iOS 13: Apple security alert for iPhone and iPad

iOS 13: Apple security alert for iPhone and iPad

iOS 13: Apple security alert for iPhone and iPadApple raises the alarm: iOS 13 presents a security problem that exposes millions of iPhone and iPad updated to the latest version. The risks come from third-party keyboards.

Apple alarm: iOS 13 is not secure . The note comes directly from Cupertino, where an important security problem is reported that could involve millions of users equipped with iPhones and iPads (recently updated to iPad OS). What is happening and what are the risks?

The problem encountered with Apple is not properly iOS 13 , which is the cause, but compatibility with third-party keyboards downloaded by users. These would expose users to a series of risks without their knowledge. A bug already recognized by the apple that ensures full resolution in a short time, with the release of a fix update for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 13 unsafe: iPhone and iPad at risk?

The bug affects all users who use external keyboards, compared to the original iOS ones (such as the Google Keyboard or others).

What is the problem? The error encountered by Apple’s operating system would allow these keyboards to have full access to the device on which they are installed, whether it be an iPhone or an iPad, even when these are deactivated by the user within the settings.

External keyboards, highly appreciated by users, can work through various modes: via external features or without. In the case of the first option these extensions can take advantage of some additional specifications by connecting to the network (between GIFs and multilingual dictionaries) with users free to choose which specifications to give their consent or not.

Precisely in this nuance the problem would reside: thanks to the bug present in iOS 13 and iPadOS, but also in iOS 13.1, these keyboards are automatically enabled to use the network and its external components even without the explicit permission of the user.

The repairer update should arrive soon , but in the meantime Apple recommends that you disable any external keyboard and only use the classic iOS keyboard.

To see the keyboards that could be affected by this problem, simply go to the settings of your iPhone and iPad, click on “General”> “Keyboard”> “Keyboards” and proceed to deactivate them.