End Your Mobile Phone Troubles with Cell Phone Repair Near Me

End Your Mobile Phone Troubles with Cell Phone Repair Near Me

Mobile Phone TroublesIn these recent years, Cell phones have turned out to be primary sources of communication for the mass. We can spend a single day alone but can’t imagine a day without our phone. Moreover, we get into deep trouble when our phone displays a single issue. Hopefully, you too feel the same when your phone becomes unresponsive for one minute. Cell phones can suffer from a wide range of issues for both software and hardware. Some of the problems get resolved with simple hacks. Whereas, others require expert assistance. Thus, you need a cell phone repair near you to fix critical issues on your device. 

The situation remains the same for iPhone users as well. The only thing they need to ensure is that the service provider they are approaching is capable of fixing iPhones. In this case, they need to look for an iPhone repair in their area. So, if you don’t find a nearby cell phone repair, then you must search outside your local area as well. The service provider outside your local area might be competent enough to repair your cell phone. Thus, you require a thorough guide on the problems that you might encounter with your cell phone along with the troubleshooting tips. Keep reading this article and in order to have a clear idea of the cell phone or iPhone repair.

Frequently Faced Problems for iPhone and All Other Cell Phone Users:

Be it an iPhone or any other cell phones, problems remain more or less the same. Thus, we have discussed a set of problems that you might experience with your favorite device. 

1. Phone Not Responding

While using your phone, you might experience that your iPhone is not responding to your inputs. Moreover, it can occur due to technical faults or software bugs in your device. So, if this is a minor issue, then it will be fixed by the following solutions:


Sometimes such problems get solved with a simple reboot. So, press and hold the Power for a few seconds. Two options: Power Off and Reboot appear on the phone’s display. Select ‘Reboot’ and wait until the process is completed. Now, check whether your phone works correctly or not. 

Soft Reset

Press both the Power and Volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Do not release them until the ‘slide to power off; option appears on your phone. Then, move the toggle for ‘slide to power off’ to the right to switch off your phone. After keeping the phone switched off for a minute, press and hold both the Power and Volume buttons until your phone starts. 

Hard Reset

If the soft reset fails to fix your unresponsive phone, then a hard reset might do the work. Thus, turn off your phone and remove its back cover. Now, take out the battery and keep aside the phone for a couple of minutes. Then, reset the battery and turn on the phone by pressing the Power button. 

You must repair your cell phone if you can fix the issue with simple troubleshooting. 

2. Phone Freezing or Crashing Repeatedly

Like many other cell phone users, you might encounter that your phone freezes just after launching it. So, if the problem starts after installing a new app, then that app might not be supported by your OS version. Or else, you haven’t installed the app correctly. As a result, your phone freezes or restarts automatically when you use a particular app. 

Similarly, you might observe that one or more apps quit unexpectedly when you open them. In such a situation, you must immediately close the app in question and restart your device. If you feel, then uninstall the app and reinstall it on your phone. You might have installed a corrupted version of the app and hence you were facing such an issue. If this is the case, then you will be able to resolve it with these simple tricks. 

Moreover, you can also apply the same hacks for your iPhone as well. If nothing works, then connect with a cell phone repair service provider. 

3. iPhone Home Button Not Working

The Home button of your iPhone might suddenly stop working or becomes unresponsive at some point in time. If it occurs due to accumulated dust or dirt underneath the Home button. So, clean them with air suction or 98% – 99% isopropyl alcohol. But, be very careful while cleaning the Home button. Apart from this, you can try out the following solutions as well. 

Use Assistive Touch

It is an easy way to add a virtual Home button on your iPhone’s screen. It will be helpful until you can fix the actual Home button. To activate this assistive touch, go to the Settings app and tap the ‘General’ menu. Choose ‘Accessibility’ and then ‘Assistive Touch’ under it. Move the toggle to the right in order to enable the feature. 

Calibrate the Home Button

Open a default app, then press and hold the Home button. As the ‘slide to power off’ option appears on your iPhone’s screen, press the Power button to return to the Home screen. The default app is automatically closed and the Home button is fixed. 

Restore the iOS Device

If the Home button remains unresponsive after so many attempts, then your iPhone seems to have a hardware issue. Thus, look for iPhone experts who will be able to check the hardware and fix the faulty ones. 

4. iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo

This problem can occur due to many reasons and hence the problem remains unexplainable. You can even experience this issue while trying to jailbreak your iPhone. Moreover, you might face the issue during data retrieval or when the iOS update fails. Accidental deletion of some iOS-related files might be another cause of this issue. The same problem might occur if the beta version running your iOS has expired. Here are some effective ways to deal with this issue. 

Hard Reset

You can try to solve the issue with a hard reset only after creating a backup. Otherwise, you would have to suffer from data loss. 

DFU Mode

Use a USB cable for connecting your iPhone to a computer. Launch iTunes on the PC and turn off your phone. Hold down the ‘sleep/wake’ button for 10 seconds and press the Home button. Release the ‘sleep/wake’ button by holding down the Home button for another five seconds. Your iPhone enters DFU Mode and you get a notification to restore your device to factory settings or previous backup. So, if you have created a backup beforehand, then click ‘OK’ to continue. 

5. iPhone/Cell Phone Power Button Not Working

The Power button might suddenly become unresponsive due to software conflicts or hardware issues. Therefore, it is possible to fix certain software conflicts with a soft or hard reset. But, you need experts to fix hardware defects on your phone. 

