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Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: Closed.

Price: Starts from 149 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Parts: Usually from manufacturers or else local.
Warranty: 6 Months

UAE Technician NO.1 Mobile Phone Repair Services Provider in Dubai – 100% Guaranteed

Your mobile phone’s technical issues are unavoidable, but you can prevent them with our professional assistance. We are a reputed Mobile repair Dubai company that strives for excellence and quality. From control buttons to touch screens - we repair every mobile phone part.

Is your Android phone not turning on after the accidental drop? Don’t worry - UAE Technician is here to rescue you. We house a team of licensed experts who can resolve this hardware problem without downtime. So, book an appointment with us and fix the damaged phone units from the best experts in Dubai.

No matter which phone you use or what needs fixing - we are ready to assist you. Whenever you encounter any problem with the device, contact us for the ultimate assistance. Moreover, our experts offer effective solutions to all your phone-related issues.

Type of Service
Price Range
Mobile Screen Replacement Dubai
250 - 1000
Mobile Battery Replacement Dubai
125 - 350
Mobile Water Damage Repair
150 - 300
Mobile Internet Connectivity Issue
100 - 150
Mobile Camera Replacement
100 - 400
Mobile Overheating Issue
100 - 150
Phone Stuck on Boot Logo
100 - 150
Mobile Software Update
100 - 200

Mobile Repair Dubai Services by Experienced Experts in UAE

Mobile phones have transformed our way of communicating with each other. This device not only allows you to make and receive calls but is also used for several different purposes. This lets you send emails, make video calls, make presentations, send text messages, share files and lot more. In contemporary times, it is quite difficult to carry our day to day works in the absence of these smartphones. It has become an indispensable part of the user's life. Think of a situation where your works get restricted due to the issue on your mobile device. But there is no need to worry, as long as we are here to help you. We at UAE Technician can resolve every issue related to your mobile phone. 

Uaetechnician Provid Best Mobile Repair Services in Duba

No matter which brand of mobile device you own; whether it be LG, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Apple, One Plus, MI, Lenovo, Asus or someone else, we can fix them all. Your phone can be repaired by our knowledgeable technicians in a short amount of time. We have handled a variety of cases from simple to complex ones. To serve our customers in Dubai, we keep ourselves available on a 24x7 basis to assist you.  

Risks associated with a Mobile Repair

Don’t try to repair the broken mobile part using the D-I-Y video, leading to more damage. So, it should be better left to our mobile repair Dubai professionals. We have the requisite tools to fix cracked or damaged mobile units.

Many customers bring their phones in after they have attempted to fix them by themself. What happened to those phones? The damage was unpreventable, and they ended up replacing the phone’s all internal units. Thus, it can cost more if you implement incorrect solutions.

Finding the root cause of the phone glitch can be time-consuming. However, at UAE Technician, we have veteran experts who can identify and fix the phone issue in minutes. Our professionals also ensure your phone is providing its optimal performance after the repair. 

We are just a call away

We at UAE Technician give you liberty from roaming here and there in the streets of Dubai searching for a Mobile service center near me service . All you need to do is to make a single call on our mobile phone repair dubai helpline number, and we will send one of our best technicians at your doorstep in any part of Dubai. Like other service providers, we don't keep the call of our customers on hold for long. We know how valuable your time is and we make every possible effort to solve your problem in a shorter duration of time. By scheduling an appointment with our experts, you can select a time and location as per your choice. If the analysis shows that the problem can only be solved in our facility, then after having approval from you, we will pick up the device from your place and will deliver it back after making it perfect for use.

High-quality Support for following issues  

  • Mobile Digitizer Repair
  • Mobile Phone Battery Replacement
  • Mobile Front and Rear Camera Repair
  • Mobile Dock Connector and Charging Port Repair
  • Mobile Headphone Jack Repair
  • Mobile Phone Button Repair
  • Mobile Housing Replacement
  • Mobile Sim Reader Repair
  • Mobile Phone Speaker Repair
  • Mobile Phone Volume Button Repair
  • Mobile Phone Unlocking
  • Mobile Phone LCD Repair
  • Phone Charger Replacement
  • Phone Sim Card Reader Repair
  • Phone Software Repair
  • Mobile Phone Software Update
  • Mobile Liquid Damage Repair
  • Mobile Network Repair

Common Mobile Issues - We Resolve

UAE Technician is a one-stop destination for fixing your phone’s software and hardware issues. We opt for preliminary analysis to find the source of the mobile problem. Our experts then eliminate the problem by offering a long-term solution.

We are backed by certified experts in mobile repair Services. They ensure that faulty Android and Apple phones are fixed on time. Book our technicians and mention the problem you’re experiencing with the device. Based on that, we will connect you with a professional best suited for the job.

