laptop can shut down automatically when it is turned on. This actually happens when the power cord is removed. There are options for repair regarding this issue. 

Power Cord Issue

Dell doesn’t recommend its users to use any type of third-party power cord for the charging purpose. Check for any power cord issue by verifying the cord for any signs or broken, damaged or overheating. 

Adapters heating issue 

The adapter of the Dell laptop can get heated very quickly during quite a long usage. After the adapter gets heated, it takes near about 20 minutes to cool down. There are fixes and replacements for this issue. 

Other issues except above

There are also many other issues apart from all the other issues. Some issues are like the laptop hampers productivity during work hours, screen blackouts a number of times, keyboards don’t work and others. 

Why you choose us for Acer laptop screen replacement

  • 24 hours services in our Dubai

  • Used only Acer genuine parts

  • 3 months repair warranty
  • Services by skilled and experience UAE Technician

  • Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service

  • Services at anywhere in Dubai

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