How to Make Your Washer More Efficient: Top 10 Tricks

How to Make Your Washer More Efficient: Top 10 Tricks

How to Make Your Washer More EfficientThe electric washing appliances rescued women from one of the week’s stubbornest tasks or job, washing the clothes by hand. What once took a whole day of heating water, scrubbing the laundry by hand and rinsing could be done in just a span of time. Since the enlightenment of the first electric-powered washing appliances in 1907, the washers and dryers are transpired through many modifications and enhancements. In this advanced technology era, the energy-star rated washers are very much popular. Such types of energy-star rated washing appliances transmit limited collision on the planet and your budget. Don’t disregard this crucial feature whenever you wish to purchase a new washer or dryers.

In case, if you are not ready or able to purchase energy-efficient washing appliances, then don’t fret. Fortunately, there are some simple and easy things that you can use to enhance the efficiency of the washing appliances that you have. The efficiency aims are to use limited electricity, have noted water flow into the washing appliances and have as little heat-loss from the water as possible.  

Here are Some Crucial Efficiency Tricks to Make your Washer More Efficient

There are several types of crucial tricks and tips for your washing appliances that can make your washer more efficient. But, you need to try some tricks which are practical enough to ensure the premium solution in no time. Moreover, the tricks can help your washer to work hassle-free and offer you a smooth performance. In order to help you on your mission to be more eco-friendly, here, in this post, we are going to discuss some of the most effective tricks which can make your washing appliances more efficient. Moreover, you will get a comprehensive guideline on ‘How to Make Your Washer More Efficient’. So, without delaying too much, let’s get into the efficiency tricks directly.

1. Opt for Cold

A research shows that the maximum percentage of the energy is required to heat up the water. So, you need to employ some wise tricks to avoid extra power consumption. Thus, whenever you can, opt for cold washing your laundry. A maximum number of people are under the false assumption that they require heated water to get their laundry cleaned. But in this advanced generation, there are several types of strong detergent powder that you can use to wash the laundry. These detergent powders can wash the laundry properly at colder water temperatures. To wash the laundry, you can easily use a cold cycle with the cold-water strong detergent. Moreover, you can use cloth diapers, especially for oil stains. Whenever someone in your family is sick, then it is best to select cycle the hot water.   

2. Do a Full Load

In case, if the energy efficiency is your goal and target, then it is very important to stick with the larger loads of laundry. Thus, do a full load of your washer to clean up your clothes. This process can help you to wash the maximum number of clothes in a single load. Perhaps there is a particular shirt you really desire to dress tomorrow, or you prefer to do inadequate, more frequent loads of laundry. Generally, the measure of energy utilized while a full load versus a petty load is practically the same. But, you need to make sure that the washer is not to overload. The laundry that you are washing should be able to move around frequently for the ultimate cleaning process.

Therefore, you need to gather up a few clothes and it is very important to wait for some time until you have a full load of clothes before operating your washing appliance. So, do a full load of laundry and after that run your washer to wash the clothes.

3. Do not Overwash the Laundries

At first, you need to make sure or keep in your mind that how soiled your laundry are. Especially, whenever you fix the time and length of the washing cycle of your washer. Moreover, you need to select the perfect length of your washer cycle as per the clothes that you are washing. In case, you are washing such clothes which requires a light washing process, then you do not need to wash such laundries as long as you do for heavily soiled laundry. As an example, we can say the clothes which you are using for work or children’s play clothes and some clothes which are used for some specific purposes. Whenever you set the washer cycle for a long span of time then, there is a high chance that your washer may consume some extra unnecessary power to wash the clothes which may require light-wash. So, set the length of the washer cycle wisely and do not overwash the clothes.      

4. Soak Heavily Soiled Clothes

To clean the heavily soiled clothes in the washing appliances, you may need to wait for some time and therefore, your washer may consume more unnecessary energy. Hence, to get rid of this issue, you need to pre soak your very muddy or dusty laundry beforehand. Thus, you do not need to run your washing appliance as long to clean up the laundry or cleaning up the laundry twice. This process will give you the power to save electricity and avert extra unnecessary power consumption. Therefore, soaking the heavily soiled clothes is a very effective way to get the best results from your washing appliances and also you can save electricity. In fact, this is the most fundamental trick that you try to make your washer more and more efficient to wash the laundry by consuming less power.

