What to Do If the Volume Button of Your Htc Phone Gets Stuck After Taking a Fall

What to Do If the Volume Button of Your Htc Phone Gets Stuck After Taking a Fall

HTC is a very classy and durable smartphone that is popular across the world. The Taiwanese company has been dedicated to making high-end smartphones. In 1997, when the company was first established, it was mainly into the manufacture of Notebook laptops. And in 1998, it was credited with manufacturing the world’s first touch and handheld wireless devices.

It started the manufacturing of Windows mobiles in 2004 with the brand name Qteck and then rebranded the range with HTC in 2006.  Ever since it has been making a name for itself in the world of smartphones. However, like every other smartphone, HTC phones are also prone to damages. One of the most common issues is of the jammed volume button, especially after the phone takes a fall. Here, we are going to tell you some excellent tricks for HTC volume Repair.

Brilliant Tips To Repair The Stuck Volume Key Of HTC Mobiles

Sometimes, you can fix this issue without the need for professional HTC Mobile Repair. Here are some tips you must try before opting for the replacement services.

Clean Around the Sides of the Button

Clean Around the Sides of the Button

Open your device and take off the battery to be on the safer side. Take a solution with a high percentage of isopropyl alcohol and dip a Q-tip into it. Make sure the Q-tip is entirely wet but not dripping. Shake off the excess alcohol and use this for cleaning the protruded sides of the volume button.

Work the Q-tips as far down into the cracks as possible. You can turn your phone upside down from preventing the alcohol from seeping into the device through the crack. After you are done, try clicking the volume button so that it gets free of any accumulated grime and get working again. See if your  HTC volume Repair has been successful.

Clean The Frame

If you are not able to release the jammed volume button, try cleaning the frame as well. This is the part of your HTC phone from where the volume button protrudes. This could be a tricky job since the stuck volume button usually fills the gap entirely.

For cleaning the frame, dip your Q-tip in the same alcohol solution, firmly hold down the button on one side. Now move your Q-tip along the frame and into the gap. Repeat this to clean the frame on the side you were holding down, and then check if the issue is resolved or not.

Blow The Debris Away

This step is simple, and you can perform it even if the volume button is working now. Take a straw and put its nozzle parallel to the suck side. Now blow some air in quick bursts into it. This will clean up the debris by blowing them off. Make sure you don’t blow any debris into the phone. This will make your volume button clicky. Repeat all the steps two-to-three times for the button to become entirely functional.

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