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Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
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We are the Leading Company in UAE for providing the ultimate solutions for Acer Laptop Adapter Repair. We believe to provide only excellent, fast reliable repair services for our all valuable clients all over the UAE. Without any doubt, Acer makes high-quality laptop accessories but sometimes due to lack of awareness, unnecessary use, moisture, and more heating the Acer Adapter gets damaged. But don’t worry about it anymore we have the expert team of certified UAE technicians to resolve your all concerns related to Acer Adapter.

As part of our Acer Laptop Adapter Repair Dubai, our expert technicians can also troubleshoot and fix all Acer ultra-lightweight, ultra-portable notebooks. At Creative IT, we have a team of trained as well as expert technicians to cater to any and every problem you come across with your Acer laptop adapter issues.

Services Offered by us for Acer Laptop Adapter:

  • AC Power Adapter Issue 

The AC power adapters can cause problems due to the static electricity, damaged power cord and many others. Moreover, the issue can also affect the battery of a particular laptop.

  • DC power Adapter Issue 

The DC power adapter is the alternative of the AC power adapter. In the DC power adapter, the same problem can arise just like the AC power adapter. So, as usual, the measures will also be the same. 

  • Battery Plugged in Issues 

If any type of issue occurs in the battery, then you must take the necessary measures to fix it at once. The battery will not charge due to the occurrence of the issue. Alongside the battery, the power adapter might also get affected. 

  • Not Charging Issue

When the Acer laptop is not charging, make sure that there are no issues with the battery. If the battery is not connected then this type of issue occurs. Whenever your laptop is not charging, then make sure that there is a problem in the battery or the power cord. 

  • Power Cord Issue 

The power cord issue takes place when the cord is not connected to the electrical socket properly. Make sure that it is plugged in properly. The laptop battery can get affected easily due to the issues in the power cord. 

  • Adapter Heating Issue

A warm power adapter is very much normal but an overheated power adapter can be a serious issue for your laptop. There might be some serious issues with the power connection that can lead to the adapter heating issue. 

  • Any other issues expect above

There are many other laptop issues that can occur in an Acer laptop. The issues are like black screen death, display issues, fan not functioning, volume control problems and many others. All the issues must be fixed in order to make the laptop run smoothly. 


If you face any type of problem regarding your Acer laptop, then always feel free to link up with us. Our contact number is 045864031 and all you need to do is just give us a call. Moreover, you can also write to us with your queries at Our super-skilled technical engineers are always ready to solve any of your problems. They will also help you to get the full advantage of our quick and perfect repair service. 

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