A Comprehensive Checklist Of The Possible Reasons Behind AC Not Cooling Properly

A Comprehensive Checklist Of The Possible Reasons Behind AC Not Cooling Properly

It is very annoying when you want your AC to cool your room, and it refuses to do the job efficiently. Even when your AC is on 16 degrees, your room still feels hot. There could be many possible reasons behind AC not cooling properly. We are listing some of them here.

There could be two things happening: your AC is blowing the air but it isn’t cool, or your AC isn’t blowing the air at all. If your AC is blowing the air but it isn’t cool, it means the fan is working fine but the condenser is damaged. Usually, the condenser makes a soft rumbling sound. So, if you don’t hear that, your condenser might not be working. However, if the condenser is working and yet the air isn’t cool, chances are the coils are frozen.

And if you don’t feel any air coming out of the unit, check the circuit breaker. It is possible that the circuit breaker must have tripped. Also, check the plug and make sure it is properly seated in the socket. If there is power in the unit, it could be that the blades of the fan are stuck or there is an issue with the control panel. Here, you will need AC service professionals for dealing with the issue.


Ice Formation Inside The AC Unit

Ice formation in the indoor unit is one of the most common reasons for split AC not cooling enough. Now, this could happen due to various reasons like clogged filters, dirty coils or fan not working as it should.

If the filters are clogged, the airflow would be hampered, reducing the AC’s capacity to cool. Also, dirty condenser coils would not dissipate heat outside as they should. That’s why your AC might not be cooling.

Insufficient Coolant

If you find the window AC not cooling, it could be due to the insufficient coolant in them or due to a leak. The coolant moves in the evaporator coils. This cools the air flowing over it that then comes into the room. If your AC is not cooling your room, it’s time to get hold of a reliable AC Service for checking and filling the coolant. You might as well trust in UAE Technician for AC repair in Dubai.

Faulty Compressor

You can say that the compressor is the heart of the AC. It is the compressor that is responsible for cooling the room as it circulates the refrigerant through the condenser coils and evaporator. A faulty compressor doesn’t start the cooling cycle, and that’s one of the possible reasons behind AC not cooling properly.

Faulty Thermostat

If the compressor is the heart of the AC, then the thermostat is its mind. It senses the temperature of the room and tells the compressor to begin or end the cooling cycle. In case of the faulty thermostat, your AC might not cool the room. This could be the reason behind your air conditioner not blowing cold air but running.

Old Air Conditioner

The performance of an AC, regardless of the brand, falls with time. And just like humans, it loses the efficiency to work as it gets old. So, if you have been asking yourself “why is my air conditioner not cooling the house”, this could be the reason. After the end of the first year, the efficiency of the AC decreases by 7%, 5% by the end of the second year and by 2% every year afterward. So, if your AC is a decade or two older, you need to change it.

Defective Parts

Other defective parts of an AC might also prevent it from cooling your room. So, check the capacitor of the compressor, motor, control board, capillary, thermistor, etc. If any one of the AC parts stops working, your AC will not function properly.

Wrong Settings

Your AC remote comes with different cooling settings. Several of our customers complained about their AC not working even after everything was fine. When we checked their remote, we saw the settings were set to dry. Once we turned it to auto, the AC started cooling efficiently.

See, sometimes, its just one wrong button and we start looking for big faults. So, before you get agitated, check your remote and see if your settings are correct.

Faulty Remote

If your AC isn’t cooling, the culprit could be the remote and not the AC. You might see the changes in the remote’s settings but it might not be conveying it to your AC unit. So, if you have another remote at hand, try that as well and see if your AC cools with it. If yes, the remote is faulty and if not, you have got to get your AC checked as early as possible.

High Temperature

There is an optimum temperature for your AC to work efficiently. If the temperature of your surrounding shoots above that, the unit might feel like it is not cooling enough. However, it is not the fault of your AC but of your surrounding. So, wait until the temperature goes down and see if your AC works now.


Of course, vents could prevent your AC from working. The cool air from the AC moves down and if there is any gap from where it can escape, it will. This will prevent your room from cooling down. So, if you see that your AC is not cooling your room, check for the vents and close them all. Now, see if your AC cools your room as expected or not.

Undersized AC

The AC units come in a different size for a reason. Not every AC is meant to cool the rooms of every size. Often, your room doesn’t cool if the AC is not of the proper size and capacity. So, make sure the AC you are using is appropriate for your room size. Else, it will not cool the area.

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Don’t worry if your AC isn’t cooling enough. Analyze the reason patiently and find out what you can do about it. If you can attend the problem yourself, that’s great. However, if it is a hardware or technical issue, contact an expert to look into the problem and find a solution to it. You can reach UAE Technician for this purpose by calling at 0045864031. Alternatively, you can also email us or chat with us in real time.