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CCTV Installation Dubai: Get Instant Services at Your Fingertips

CCTV, also called, Closed-circuit Television is an excellent surveillance system when it comes to the safety and security of a particular property. It sounds quite simple to carry out CCTV installation at your home and workplace. However, to operate correctly, one requires to install it with caution. They should be installed strategically on your premises to capture each corner accurately. If you are looking for reliable CCTV installation in Dubai, why not get the benefits to hire professionals from UAE Technician. We cover a wide range of CCTV installation and repairing services to troubleshoot issues with your home security appliances. We provide CCTV installation services for places like residential areas, hotels, jewellery shops, factories, educational institutions, Universities, Film Industries and many more all across the UAE.

Our qualified servicemen work with extra caution so that the cameras could be installed in the correct locations so that no place gets out of the view of the camera.

Components of the CCTV System:

A CCTV surveillance system is formed of certain components whose functioning needs to be understood clearly. It comes with the camera, which captures the happenings at the places where a CCTV is installed, but it’s not just that. The following are the components of a fully-functional CCTV system.

CCTV Camera

A CCTV camera is utilized to render a complete view of the place where the camera is installed. It works by sending an electronic signal through a video cable so that you can inspect the place clearly. Many compare the CCTV camera with a human eye for its lively result. HD CAMERA 2 MP DOME, HD CAMERA 2 MP BULLET-INDOOR, HD CAMERA 2 MP BULLET-OUTDOOR, HD CAMERA 4 MP DOME, HD CAMERA 4 MP BULLET-INDOOR are some of the best in the market currently. 

Internal HDD

CCTV internal HDD is a hard drive where all the inspected footage lies. It constitutes all the information recorded by the camera all-day. This is what makes it different from the normal hard drive. Internal HDDs are specifically designed for a 24*7 examination record, which is not the case of any regular HDD. Some of the internal HDDs that you can try are HDD INTERNAL 500 GB, HDD INTERNAL 1 TB, HDD INTERNAL 2 TB, HDD INTERNAL 4 TB.


DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder and NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. While the former process the video to the recorder, the latter encodes and processes the video to the camera.


Another important component required for transmitting the captured footage is a modem or router. A modem or router with strong and active internet is required to carry the footage for live streaming. There are several efficient routers available in the market. Mobile router/3G/4G Router, Wireless router, Wireless router with POE are a few to name.


DVR or NVR is later connected to the monitor through a VGA/HDMI cable so that one can see the footage on it. Both the monitor and the CCTV camera are commonly installed at the same location. Whatever is happening at that particular place will be captured and then displayed on the monitor as footage.LED monitors like LED MONITOR 15″, LED MONITOR 19″, LED MONITOR 21″ are noted for their clear display.

Why Choose Our CCTV Installation Services?

CCTV installation should be executed correctly so that the system works properly and there’s no lack of security at the place. With the best CCTV installation services in Dubai, you’ll never again have to worry about the security of your home or workplace. Here are some of the perks of hiring us.

Staggering Services Within Budget:

Our CCTV services are top-notch just like the materials we provide. All these are incorporated within the budget as discussed with our clients so that they can relish a cost-effective and superior work outcome.

Availability of Assorted CCTV Systems:

Our experience in this sector allows us to install the most accurate and fitting CCTV system as per customer preference. Moreover, all the CCTV systems installed by us are of high quality. We further accommodate various brands and models for CCTVs, giving diversity in our services. This makes us efficient and expert among CCTV installation companies in Dubai.

Excellent Work Quality : 

All our technicians have earned their names in this sector for excellent work outcomes. CCTV systems installed by us operate without any problems and are sure to grant you the security that you look for.

We have satisfied our customers for a prolonged span of time now. We are highly dedicated to serving our customers and have done that quite fruitfully as is evident from our list of satisfied clientele. Our CCTV installation Dubai services are of exceptional quality and all your security requirements are sure to be met with us.

Expert Opinion:

As it’s about your security and protection, seeking a specialist’s advice should be the best. Thus, our knowledge in this sector will assist you throughout the CCTV camera installation process and implement dynamic management. This surely makes us reliable among the CCTV installation companies in the UAE.

Several CCTV Camera Installation:

Furthermore, we practice modern technology and ideas so that we can assist our customers with all sorts of camera installation. We can and do install HDCVI cameras, IP security cameras, HD cameras with the security system, Analog cameras, and HDTVI cameras, all functioning smoothly after installation.

How to Configure and Install CCTV Camera?

Before you start installing your CCTV camera and other appliances, identify the spot where you want to locate it. Often, the customers get confused right when the installation is in progress and change the position of their CCTV cameras. Hence, it's a recommendation to prepare and make the plan beforehand to deal with CCTV installation. One of the hacks while installing your surveillance camera is to select a spot that consumes minimum cable length but, offers maximum coverage. In case, you are unable to figure out such a location or position for your CCTV appliance, you can approach UAE Technician for a correct solution. 


