How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller?

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller?
How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller

Even though innovative models have been released, the Xbox One is still quite popular among players. After all, it comes with so many cool features. If you own one, you surely enjoy playing your favorite games on it, isn’t it?

Among all the components, probably the controller is undoubtedly one of the most important. With a cool and comfortable design, it gives you an optimal gaming experience. Yet another great feature is that it can be connected wirelessly to the console. 

Apart from that, you can also choose a wired connection. Regardless, you must know how to turn off Xbox One controller. So, keep reading for some useful information on that matter. For any issue with your Xbox, check our Microsoft Xbox Repair services.

Why You Must Turn Off Xbox One Controller?

After you are done playing games, you no longer need the controller, so you must switch it off. Now, there are some good reasons why you must turn it off. 

  1. For Longer Life expectancy of the device

Do you know that keeping your Xbox controller turned off for a long time shortens its life? That is an obvious fact since it is powered by batteries. Therefore, whenever you put the controller down, never forget to switch it off. Otherwise, it may die at a crucial moment during the game. However, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to continue your game. You just have to connect it to the charger cable and play. However, be careful not to overcharge. 

  1. For protecting it against damage

In case you’re wondering, it isn’t safe at all to keep your Xbox One controller switched on all the time. For certain cases, it might feel hot in your hands. In such a case, you must switch off the controller immediately. Maybe it indicates that you need to replace its batteries as soon as you can. 

What Happens if You Don’t Turn Off Xbox One Controllers?

Are you worried about something heaping to the controller if you let it stay on? In that case, there is a great feature in it that you might not know about. When you keep it down without powering it off, it will do so automatically within a very short time. How long would it remain On when you’re not using it? In case you’re wondering, it does so only up to about 17 minutes, and after that, it powers off automatically. So, you need not worry about it any more. However, it would still be best if you turn it off after all. 

What are the Ways to Turn Off Your Xbox One Controller?

Is the controller functioning as it is supposed to? Then, there is only one method that you need to know for switching it off. See the X button that lights up when the controller is on? You need to press it and hold it down until the light goes out. Once that happens, you know that it has been switched off. Also, you wouldn’t need to wait more than about 7 seconds for that. Did it take more time than that to power the controller off? Then, that might be an indication of a problem, which might be a serious one. In that case, you might want to consult a professional and get the issue fixed. 

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller When it Won’t? 


With the Xbox One, you get many great features. However, that of course doesn’t mean you won’t have any problems while using it. Issues might show up in it just as in every other electronic device. 

Many users have reported being unable to switch off the controller by pressing the X button. Moreover, they also complained that it’s not turning off when they power off the console. You might be facing the same issue. Now that might be worrying you as it will cause the battery to drain out. However, there is luckily a way to fix this by yourself at home. 

First, you need to switch the console off, unplug it from the power source. Now, take the controller and take out its removable batteries and keep them aside. Go to the console again and switch it back on, then put the batteries in the controller and power it on. This shall do the trick and this is how to turn off Xbox One Controller when it refuses to do so. 

However, it can’t be said for sure whether this would provide a permanent solution. After all, it didn’t do so according to many users. They just started facing the issue again, but at least the method given here was effective every time. For a permanent solution, you might want to get professional help. 

Can You use Xbox One Controllers with a PC?

You might not always be comfortable playing online games using the mouse and keyboard. Many people find a gamepad or joystick to be more preferable. Does that apply to you as well? Even if you don’t prefer using them, you might want to consider doing so. The Xbox One controller will provide you with more comfort with its optimal design. Also, it’ll make the controls easier for you with its button and stick layout. In case you’re wondering, it is indeed possible to use it with your PC. 

You can either connect it to the PC simply with a cable. Want to use a wireless connection for better convenience? You can bring the console experience to your PC as well with the help of a wireless or Bluetooth adapter.


The information given here is pretty much all you need regarding turning off your Xbox controller. If you go through it well, it might clear all your doubts on this matter.