How to clean LED TV, Dubai UAE

How to clean LED TV, Dubai UAE

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After reading my guide to buying dedicated , in recent months you bought a nice LED TV and placed it in the living room to be able to “enjoy” the best movies, TV series, sports and various programs. With the passing of the weeks, on the screen of your TV you have however begun to notice the presence, far from pleasant, of a discreet patina of dust mixed with dirt. Instinctively, then you grabbed the usual duster that you also use for the rest of the furniture and the spray window cleaner that you use for the windows of the house but you were immediately assailed by a doubt, an atrocious doubt (menomale, I would add!): and if the one in question was not the correct way to clean the TV?

In order to avoid errors and therefore to ruin your television set, you have then rushed to the Internet, looking for useful info on what to do, and you ended up here, on my article dedicated just to how to clean LED TV . Assuming that yes, you did very well to look for more details on the net because when we talk about televisions and especially LED schemes it is good practice to use a few precautions regarding the cleaning operations, if you take a few minutes of Your precious time I can then explain to you, by thread and by sign, how you need to proceed.

Do you want’? Yes? Great. I therefore suggest not to waste any more time in chattering and to immediately get to work. Take a few free minutes for yourself (and for your TV!) And read carefully all the instructions on what to do that you find below. I anticipate immediately that you will not have to do anything particularly complex and is out of your reach. The only thing you will have to worry about is to equip yourself with the right “instrumentation” which, fortunately, you probably already have at home or that you can still find at the supermarket around the corner. Good reading and good work!

Preliminary operations

Preliminary operationsBefore indicating what “equipment” you need to be able to clean your LED TV as well as what are the steps that actually need to be done to achieve the objective in question, there are some preliminary operations to be accomplished in order to avoid the occurrence of problems as well as to carry out a more thorough cleaning.

More precisely, what you need to do before anything else is to turn off the TV using the appropriate Power button attached to the device itself or, alternatively, on the remote control.

Then proceed to disconnect the TV power cord from the mains. This should be done for a mere matter of safety (all electrical appliances should be switched off during cleaning) or because with the screen turned off it is easier to see residual dust and dirt in general. Also remove any other accessories applied and / or connected to the TV (eg DVD player, external audio system, video game consoles etc.).

Another thing that I suggest you to do is then to check if the user manual attached to the sales package of your LED TV indicate special measures to be taken to clean the appliance. If you can no longer find the printed information booklet of the TV you can try to find the digital format by doing a search on Google , for example by typing [brand and model] TV LED user manual  (instead of  [make and  model]  type in the brand and model of the LED television in your possession). Alternatively, you can jump directly to the official website of the manufacturer to see if the PDF manual is available in the support area.

Clearly, in the case in which in the user manual of the TV were indicated specific measures to be followed to clean the appliance scrupulously comply with the aforementioned indications rather than mine.


NeededAfter having done the preliminary operations above you can finally start to really worry about how to clean your LED TV. Let’s start from the equipment necessary to succeed. As I said at the beginning of the article, to get back pinto and pinto as just bought (or at least I hope so!) Your TV does not need potions and magic wands.

All you need is in fact a simple  microfibre cloth  (like the one you usually use to clean glasses lenses), preferably antistatic and that does not leave lint here and there. If you do not already have it at home, you can find it without any problems and at prices decidedly contained in any supermarket. Alternatively, you can resort to the use of a  deerskin cloth  or a  chamois leather cloth . Both are very soft and are more than suitable for the purpose.

I also suggest you keep a few cotton buds or a small brush with soft bristleshandy, you can use it to clean the speakers and any sockets and cracks on your TV in case there is dust inside you can not remove it in any other way.

What I strongly advise you not to do is use spray cleaners, solvents, abrasive substances and in general detergents particularly aggressive as they could go to ruin your TV irreparably. Also avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels and similar objects that can always damage the television set.

At most, if after a first cleaning operation dust and dirt do not go away from the TV, you can use a special solution that you can compose yourself using distilled water and white vinegar , to be mixed together in a bowl . The alternative is to use a detergent lotion specifically designed for LED screens of televisions and monitors in general that you can find in stores specializing in the sale of consumer electronics products or on the network, for example on Amazon :Ecomoist Natural Cleaner For Screens with microfibre cloth, 250m

Perform cleaning

clean LED TVNow we come to the real core of the matter and finally we go to see how to clean the LED TV. As anticipated at the beginning of the guide, you will not have to do anything too difficult, you have the word.

To begin with, grab the microfibre cloth (or the one in deerskin or suede, depending on what you have at hand) and pass it in a careful and delicate way along the whole body of the TV and on the screen. If after a first pass you notice that there are still traces of dust or dirt, repeat the cleaning operation seen together a few times, several times, always with the utmost care and delicacy.

In the specific case of the screen, before passing the cloth verify that there are no debris and otherwise remove them by blowing on them gently. If you do not, going to pass the cloth to perform the cleaning operation you may risk damaging the screen. Also, I recommend, if you want to avoid damaging it, avoid excessive pressure during the cleaning phase.

If you notice the presence of grains of debris or dust on the speakers or near the sockets and cracks of your LED TV, you can help in the removal operation using cotton swabs or a small soft bristle brush to always pass with the utmost delicacy at the points where the dirt is present.

When cleaning is finished, you can immediately start using your TV again. Also rinse the cloth well under a jet of lukewarm running water after which let it dry for a few hours. Doing so will remove all traces of dust or dirt from the cloth and you can eventually re-use it in the future without problems.

In most cases, performing the above operations will eliminate all the dirt on the TV and do not need to do anything else. However, if the only cleaning with the cloth does not prove to be effective, you can try to remedy by moistening the latter with a mild detergent solution “do it yourself”, however, I would like to underline it, should never be poured directly on the screen because so doing the liquid could penetrate inside the TV and compromise its proper functioning.

The ideal solution is that composed, as mentioned in the first step of this tutorial,  50% distilled water  and  50% white vinegar . You can mix the two liquids in a bowl. Afterwards, moisten the cloth in the mixture and proceed to pass the latter always in an extremely delicate and careful way in the points of the TV, compressed screen, to be treated by making delicate movements and without making excessive pressure.

Then use the damp side of the cloth to dry the TV, let it air for a few minutes and connected to the mains again to be able to start using it again. Done!

As an alternative to the solution above, you can clean your LCD TV using a cleaning product designed and marketed specifically to clean TVs, especially the screen. They must be used practically analogously to the do-it-yourself solution with distilled water and vinegar: you have to wet the cleaning cloth first by spraying a little detergent solution on it, then wipe the cloth on the television and repeat it again on the side not damp to dry the appliance. That’s all.

Remove the scratches

If you do not want to just clean the LED TV as seen together in the previous lines but also want to remove any scratches on the appliance, you can try against the thing equipped with one of the various kits available on the market so you can take advantage after the cleaning operation. But I am aware of the fact that in most cases the result is working only for small scratches, for the larger and deeper ones do not seem to have any effect. In short, they do not do miracles!

To use it, scrupulously follow the instructions usually given in the information booklet following the product. Generally you have to put some of the paste contained in the tube part of the kit on the supplied cloth and rub gently on the point where the graph is present for a few minutes, until the substance will be perfectly spread and the scratch will no longer be visible .

Some convincing results can also be obtained by soaking a cotton wool with a little Vaseline and then passing the mixture onto the scratch. In any case, I recommend, always in order to jeopardize the eventual occurrence of problems, to document more about what to do by consulting the user manual of your device.