Step 1: Place CCTV Camera Using Installation Equipment

After deciding whether you want your camera for surveilling the indoor or outdoor, keep the installation tools equipment ready. So, your toolbox may consist of the basics like anchors, screws, cables, electric drill, power adapter unit, camera box, etc. Start your installation of CCTV by creating holes at the decided location with a drilling machine as per the requirement of camera placement. 

 Step 2: Secure Hard Disk that Store CCTV

Your CCTV camera’s hard disk is the most essential part of this entire security mechanism. Hence, place it inside a secured or locked compartment in order to keep it away from the intruders. So, wherever you decide to keep your surveillance hard disk, make sure that your CCTV’s DVR is placed next to it. The recordings or live footage from the camera will go straight into the DVR/NVR recorder.

Step 3: Customize the DVR and BNC Port

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder and NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. While the former processes the video to the recorder, the latter encodes and processes the video to the camera.

To adjust the wires originating from the DVR unit, wire moldings are pretty useful. These moldings should be adjusted and nailed accurately. After that, the video cable should be connected using a BNC port. Remove the video cable for about 1.5 cm and insert the barrel inside it. Make sure the wider end lies at the end of the cable. The naked wires should be then inserted inside the BNC ports and the barrel should be screwed.

Step 4: Power On Devices and Check Video Feed

Now, after double-checking the connection, you can switch ‘On’ the surveillance camera, monitor and DVR unit. Users can refer to the manual instructions for completing the setup for DVR and check if camera feeds are displayed properly. Check if the camera display is clear and whether it covers the grounds fully. If at any point, you notice something wrong with the installation, contact our experienced team of CCTV experts.

CCTV Installation Process With Us:

To experience our outstanding services, follow the three steps given below.

  • Call us or let us know what you need online.

  • Our technicians will arrive at your place and discuss the execution of the complete process as per your budget. 

  • With the proper agreement, we will generate your bill and commence the process.

How to Find a Reliable CCTV Installer in Dubai?

To hire the best installer in Dubai, make sure to follow the tips cited below.

  • Monitor their profile and skills before hiring them.

  • Confirm the time required for CCTV camera system installation and check if it meets your expectations.

  • See if the brands used by them are satisfactory for use.

  • Check if they provide SIRA/DPS certified CCTV Systems

  • The products used by them should be advanced and durable.

  • Once the installation completes, make sure to check its working capacity.

Types of CCTVs used in Dubai:

As Dubai is the heart of the business, varieties of CCTV system installations are done there to keep the enterprises

secure. To name a few,

  • HD Cameras

  • Dome, Discreet and Bullet Cameras

  • Network/IP and Wireless

  • Infrared or Night vision

  • Day or Night

  • Covert, Board, or Desktop Cameras

  • Outdoor and Speed Dome

Security System Required For Your Enterprise:

Sensible business person funds in purchasing security cameras for better safety and protection of their organization. Here is what a genuine security system includes

Intercom Systems:

This is the best for communicating among people of your organization. Through the intercom system, you will be able to contact visitors as well. As a result, this valuable communication throughout the enterprise will boost the security and protection of it. 

Security Cameras:

Security cameras are again crucial for obvious reasons. Its installation over the place can provide you relief from robbers and burglars. Likewise, it can provide you satisfaction and peace concerning your place. 

Access Control Systems:

Access control systems basically involve an Electronic access control door which is controlled electrically and consists of a stand-alone electric lock. It holds control access to security portals. 

Perks of Installing a CCTV Camera System For Business:

It is important for one to know what they can gain by installing a CCTV camera at their places. For a better insight, here are five benefits that you can gain on installing CCTV camera system at your enterprise

Staff and Customer Protection:

When you own an organization, it’s your responsibility to grant your staff and customer proper protection. For such cases, CCTV camera systems play an important role by monitoring every activity precisely. Hence, if anything wrong happens to your staff or customer, you can always check the CCTV footage to find the cause or culprit. 

Employee Monitoring:

Additionally, through CCTV cameras you will be able to interpret your employees and their behavior in the office. You will also be able to know if somebody is doing something wrong. CCTV cameras are a great way to check their honesty and work. 

Monitor Fraudulence:

Moreover, it will also help you monitor any fraud cases happening within your organization. A CCTV footage can act as proof so that the culprit could get punished. Customer fraudulence is rather common nowadays and a CCTV system can definitely provide relief from it. 

Perks of Installing CCTV System at Your Home:

Similarly, your home too needs a CCTV camera for good reasons. Take a look into these benefits you can get from a CCTV system at home.

Crime Prevention:

With a CCTV system installed, your home will be secured from any burglar breakout. This is because the sight of security cameras in most cases is enough to scare away the burglars. And they will not enter the residence in the first place.

Exclusive Inspection:

You will also be able to inspect and monitor the footage of CCTV cameras through your computer, PC, and tablets. All you have to do is log in from anywhere to your device and check what’s happening there directly.

Catch the Criminal:

If you install a CCTV security system outside your place, you will be able to monitor the situation outside your residence. This can help inspect the crime outside and act as proof for the same. It can further grant safety to the exterior portions of your home. 