Here are some mobile issues that require our expert’s immediate attention:

Slow Phone

Is your phone taking an ample amount of time to open an app? You might have bundled the device with too many apps. Remove unwanted apps and files from your phone and check if it boosts speed.

Out-of-date software can slow down the phone’s performance. Besides, insufficient RAM space might also generate this problem on the device. Whatever the reason is, our mobile repair Dubai international city experts can fix it in no time.

Horizontal and Vertical Lines on Phone Screen

Using your phone screen with black horizontal/vertical lines can be troublesome. Thus, hire our experts in mobile repair services in Dubai for instant recovery. We will check the cause of this screen glitch and eliminate it within minutes.

Do you know why these lines appear on the mobile screen? Faulty hardware components cause horizontal or vertical lines on your phone’s display. It can occur if the device falls from a height or for water damage. So, contact our mobile repair home service experts, and replace the phone screen to remove the lines. 

Battery Drainage Issues

Battery drainage issues are common in old phones. However, if you’re experiencing this issue on your new phone, book our experts. They will check the device’s internal battery condition and look for signs of damage.

Our experts will replace the battery if it is swollen or defective. Make sure to mention the phone you use when booking our services. Based on that, we will help you to get the best quality and compatible battery for your phone. 

Here is what our mobile repair in Dubai experts check to fix the battery drainage issue:

  • Your phone’s screen brightness level
  • Features or apps you use
  • The device’s OS
  • The number of background apps running

Overheating Phone

Your Android or Apple phones can overheat for several reasons. It will generate excessive heat when streaming videos or games for hours. Thus, close the streaming app or game and check if it fixes the issue.

If the error persists, the problem lies in your smartphone’s built-in battery. It can also overheat due to malware or third-party software. Can’t determine the cause of this phone issue? Contact us - we can be your safe bet to fix your phone’s overheating problems.

Black Dots on Phone’s Display

The black dots on your phone’s screen are dead or stuck pixels. They appear due to a screen manufacturing defect. Thus, replacing the phone screen can help you to resolve this problem. 

However, you should never try replacing the LCD following online videos - it can be risky. Join hands with our mobile repair services in Dubai experts instead for an immediate screen replacement. We also have the tools required to replace the defective phone screens.

Get Best Smartphones & Mobile Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

UAE Technician provides best cell phones, smartphones and mobile services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE at your doorsteps with free pick-up and delivery. Our Best Professional certified technicians are always here to help you anytime for repairs. Feel free to ask query from us or get instant help for any issue by dialing our number 045864033

A considerable number of service providers are there in the market of Dubai; with such a plethora of options, it becomes hard to choose the right alternative. But there are specific benchmarks that a user looks for before selecting a repairing Center these include: effective services, affordable rates, use of original parts. We at UAE Technician can provide you with all these including some other benefits

With the vast reach, we have served many clients from even far places in Dubai. If you are also looking for Mobile Repair Service Center, who can meet all your expectations, then you can rest your search on us. We guarantee to provide you with suitable solutions which are worth your money.

Mobile Repair Dubai Services - We Offer

We have acquired widespread recognition by offering best-in-class mobile repair services in Dubai. Over 100+ customers rely on it to fix their damaged phone parts. 

Is your phone showing a black screen? Contact us and restore its functionality from our reliable experts.

Don’t use a mobile with unresponsive power buttons or water-damaged speakers. Book our emergency mobile repair shop in Dubai services for instant fixes. 

Moreover, we offer exciting deals and offers for our first-time customers. So, connect with us and repair your phone by spending a few AEDs.

Mobile Screen Repair or Replacement Dubai

Your phone’s screen is most likely damaged if it has visible cracks. The discolouration is another major sign of screen damage. If left untreated, the phone will develop more technical issues. So, hire our mobile repair Dubai experts and replace the screen within a day.

Moreover, certain signs indicate the phone screen is damaged and requires immediate repair. For instance, the screen will light up automatically even without your touch. You will encounter frequent flickering screen issues on the device.

Did you notice any sign of screen malfunction? Book our services for immediate assistance. Here are the types of the mobile screen we repair in our service center:

  • LCD
  • OLED

Mobile Charging Port Repair 

Charging the Android or Apple phone might be difficult with a faulty port. This is where our online mobile repair service in dubai experts come to your service. We have immense expertise in repairing the phone’s charging port regardless of its type. 

Do you hold your phone at a particular angle to charge it? The port might be loose or damaged due to overuse or mishandling. You must repair the faulty charging port from our experts as soon as possible to prevent further damage. 

Additionally, you can repair the charging port’s broken pins with our expert’s help. We will also check if there are dust or dirt particles inside the charging port and remove them using the requisite tools. 