6. iPhone/Cell Phone Volume Button Not Working

The Volume button might become unresponsive due to the same reasons as the Power button. Thus, you need an iPhone or cell phone repair to look after this issue. 

7. iPhone/Cell Phone Audio Issues

You might find that you aren’t getting any sound while playing audio. It indicates either the speakers are damaged or there is a loose connection between the internal components in your phone. Despite how technically sound you are, you must take expert assistance to fix the issue. 

8. iPhone/Cell Phone Screen Replacement

Regardless of how carefully you use your phone, it might fall and break the screen. If the warranty period isn’t over, then visit the manufacturer to replace the screen. You must also replace the screen since there is no other way to repair the broken screen. 

9. Lost iPhone Data

Your iPhone data might become inaccessible after updating your device to its latest version. You might also lose the data after trying to jailbreak your device. So, if your iPhone doesn’t have a backup, then use data recovery software to retrieve lost data. Consult with experts before using one software. It’s because only experts know which is reliable software to use for your phone. 

10. Cell Phone Not Working after an Upgrade

Your iPhone might stop working after you have upgraded it to the latest version. Your device might be incompatible with the updated version or something went wrong during the update. As a result, your phone fails to work properly. 

If this is the problem, then restore your device to its previous version and then upgrade it to its latest version. After applying this trick, check whether your phone works correctly or not. 

11. iPhone White Screen of Death

Your iPhone might display a white screen when the upgrade fails, you tried to jailbreak the device, or there are hardware issues. 

You can hard reset your device by removing the battery and then reinserting it into your iPhone. Besides this, you can boot your phone into the Device Firmware Upgrade Mode if the hard reset doesn’t work. Also, make sure that you have done an iTunes or iCloud backup before entering the DFU Mode. 

12. Touch Screen Not Responding

You might find that the touchscreen on your phone is responding at one time and isn’t responding at the other time. This is the most irritating issue since you can’t use your phone if the touchscreen doesn’t work. It also indicates that your phone is suffering from software or technical errors. Thus, you need to fix the issue with the help of cell phone experts. 

13. Phone Not Charging

Your phone isn’t charging even after changing the power outlet and charging cable. Thus, there is a chance of having a faulty charging port. Before reaching an expert, you can try to clean the charging port with an unused toothbrush or cotton swab. It’s because your phone won’t accept a charge if dust particles have accumulated inside the charging port. Connect with experts if the problem persists after cleaning the charging port. 

14. Overheating Issues

You might encounter that your phone quickly gets overheated just after a few minutes of use. Stop using your phone as soon as you encounter this issue. Then switched off your phone and remove its back cover. Let it cool down and reuse it to check whether the problem repeats itself or not. Avail of a cell phone repair if the problem continues for more than a day. The expert might ask you to replace your phone battery if the battery is damaged. 

15. iPhone Black Screen

As the iPhone gets stuck with a white screen, the same thing might happen with a black screen as well. It can occur at the time of updating an app due to bad firmware. After experiencing this issue, charge the iPhone and restore it to factory defaults after a backup. The iPhone will continue to display the black screen if the repair is beyond your expertise. 

16. iPhone Cannot Connect to WiFi

It is a common issue for most iPhone users. iPhones fail to connect to your personal WiFi network if it lacks the updated firmware. Thus, you can access your iPhone settings and reset the network settings. Then update the firmware and see whether it makes any difference or not. 

17. Bluetooth Not Working

This is not a critical issue hence you can fix it by the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Bluetooth
  2. Select ‘Forget this device’ and then try to pair it with another Bluetooth device. 

Finally, you can update the iOS version your iPhone is using to fix the issue. 

18. iPhone Face ID Not Working

Face ID is an essential feature to access iTunes, App Store, and other applications on your iPhone without entering the passcode. Hence, it creates inconvenience when this feature doesn’t work. The problem mainly occurs after an iOS update. You need to go to Settings and reset the Face ID settings to see whether it solves the problem or not. 

19. Water Damaged iPhone/Cell Phone

You might accidentally spill water or any other liquid on your iPhone. If the water or liquid penetrates into the internal components, then it will be harmful to your iPhone. As soon as the water drops on your iPhone, rub it with a towel and remove the SIM card. Try not to use the iPhone until it becomes fully dry. If the problem becomes severe, then connect with experts so that you can protect your device as well as the data inside. 

20. Unable to Detect the SIM Card

Even if the SIM cards are present, your phone fails to detect them. Thus, you can take out the SIM cards and reboot your device. Then reinsert the SIM cards to ensure that you have solved the problem. Test the SIM cards on another phone and visit a service center if the problem happens with your phone only. 

It is not the end of problems with cell phones. You might receive several errors while using your phone. Whatever problem you might encounter, a cell phone repair service provider will have the solution with him. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How Can I Select a Cell Phone Near Me?

Do research about the service provider you are willing to visit. Check his credibility by reading customer reviews. Moreover, ensure that the service provider offers a guarantee on his service and use genuine parts only. Time and money are other important aspects to choose a service provider. 

  1. When Will I Need a Cell Phone Repair?

You will need a repair service when you can’t fix your cell phone with accessible hacks. The problems discussed in this article are frequently faced by iPhone and other cell phone users. You must visit the service provider only after trying the corresponding tricks.