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Acer is one of the widely used brands of laptops due to its user-friendly features and advanced technology. Despite being a quality product, users are encountering issues with their Acer laptop. This is why you require an Acer Repair Service Center to fix the ongoing issues on your laptop. UAE Technician is the right destination for Acer repair services in Dubai. 

Acer Laptop Repair Services Covered by UAE Technician:

We provide solutions for the following issues:

1. Acer Laptop Screen Repair/Replacement

You might accidentally drop the laptop breaking the screen. So, you can connect with us to repair the screen of your laptop. Hence, we will change the screen if repairs can’t fix it. 

2. Acer Laptop Battery Replacement

The battery is the main component to work with your laptop. The laptop battery might turn out to be dead due to overheating issues. Batteries get dried out with time and thus, it fails to hold the charge for long hours. Sometimes the battery refuses to accept a charge when your laptop is connected to the power outlet. 

Therefore, after encountering this issue, you can power off the laptop and then remove the battery. Then, wet a cloth with rubbing alcohol and clean the contacts of the battery. Reinsert the battery into your laptop and power on the laptop. The battery needs to be replaced if it displays the same issues after applying this solution. To ensure this, you can test the battery on another laptop as well. After all these attempts, reach UAE Technician to get a new battery for your laptop. 

3. Acer Laptop Motherboard Repair/Replacement

Motherboard failure will lead to a completely dead system i.e, the system doesn’t boot when turned on. Whereas, your PC suddenly starts misbehaving if the motherboard is bad. There will be more Windows error including a blue screen of death. Moreover, the computer might freeze for a certain period and the connected devices won’t work. If you visit us, then our technicians will check the motherboard and repair it if possible. Otherwise, you will have a new motherboard for your laptop. 

4. Acer Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement

You will fail to provide inputs due to a faulty keyboard of your Acer laptop. Perhaps you are trying to type a particular thing but the keyboard types something else. It becomes quite arduous to work with a malfunctioning keyboard. Thus, you can look for repairs or a new keyboard for your laptop. 

5. Acer Laptop Hard Disk Repair

If your laptop has a corrupted hard disk, there will be frequent crashes while booting Windows. Hence, you will encounter errors while moving or deleting a file from a folder. Suddenly files and folders will be missing from your PC or you will hear weird sounds coming out from your laptop. All these symptoms indicate that you have to avail of some technical assistance. 

6. Acer Laptop Hard Disk Replacement

Our technicians will replace the hard disk when nothing can be done to the corrupted hard disk. We will even give a guarantee for the new hard disk. 

7. Acer Laptop Liquid/Water Damage

Most of us have a habit of eating in front of our laptops. As a result, we might accidentally pour water or other liquids on our laptops. If the water or liquid penetrates into your laptop, then the internal components will be damaged. If this is the case, then you can call us for help. 

8. Acer Console Repair

You can experience a wide range of issues due to a faulty console. Thus, you can come to us for an effective console repair. 

9. Acer Laptop Body Repair

The body of your laptop might be physically damaged due to external elements or sudden falls. A certain part might be broken due to accidental failures. The laptop won’t look good if it is damaged from outside. Thus, let out technicians redesign the body of your laptop to its original state. 

10. Data Recovery

Data loss is not an uncommon issue for laptop users. Wrong deletion of data or a virus attack can make your data inaccessible. Hardware, system malfunctions or corrupted software are other possible causes of data loss. 

11. Antivirus/Virus Removal Support

You can contact us for removing virus or antivirus from your PC. Some malicious programs are so powerful that it becomes difficult to remove them with available software security programs. Only technicians will be able to remove these malicious programs. 

12. Acer Laptop LED Repair

UAE Technician offers LED repair for all models of Acer laptops. So, if you want a new LED, then we will provide you with a new one at a cheaper rate. 

13. Acer Laptop Hinges Repair

Hinger might be broken when you lift the laptop by it’s lid or open it beyond angles. The hinges also get damaged when the laptop falls from a good height. You can’t turn on the screen of your laptop if the hinges are broken. The hinges will require a complete replacement if they are beyond repair.
14. Acer Laptop Camera Repair

The camera is another essential feature of laptops. It is not only required for taking photos but also needed to do conference calls with your family, friends, and colleagues. This is why you can do any of these activities if the camera is defective or damaged. 

15. Acer Laptop Power Button Repair

The power button is the only way to start your laptop. So, nothing occurs when you press the power button. We will check the power button and install a new one if the existing one is damaged.

16. Acer Laptop Speaker Repair

When speakers are faulty, the audio won’t be audible or clear to you. When speakers are damaged, nothing works by updating audio drivers, running the audio troubleshooter, changing the sound format, or disabling enhancements. 

17. Acer Laptop USB Repair

When USB ports are damaged, external devices connected to your laptop won’t be identifiable. We offer service for repairing USB ports of Acer laptops. 

18. Acer Laptop BIOS Repair

Random error and hardware malfunctions occur when the BIOS gets corrupted. It can also happen due to incorrect modifications to the BIOS, lack of BIOS update or a virus attack. We will look into the issue and get it fixed correctly.
19. Acer Laptop Cooling Fan Repair

Laptops are equipped with cooling fans to protect the laptops against overheating issues. If the fan doesn’t work, your laptop will heat up within a few minutes of working. People other than experts are not advisable to fix the fan by themselves. Thus, you need experts to find what is actually wrong with the cooling fan. 

20. Acer Laptop Graphic Controller Repair

You might experience frequent system or driver crashes, black screens, loud fan sounds, or anything else when the graphic controller is faulty. Dust, lint, or uninterrupted power supply might lead to wear and tear of the graphic controller. Hence, you must repair the graphic controller to avoid related issues. 

21. Acer Laptop Display Port Repair

When the display port needs repair, you will either experience a white screen or a very dim screen. In some cases, the laptop doesn’t show any signal or power. However, other users find flickering videos on their laptop display as well.
22. Acer Laptop Processor Repair

The CPU(processor) generates a certain amount of heat when you run the laptop. But, the CPU gets affected when the heat level rises above the normal threshold. The processor tends to die with time even if you take good care of your laptop. Overclocking is another instance that can shorten the lifespan of the processor. Furthermore, power surges or unstable voltage are other reasons for a damaged CPU. 

The processor is an important component for the proper working of your laptop. Your laptop will experience overheating issues if the CPU is malfunctioning. Since severe overheating can melt internal parts of the motherboard, the CPU needs to be fixed instantly. 

23. Acer Laptop Adapter Repair

You can’t charge the laptop if the adapter is faulty. Since we work with genuine products, you will get the right adapter for your laptop. 

Get an Immediate Remote Assistance for Your Acer Laptop

We are an independent support service provider for Acer laptops. You can connect with us for personalized assistance within your budget. Therefore, you can attempt to fix your Acer laptop without resorting to professional service providers. But, doing so you might affect your laptop due to a lack of knowledge and incorrect configuration. Thus, it is recommended to approach experts for fixing your Acer laptop. Our qualified technicians are skilled enough to fix your Acer laptop with due care. Moreover, you will get the service on the very same day of making your service request. This is why you don’t have to worry since we offer a guarantee on our service. If the same problem or anything else occurs during the guarantee period, then you will get a free service for that. Therefore, connect with us at our Helpline Number 045864031 or you can mail us at and get assisted instantaneously

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