How To Prevent Window Air Conditioner Mold: Pro Tips

How To Prevent Window Air Conditioner Mold: Pro Tips

The appearance of mold in your window air conditioner means that you are probably operating it in a damp environment. A moist environment coupled with a warm weather is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Every time you turn on your AC, you are risking your health, as with mold in the air conditioner, health risks are high. People sensitive to molds and mildew can have allergic reactions. More critical damages such as chronic breathing problems can also surface with time. Thus, it is essential that you take proper measures to prevent the formation of mold in the first place.

Being a summer prime country, the formation of molds is aggravated in Dubai. Thus, if you want to learn how to prevent the formation of mold in a central air conditioner, then you need to go through this article thoroughly. You can also connect with a reliable AC maintenance in Dubai for availing professional help. In most cases though, following the tips mentioned below should be sufficient to prevent mold formation in window AC.

Tips For Preventing Window Air Conditioner Mold Formation

Prevention is better than cure, and we are going to learn how to prevent mold formation so that we don’t have to cure anything. Because, once the mold is formed, it is a tricky process to remove all of it completely leaving no trace. You will require an air conditioner mold spray or several other expensive products to remove it completely.

Prevent Window Air Conditioner Mold

But following the tips mentioned below, you can prevent the mold formation, and breathe in fresh air without the musty smell which is both refreshing and healthy at the same time.

Keep Your Window AC Clean

This is probably the first necessary action you need to take to prevent mold formation in your window AC. Regular cleaning of the unit not only prevents mold formation but also helps in maintaining a healthy and pure indoor air quality. Dirt and dust accumulated provide the organic matter that becomes the food for the mold. Thus regular cleaning is necessary if you want to prevent mold formation in your window AC.

Keep The Moisture Level Under Control

Keeping the moisture level to a minimum both in the ducts and in the unit is another preventive measure you implement to prevent the formation of molds. Mold is easily formed in a moist environment, and thus you’ll do good to prevent it by cutting down the moisture levels.

Maintain your draining channels well, so that moisture levels are checked there. Along with it, check for leakages that may build moisture pockets and favor the growth of mold.

Perform Regular Maintenance

The insides of an air conditioning unit is a perfect breeding ground for mold formation. It is dark, warm and moist, if not checked for moisture formation on a regular basis. Thus you need to perform regular cleaning of your AC unit, remove any signs of water or already present mold inside it. Also, be on the lookout for any dirt or dust accumulated. Regular maintenance of your window AC is a necessary action you can take to prevent mold formation in device’s unit.

Always Keep The Air Conditioner On

We have a tendency of shutting down our air conditioning unit completely before we leave our home for an extended length of time. It may seem logical at first glance, but this action also is a major factor in mold formation in your window AC. This is because a locked up house with no air flow will facilitate moisture build up. Without air conditioner running, the temperature inside will also be on the rise.

Thus, with air conditioner shut down, and a locked home, we present ourselves with the perfect conditions under which mold can and most probably will form in window AC units. The best way to prevent this situation is to set your air conditioning unit to “auto” mode. This allows air circulation in your house even when you are not present and prevents mold formation.   

Perform A Deep Cleaning Once A While

Though this is not as vital as regular maintenance, performing an occasional deep cleaning can be very helpful in preventing mold formation. If you smell mildew every time you turn your AC on, or there is already a fair amount of mold formed in your unit, maybe it’s time for a thorough cleaning. This deep cleaning is beneficial not only in preventing mold, but also helps in maintaining your unit and increase its lifespan.

To perform a deep cleaning, you need to remove the outer covers of your AC unit and clean it as thoroughly as you can. Make sure to lubricate the motors with a little bit of oil.

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Prevent Window AC Mold Formation: Conclusion

Mold can form in your window AC without coming in your notice. In many cases, a formation of mold on styrofoam in air conditioner shows that mold can form and get unnoticed by you. These molds can grow pretty fast, and if you do not take preventive measures it can end up causing serious health issues.

You may not always see the mold present in your unit as these are not always visible at the onset of its formation. However, you may find out that mold is formed from the mold in air conditioner symptoms such as a distinct mushy odor.

Preventing the formation of mold is as essential as cleaning it once it is formed. In fact, prevention is more important, as it reduces health risks and you can enjoy a fresh and clean air, flowing from your window AC. If you do not take the preventive measures mentioned here, you may end up having health issues and reducing the life of your air conditioning unit at the same time.

Thus, follow the tips mentioned here to successfully ward off mold formation in your window AC and live a healthy life.