Explore the Brands:

Our organization provides CCTV cameras and security systems from assorted brands. Here we have provided that list for the most trustworthy CCTV cameras in Dubai which you can select from.

Hikvision CCTV Dubai:

Hikvison is well known throughout the world for its CCTV cameras and security system. The CCTV cameras used by them provide excellent security and protection to a particular place. Their products adequately meet the demands of their clients. Their cameras provide quality video surveillance and video content analytics with deep learning algorithms. They are also known for providing DVR and NVR. The range of cameras offered by Hikvision includes internal dome cameras, external dome cameras, bullet cameras, bodied cameras, etc. It is remarkably preferable for both home and business purposes in Dubai.

Dahua CCTV Dubai:

When it comes to naming some of the most familiar brands of CCTV used in Dubai, Dahua is definitely included in the list. Dahua CCTV is used all over Dubai by different enterprises and organizations. They are placed in different places like exit gates, entry gates, office floor for better monitoring. Furthermore, they are also preferred in the gym and the parking lot for extra surveillance. They also provide DVR and NVR as per the requirement of customers. What makes it efficient from others is long-range inspection. Through this feature, you will be able to inspect anything even from a great distance. 

Samsung CCTV Dubai:

In terms of quality and reliability, nobody can beat the CCTV cameras provided by Samsung. They are rather useful for your home security and is used extensively by Dubai citizens for residential surveillance. Whether you own a bungalow or apartment, Samsung CCTV camera Dubai provides monitoring for both of them. Like others, Samsung also proffers DVR and NVR for home security and protection.  They are also preferable for small shops and have been used for the same in Dubai recently as well. 

Panasonic CCTV Dubai:

Panasonic is famous for providing CCTV assistance all over the UAE. This is because their products meet the specifications of their clients’ requirements. The diversity in their product is definitely the reason for their popularity.

Most of their cameras are preferred in areas like offices, markets, or homes. Hence, you can consider them one of the best surveillance cameras for home Dubai. From IP cameras to analog, the list can be never-ending. Other than that, they highly care about the security and protection of their customers. Thus, they grant various DVR and NVR for security.


Honeywell CCTV Dubai:

Another very popular CCTV brand used in Dubai currently is Honeywell. Their security cameras come with various other features in comparison to others. They acknowledge any possible problems and grant safety warnings accordingly. Moreover, their affordable price and cost-effective output provide satisfaction and protection to their clients. They hold a long list of CCTV cameras, DVRs, and NVRS for their customers to choose from. As a result, Honeywell CCTV cameras are well-acknowledged all over Dubai for better security at an affordable sum of money. 

CP Plus CCTV Dubai:

If you are looking for a brand that will allow you a large number of models to select from, then CP Plus is the one for you. It involves different categories like secret security cameras, HD cameras, LCD monitors, and megapixel selections. All these cameras are known for their high-quality and zooming capability. On using them, you will be able to monitor and acknowledge anything from a certain distance. This makes it preferable for distance monitoring. Besides, it can be set up easily for use. In Dubai, CP plus CCTV cameras are outstanding for different locations including residential areas and markets. They further provide DVRs and NVRs with efficient quality cameras.

Bosch CCTV Dubai:

If you are running low on budget, then try Bosch CCTV cameras. They are designed to produce a replica of human eyesight. Bosch CCTV cameras contain sensors, lenses, and electronics to give you a high-quality feed. Like others, they also possess different DVR and NVR for security and protection. 

Axis CCTV Dubai:

Axis CCTV is one brand that you will find almost anywhere in Dubai. Their cameras are designed specifically to meet your needs and requirements. They have varieties of products that include outdoor cameras that provide security at delicate locations. The cameras provide outstanding quality of the images no matter how small or large the place is. It is made possible through less bandwidth and storage. It can further provide a feature that can alert you with energy allocations and make better decisions beforehand. They also provide DVR and NVR for video storage and better security. 

Commax CCTV Dubai:

When it comes to quality, Commax CCTV surpasses all for sure. They grant reliable security through their high-quality camera. The DVR and NVR of Commax CCTVs provide much adequate data storage for better surveillance. Commax CCTV in Dubai is pretty well known for its diversity and quality. 

Grandstream CCTV Dubai:

Granstream has been awarded for sharp and relevant image quality, telephony facilities and compliance. They offer varieties like dome cameras, outdoor cameras, and many more for better protection all over the place. The DVR and NVR granted by them are excellent for security and hold adequate footage. 

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Reach Us For Better Assistance :

CCTV security systems are gaining popularity and none can deny the safety and security that its installation promises. If you are looking for an organization that will provide you quality CCTV cameras and the best CCTV camera installation services then contact us now. Our organization stands tall among the list of best CCTV installation companies in Dubai. Our technicians are skilled and efficient and offer the best CCTV installation Dubai services in your budget. We have a long list of satisfied customers and will be happy to include you on the list.

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