Clean up your computer with Bleachbit

Clean up your computer with Bleachbit

Download free Bleachbit, program cleaner for Windows, Mac and Linux, which cleans up the system from traces and temporary files.

Bleachbit is the real alternative to Ccleaner , the program to be used to clean up the system on Windows PC, Linux, Mac .

With the release of Bleachbit 2.0 I take this opportunity to dedicate an article to this excellent maintenance software for the computer , very complete and thorough, which allows you to recover considerable amount of free space , delete the traces of use of the programs on PC to have more privacy and to clean up your computer from useless and garbage files that could slow down the performance in the long run.

BleachBit 2.0 has an essential and minimal graphic interface and at the first start it is immediately possible to select the elements to be removed.

Clean up your computer with Bleachbit

For example, you can delete temporary files created while browsing the internet with Chrome and Firefox or the temporary system cache and files.

Using Bleachbit is quite simple and there are no special contraindications for actions that can cause computer problems.

It is possible to select the various elements individually or by setting the flag to the various groups.

Before doing the cleaning, you can press the preview button, which allows you to view the space that will be recovered by deleting all the useless files detected.

Files and even registry keys are included in the cleaning, although in Bleachbit there is not a registry cleaning tool like Ccleaner (which is still a useless and superfluous tool to use).

In the program preferences, accessible from the top Edit menu , you can add custom positions to the cleanup and exclude files or locations from deletion.

The best thing is that Bleachbit supports CCHenancer , the program to add new cleaning rules to Ccleaner .

You do not need to download CCHennacer for Bleachbit, but just activate the option ” download and update cleaners from the community (winapp.ini) ” in the Preferences.

Restarting Bleachbit you will find several more items to select, which mainly concern the Windows 10 applications and the Windows Store.

The File menu contains additional tools of Bleachbit, like the one to overwrite files and folders, which means to destroy them and make them non-recoverable, is then the tool to erase free disk space to prevent recovery of deleted files.

BleachBit, unlike Ccleaner, is open source software available for all systems, including Linux and Mac as well as Windows.

CCleaner definitely has a more elaborate and better looking interface and includes additional features like the program uninstaller and the boot menu manager which are quite handy.

BleachBit is more essential and is only a Cleaner program, without too many additional functions, perfect epr to recover space and to erase the traces of computer use.

Personally, especially for the fact that it is open source and free non-profit, I think it is better to use Bleachbit, unless special needs that only Ccleaner can satisfy.