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Annual Maintenance Contract Dubai By UAE Technician

UAE Technician is a single platform to answer all your technical queries. It offers repair and maintenance services for desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, MacBook, and more. We can also meet all your network consulting needs as well. Not only hardware repairs, but software repairs are also an integral part of the experts of UAE Technician. Moreover, you can obtain our service for virus removal and data recovery as well.

As an industry leader, we offer excellence onsite support anywhere in the UAE. Till now we have been successful in satisfying thousands of customers with our service. Continue further to uncover all the services we provide.  

A Deeper Insight into Our Maintenance Services:

We have divided this section into electronic devices UAE Technician undertakes. 

1. Computers/Laptops Maintenance

Problems for computers are laptops are more or less the same and thus, we have combined them in one category. 

Software Errors

Computers or laptops stuck with a blue screen of death is the most important software issue that comes in our mind. The browser you have installed might be incompatible with your computer. Such a software bug is known as browser incompatibility issues. An application who are running might suddenly crash on your PC and freeze the entire system. Perhaps, the program isn’t fully compatible with your PC and hence it fails to respond oftentimes. 

Database bugs can arise when you forget to refresh or update the database or long. Runtime, compilation, functional, and logical are various forms of software errors. The virus is a concerning issue for desktop and laptop users. Once it enters the system, it can corrupt the files or registry therein. Therefore, we are equipped with the tools for removing the virus and other types of malicious programs. At the same time, we know how to repair the corrupted registry entries. 

Hardware Errors

There can be a wide range of hardware errors for desktops and laptops. Unresponsive hardware occupies the first place among hardware errors. Moreover, you might experience a black monitor while running your PC. A mouse is another essential hardware for doing many activities on desktops. Even some laptop users find it comfortable to work with the mouse. Thus, you must fix a non-functional mouse as quickly as possible. 

Besides the mouse, the keyboard is also necessary to work smoothly on your PC. Thus, it seems problematic when the keyword stops working. The same problem can occur with laptops as well. In some cases, certain keys become non-functional. Whereas, in the remaining situations, the entire keyboard becomes unresponsive. Users also report that when they press a key, the keyboard types another key. It thereby leads to typo errors which can be severe in important cases. 

In laptops and desktops, the motherboard comprises RAM, BIOS, mass storage, and CPU. Problems in any of these components can affect the motherboard and make it unresponsive. Therefore, our experts will try to fix the motherboard if possible. Otherwise, we would get a new motherboard for your PC or laptop. 

You can’t turn on your PC or laptop if the power cord is faulty. Though laptops run on battery, the charge will be available for a limited time. Thus, you must fix the power issues without delay. 

A damaged CPU might display signs of insufficient memory and refuse to save any file. Moreover, you would suffer from repeated software crashes. As a result, the system slows down and create problems. 

2. Printers Maintenance

Along with computers, printers have become essential for our daily work. No organization can run without printers. Since, the cost of printing has gone down, printers are found in some houses as well. Though we are trying to reduce the paperwork, we can have a paperless environment. Thus, printers are important for some official work. Therefore, connect with UAE Technician if you are experiencing one of the following issues:

Printer Not Printing

‘Printer not printing’ is a common problem both for wired and wireless printers. It can happen due to one or more technical faults inside the printer as well. Printer drivers require periodic updates or else, it won’t be able to print correctly. You might face this problem when you don’t use genuine cartridges or the cartridges get corrupted. 

Printer Printing Blank Pages

A printer produces blank pages when the printhead is clogged with the cartridge ink. The cartridges might lack the level of ink sufficient for printing pages. It is a major issue when you do not configure the printer correctly. Thus, reach us for a correct configuration setup of the new printer. The printer produces blank pages when the fuser roller is defective. 

Faded Printouts

Sometimes the printer doesn’t print blank pages instead of that, it gives faded printouts. Incorrect printing settings is the primary cause of faded printouts. So, if the problem persists after changing the print settings, then you need experts to check your printer for issues. 

Printer Paper Jam

Paper jam generally occurs when you load an excessive amount of paper into the paper tray. Prices of paper or debris might have stuck into the printhead and lead to a paper jam. 

3. Scanners Maintenance

The scanner might fail to recognize your document due to outdated firmware. Firewall settings is a probable reason for communication issues with your scanner. Your computer hardware might have worn out due to frequent uses. So, if everything is correct, then the scanner has some internal errors. 

4. MacBook Maintenance

No matter which model of MacBook you are using, you can encounter technical issues. Your MacBook might continue to display a black screen when turned on. The applications might fail to respond and force your MacBook to run slowly. You might experience poor quality images with your FaceTime camera. MacBook might fail to detect connected devices. Mac screen keeps flickering when the screen is physically damaged. The problem might be associated with technical faults as well. Audio issues might arise from the PRAM,/NVRAM/SMC installed on your Mac. Connect with experts at UAE Technician to identify the actual cause of this problem. 

Your MacBook would run sluggish when the hard drive runs out of space. As a result, the MacBook finds it difficult to read and write data efficiently. You might also find that your MacBook isn’t charging when plugged in. Get help from us when some Mac keys have stopped working. Whatever might be an issue, we are ready to help you. 

5. Network Routers and Switches

Connect with our experts if your device fails to connect to a network router. You can avail our support to fix any of these routers or switching issues:

  • Switching loop that occurs during networking when one OSI model layer 2 pathway is extra. 
  • Bad or improper cable
  • Port configuration
  • VLAN assignment’
  • Mismatched MUT?MTU black hole
  • Power failure
  • Bad or missing routes
  • Bad modules including SFPs and GBICs. 
  • Wrong Subnet mask
  • Wrong gateway
  • Duplicate IP address
  • Wrong DNS

It is difficult to specify the problems you can encounter with your network routers and switches. Therefore, connect with UAE Technician regardless of the problem you are having. 

Important Aspects of Our Annual Maintenance Contract

  1. 24*7 server monitoring
  2. 24*7 peripheral monitoring 
  3. 24*7 workstation  
  4. Unlimited server help desk support
  5. 24*7 monitoring and support
  6. Onsite visit by our proficient engineers
  7. Data backup and protection
  8. Scheduled maintenance
  9. Preventive maintenance
  10. Monthly health checkup
  11. Instance or incident based call-out support
  12. Periodic IT assessment
  13. Finally, Monthly reports and executive dashboards summary

Get in Touch for Unlimited Help Desk Support:

UAE Technician is round the clock available for monitoring and reporting of customer grievances. Our team comprises of qualified professionals who solve all issues with current trends in the industry. We enjoy the credibility of quality service and customer satisfaction. Moreover, we offer a 30-day guarantee period for our service and maintain a follow-up with our customers. Thus, connect with us at our Helpline Number 045864031 and work satisfactorily with your device. 

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