Stuck with Noisy Washing Machine Amid Lockdown? 7 Effective Strategies to Follow

We all know that to prevent the coronavirus spreading, most of the countries have declared lockdown and most of us are spreading our time at home. Now, suddenly if you notice that your washing machine is generating unwanted noise, then it becomes unbearable. 

Of course, you can search for the best washing machine repair center near your location and contact the experts. Washing machine repair Dubai services are meant to fix the problem at the earliest. However, before you call in an expert there is no harm in implementing a few DIY hacks.

DIY to Fix a Noisy Washing Machine

In case, you experience a continuous scratching sound every time you turn on the washing machine, this indicates that a part is loose or worn out. In this circumstance, we advise you to immediately get in touch with the UAE Technician for Washing machine repair Dubai service.

However, there are also other factors that can be responsible for the noise, so, let’s check them one after another. And, most importantly how to overcome the situation.

  1. Balance your Washing Machine

Now, before starting any maintenance task, you have to power off your washing machine and then unplug the power cord from the power source. When the appliance starts, if you notice that the machine is in mid-cycle, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to stop it from running. Next, you should ensure that the machine is in solid contact with the surface. If not, you may need to adjust the feet. For that, first, release the locking bolts and after that unfasten the feet. Take a spirit level and then adjust the feet until you are satisfied. When done, adjust the nuts to their previous position. 

  1. Try to Avoid Unsound Loads

According to experts, if you want to clean a heavy item like a cotton towel, then you might experience a problem. The cotton towel will absorb the water as well as increase the weight, and this will create an unbalanced load.

Some of the modern washing machines can detect the problem and try to rebalance the load and stop before entering into the spin cycle. However, if the machine enters the spin cycle, this will produce unwanted noise. Hence, we advise you to try to avoid heavy clothes such as towels, gowns, heavy bedsheets, etc.

  1. Check the Tub Bearing

Hope you know, all the washing machines have a tub bearing that is usually located at the front-loading or top-loading on the machine. When the washing machines turn on, the tub bearing part rotates freely. In case you confront a heavy noise from the machine, then there’s a possibility that the tub bearing might get damaged. In this situation, you are advised to call a professional and reliable Washing machine repair Dubai expert and hand over the task to them.

  1. Consider the Age of the Washing Machine

If you maintain your washing machine, then you can use it for more than 10 years, if well-maintained. After that, you should purchase a new washing machine. Hence, if you hear an unwanted noise, then it’s the time you must replace the tub bearing. You will see the tub bearing between the outer tank and the bearing notch. Hence, inspect it thoroughly and get it done from professional experts.

  1. Check the Seal

Many users have claimed that they notice often some coins get stuck within the rubber seal and because of this, they hear unwanted noise from the washing machine. Hence, we suggest you regularly check and clean the seals. This will not only reduce the noise but also clear the build-ups. On the other hand, if you haven’t cleaned the seal for a long time, you will see mould sinks into the porous rubber seal and then it’s almost impossible for you to remove them.

  1. Clean the Front Filter

Some loosen particles can be stuck on the filter and because of this, you might hear an unwanted noise from the washing machine. Basically, the filter is present at the front of the machine. In some washing machines, you will see the filter on one side. Now, go through the manual instructions and then inspect as well as clean the filter. 

  1. Check the Particles Stuck in the Outer Drum

In case, an item gets stuck in the outer drum, then when you turn on the machine, your washing machine will produce a loud noise, especially, when it enters into the spin cycle. Hence, while running the machine, if you notice anything is stuck within the outer drum, you have to immediately stop the machine and call a professional expert.


In today’s modern world, washing machines are counted as one of the most inexpensive and necessary home appliances. Hence, if you hear unwanted noises as well as you have already applied the above-mentioned techniques but still nothing proves to be beneficial then call an expert. UAE Technician has been providing Washing machine repair Dubai service for years. So, you can totally rely on them and ask or a free quote or book an appointment.