We are best known for repairing these phone charging port types:
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Type-C charging port
  • Lightning port

Mobile Camera Repair

Do you have scratches all over your phone camera? Repair it immediately by hiring our mobile repair Dubai experts. Besides, you will notice multi-coloured lines on the screen when the camera sensor stops working. 

Red spots on the video recordings also indicate the mobile camera is problematic. If you continue using the camera, it can lead to more damage. So, book our experts in mobile repairing services in Dubai without further delay. 

We will diagnose your phone camera condition and look for signs of wear and tear. Our professionals will replace the existing camera lens with a new one if required. We also have extensive knowledge in fixing the camera sensors and built-in flash.

Our mobile repair Dubai experts can repair these camera types:

  • Single rear camera
  • Dual rear camera
  • Single front camera
  • Tripe rear camera
  • Single front camera
  • Quad rear camera
  • Pop-up front camera

Mobile Speaker Repair

All the latest mobile phones have two or three speakers to boost your audio streaming experience. However, like other phone units, speakers can also damage due to excessive dust accumulation. Liquid damage can also be the reason behind the speaker problems.

Don’t invest in a new phone if the old phone’s speaker generates a crackling noise. Hire our experts in mobile repair in jlt Dubai, and they will fix this phone unit without downtime. Our technicians specialize in repairing liquid-damaged phone speakers.

Can’t hear anything when playing audio on your phone? Do your phone calls sound garbled? It indicates your Android or Apple phone has damaged stereo speakers. Book our exclusive services and fix the faulty speakers with our expert’s intervention.

Contact our service team if you detect these phone speaker failure signs:

  • Muffled or distorted sound from the speaker
  • No audio on games or other apps
  • Inability to hear notifications or alerts

Mobile Battery Replacement

Phone batteries can wear and tear over time for overcharging. However, you don’t have to worry when a UAE Technician is here to help you. Our mobile repair services in Dubai experts have knowledge of replacing phone batteries.

We understand that a phone will become useless if its battery stops working. Thus our technicians are available round the clock to replace faulty or dead batteries. 

They will inspect your smartphone’s built-in battery and look for structural damage. 

Our professionals will replace your phone’s battery if it has any failure indications. Does your phone charge drop from 100% to 80% immediately after unplugging it from the charger? It’s time to replace the old battery with our professional involvement.

Here are the other battery failure signs that we check before the replacement:

  • The phone is turning on only when it’s connected to the charger
  • The battery isn’t charging at all
  • Sluggish performance 
  • The phone won't hold a charge
  • Overheating
  • Battery bulging

List of Mobile Brands - We Cover

At UAE Technician, we repair every smartphone regardless of its brand and model. Our experienced service team is here to provide you with fast and efficient services. So, hire our Mobile repair Sharjah Dubai technicians and rest assured.

Our premium quality services are available for the following mobile brands:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • Google
  • Xiaomi and other popular brands

When Should You Book Our Mobile Repair Services in Dubai?

Certain signs indicate you need professional phone repair. Does your phone keep restarting when using apps? There might be a problem with the device’s internal parts. Hire our skilled mobile repair in Dubai experts for the ultimate help.

Your phone might display blurry images due to a problem with the screen. Replace the defective screen with our professional assistance to resolve the issue. Furthermore, our experts will check the PCB and repair it if required.

How to Book Our Mobile Repair Dubai Services?

We have a user-friendly website from where you can book our top-notch mobile repair services. Follow these 3 simple steps and get your phone fixed by the best technicians in Dubai:

Tell Us What You Need

We provide a broad spectrum of mobile repair services in Dubai. Pick the right one from the list that suits your needs and budget.

Book an Appointment

We house a team of trained, qualified and reliable technicians. Schedule an appointment with them, and they will arrive at your doorstep to fix the problem.

Get What You Have Asked For

Our professionals will opt for an in-depth inspection of the device. They will replace or repair the problematic part within a stipulated time using advanced tools.

Why Should You Rely on Our Mobile Repair Services?

UAE Technician is the most recommended service platform for repairing faulty phones. We have also received positive feedback from 100+ customers. Connect with us to avail the following benefits:

  • We provide 100% genuine and quality-ensured spare parts for your phones.
  • Our technicians repair or replace the hardware units within a reasonable price.
  • We fix the worn-out phone parts in a clean and organized lab under expert supervision.
  • Our experts offer long-term solutions to all your phone-associated problems.

Top-Rated Mobile Repair Dubai Specialists is a Call Away!

Can’t find the mobile repair service that you’re looking for? Contact our customer support executives, and they will help you to choose the service that suits your needs.

So, don’t wait in long queues to fix the damaged phone parts. Ask for a free quote today and repair the device from our experts.

Faqs About Mobile Repair Services:

Bring it to phone repair Dubai for a professional diagnosis. It could be a battery issue, a software problem, or a more complex hardware issue.

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