5. Use a Light Hand with the Detergent  

At first, you need to keep in your mind a crucial fact that the clothes detergent powder companies require you to apply extra detergent powder thus, you can obtain a huge quantity of detergent powder for the washing. This simply suggests that the prescribed quantity of detergent powder are often far higher than you necessitate to get your garments spotless and cleaned. So, it is suggested that you do not need to use the exact amount of detergent powder which is mentioned in the outside of the packet or in the user guide of detergent powder. You can easily apply the lesser amount of detergent powder in the washer to clean up the laundry.   

In case, If you employ too much detergent powder in the washing appliance, it has to run harder. Save it the difficulty and apply limited detergent powder in the washer to wash the laundry.

6. Keep the Temperature of Washer Low

By keeping the temperature of the washer low, you can easily avert the extra power consumption of your washer and make your washing appliances more efficient. Moreover, you need to set the water heater thermostat to 120-degree Farenhite in the washer to heat the water at a proper and ideal temperature. A research shows that reducing the water temperature by 10 degrees can cut the cost of a hot wash cycle in the washer.

7. Turn Off the Supply of Water in the Washer

In case, if you are not using your washing appliance for a long span of time to wash the laundry, then you can easily turn off the water supply or flow to the washing appliance. This process not only saves water but also it maintains the flow of water in the washer. Sometimes, the constant and unstoppable flow of the water which creates a strong pressure may cause or intensify leakages. To make your washer more efficient and glitch-free, this is the most effective trick that you must try.    

8. Give it Some Air

The small amounts of filthy water and over-usage of the washer may lead to various types of issues. Such as mildew and odors in the washing appliances which can affect the clothes and laundry. Thus, you need to leave the lid of the washer open in the mid-time of the washing process to grant the washing drum to dry. Additionally, by opening the lid of the washer, you can avert various minor bugs of your washing appliance.

9. Use the Extended Spin or High-Speed Cycle in the Washer

This process is the most fundamental trick to enhance the efficiency of the washing appliance and with the help of this trick, you can wash the laundry in a short span of time.

Additionally, this process will eliminate as much mist as probable before the drying process.  

Moreover, it can reduce the drying time of the dryer. By using the extended spin or high-speed cycle in the washer, you can clean up the laundry properly within a minute of time. So, your washer runs less time and consume less power to wash a full load of clothes.

10. Try to Use an Energy-Star Certified Washer to Clean Up the Laundries

In this recent advanced tech-savvy generation, there are several types of energy-star certified washing appliances in the electronics market. Moreover, as more energy stars are in the washer, as much energy it will be going to save. Research statistics shows that the brand new energy star washing appliances employ about 26 percentage less power-energy than the conventional models of the washing appliances. The brand new energy star dryers employ about 20 percentage less power-energy than the conventional models of the dryers.   

Check Out Some Exceptional Tips for Energy Efficient Washing

There are various types of effective tips for an energy-efficient cleanup process to wash the laundry. But, here, in this post, we are about to describe some exceptional and effective tips to make your washer more efficient. We have rounded up the list of tips which are very practical for optimum energy-efficient washing.

  1. At first, you need to incorporate specific warm washes if you essentially do low-temperature ones. Moreover, this process will help you to avert the bacteria and block the build-up of odors in your washing appliance.
  2. If there are any possibilities, then you need to apply a leading spin speed in the washer. As a result, the laundry come out of the washing machine which is almost depleted.
  3. The bath sheets are typically heavyweight cotton and extravagantly huge. Therefore, if you want to save energy, then you need to select the standard and ideal lightweight bath sheets.
  4. You need to wait for some time before washing until you have a full load. Moreover, it’s the best trick to wait for a complete basket of clothes to avert wasting water.
  5. Soak massively soiled things before starting the washing process and rub collars of the shirts or t-shirts or other spots with the help of the household detergent powders. There is nothing distressed than having to revolve a clean up because specks didn’t come out.
  6. If you want to clean up the muddy or dirty clothes, bad stains, strong spots on the clothes and underwear, then you can use cold water or 30°C cycle in the washer. Such clothes need some warmer temperature water to clean up properly.
  7. Clean up the laundry on the shortest cycle as per your requirement and types of clothes. With the help of this process, you can wash the clothes in less water and automatically the shorter spin cycle will save energy. As a bonus, the short spin cycle causes less damage to your laundry overtime thus, helps the clothes to last longer.
  8. Separate the clothes and laundries as per their weights or categories. As an example, you need to make a separation of heavyweight cotton clothes and lightweight clothes. Clean up the heavyweight cotton laundry with the long length of spin and clean up the lightweight laundries with the short length of spin. This process will definitely save your electricity bill. Get the best Washing Machine Repair Services in Dubai at very affordable price.

In a Nutshell

Here, in this post, we have described some of the most effective and practical tricks to make your washing appliances more efficient. This article carries comprehensive guidelines on ‘How to make your washer more efficient’. Additionally, this post not only covers the satisfactory suggestions regarding the tricks which can make your washer more efficient but also discuss the exceptional tips for energy efficient washing. In case, if your washer is not accomplishing correctly, possibilities are, you are applying way extra energy than you require to. Regardless of your particular issues, you can rely on the washer repair in Dubai and dryer repair in Dubai UAE for the reliable services of your washer and dryers. For any query and suggestions, post your query and comments in the comment section below. We will be happy to revert you back! 

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Which Washing Machine is the Most Power-Efficient?

In case, if the same thing you are wondering then, your answer is here. Most of the international sources recommend that front-loading washing machines are the most efficient in cleaning up the laundry. Moreover, these types of washing machines consume less water and less energy. However. But the Indian sources recommend that top loading washing appliances are more efficient than the other types of washing machines. Additionally, the semi-automatic washing appliances are also efficient as the top loading washing appliances. Here we are about to discuss some of the most power efficient washing machines models. The appliances are as follows:

1. Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL: Best Front Load Fully Automatic Washer

This washing machine model of Samsung built with an inverter technology motor. Moreover, this inverter technology motor of the Samsung WW65M206L0W/TL washing machine is less noisy and highly-energy efficient. It comes with the metallic diamond drum which is very moderate on the laundry yet ideal for washing them well.

2.IFB TL- RDSS: Best Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

IFB is the most well-known Indian electronics brand which gives a tough competition to the international biggies. This particular washing machine model of the IFB comes with the Aqua Energie technology. This effective technology offers better and ideal washing even with hard water. This washing machine model designed with the smart sensor feature to optimize detergent based and water on the load put in the washer. The sensor helps you to save energy as well as water. Moreover, six different types of cleaning programs provide you the quality of options to clean up various types of laundry.

2. What is the Ideal Time to do Laundry to Preserve Energy?   

Your washer will employ the same quantity of power regardless of what time you operate it. Hence, depending on the rate of power, you can easily keep on your electricity bill by cleaning up your laundry at the distinct times of the day. Thus, if you want to know what is the best-suited time to run the washer to clean up the clothes. Then, it is recommended to scroll down and read on to more regarding the energy efficient washing timings.  

  1. You can try to run the washer before 5 p.m. or after 8 p.m. there are some electricity boards and companies who charge extra rate during the peak hours. So, try to avoid these peak hours to wash the laundry. By this way, you can save the extra electricity bill.
  2. You can operate the washing machine in the early morning during the summer season. Because there is a high chance of electricity faults in the summer timings. Moreover, the energy use peaks on a super warm afternoon.
  3. The winter season leads the demand for power earlier in the morning than other timings of the day. Thus, try to clean up the laundry late at night. This strategy can help you to save energy in the winter season.
  4. You need to have a clear knowledge and ideas regarding the on-peak and off-peak’s timings of the electricity. Before seeking the detergent that you wish to use, ensure the peak-hours timings to save energy.

3.  Why is it Affordable to do Washes at Night?  

Operating your washing appliances at night can be cheaper than running it in the day timings. Additionally, this is the true fact and an effective strategy to save energy. Moreover, with the help of this strategy, you can avoid the conflicts of the power voltages and make your washer efficient. There is a special power tariff plan which is known as Economy Seven and this can offer you cheaper energy rate at night. If you employ this type of special power tariff plan, then you can able to reduce the cost of running a washer.