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Avail On-time LG Washing Machine Repair in Dubai at Your Doorstep

Electronic devices will do your work until they undergo a severe breakdown. Washing machines are such electronic devices that reduce our effort of washing clothes with our hands. Not only this but washing machines are also useful to clean bed sheets, curtains, cushion covers, and so on. Since it is our biggest helping hand, we get into trouble when the washing machine fails to do its work. Thus, the role of washing machine repair comes into the picture. Connect with the experts of UAE Technician, if you are looking for LG washing machine repair in Dubai.

If you are looking for the best for LG washing machine repair company in Dubai, Then uaetechnician Repair Dubai is your best choice. Everyone is familiar with the name LG. The most well-known brand, which is available not only in Dubai but also all over the world, is LG. A worldwide conglomerate corporation from South Korea, LG Corporation was once known as Lucky-Goldstar. It is South Korea's fourth-largest brand.

Book #1 Professional & Trusted LG Washing Machine Repair Near Me

Report your LG washing machine issues to UAE Technician and get the best repair solutions at your doorstep. We at UAE Technician offer state-of-the-art LG washing machine repair near me, regardless of the complication depth. Hire our qualified professionals to restore your LG washer as soon as possible.

LG washing machines are the best examples of technology complimenting laundry services. However, they can break down too due to any technical or mechanical failure. This doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily dump the appliance. Instead, you can revive your LG washing machine with our prompt and to-the-point repair services.

Say goodbye to failed attempts and unnecessary time wasting with UAE Technician’s LG washing machine repair in Dubai. We have teamed up with the best and LG-certified techies to excel in washing machine repair expertise. Additionally, we supply only genuine repair parts to reinstitute your precious LG washer.

Be it a top-loading, front-loading, semi-automatic, or fully-automatic washer from LG – our technicians are ready to experience any challenge your washer throws at them. Take this opportunity to fix your malfunctioning LG washing machine and fortify its features. So, book our service and repair LG washing machines at your preferred location and time.

Best LG Washing Machine Repair Dubai Services You Can Get

LG washing machines are acknowledged for their heavy-duty, feature-rich, and sustainable functionality. However, power outages, mishandling, too much load, daily wear and tear, etc. can cause your LG washer to malfunction. This doesn’t mean that they are beyond repair.

In fact, timely repairs and maintenance services can make your LG washer pretty long-lasting. Are you looking for rapid and efficient LG washing machine repair near me?

Then, look no further, since UAE Technician brings the most reliable and guaranteed LG washing machine repair and more to your doorstep. You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone and our professionals will attend your appliance. On a related note, we have faith in our technicians’ excellence and expertise in LG washing machine repair.

In fact, UAE Technician is the best and safest bet for your LG washer if it has run out of warranty. You can save yourself from paying too much for minor and complicated repairs to your LG washer if you become a part of our services. On the other hand, you don’t have to compromise on quality repair in the name of savings.

UAE Technician offers only high-quality LG washing machine repair Sharjah services apart from serving customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So, get in touch with UAE Technician and book yourself the most convenient LG washer repair.

Here are some of the most typical issues handled by our LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi specialists:

Our experts deal with the following issues arising from an LG washing machine. 

 Washing Machine Not Spinning: The washing machine won’t spin if you have overloaded it with clothes. Similarly, clothes might get unbalanced or jammed inside the drum. The machine seems to have a broken tab if the problem continues after repositioning the clothes inside the washing machine. Moreover, the washing machine will also not be able to spin if the lid switch is broken. Again, Drive belts to become loose with frequent usage and are unable to organize clothes in a proper manner. 

 Washing Machine Has Stopped Working: Your washing machine might stop working if something critical is going inside it. In one instance the washing machine won’t clean the clothes properly. In the other instance, the washing machine might not be working at all. Hence, you will require an LG washing machine repair to inspect both the issue carefully. 

 Unable to Rinse off Soap: Sometimes you might experience that your washing machine isn’t cleaning the clothes correctly. As a result, they are filled with soap and you would require a second cleaning. Your washing machine is useless if you need to clean the clothes on your own. Before reaching a service provider, ensure that you haven’t overfilled the washer or clogged the drain pump with detergent.  

 Repairing Broken or Damaged Parts: You can connect with UAE Technician to replace any damaged or broken parts of your washing machine. We believe in using genuine parts for the electronics we repair. Thus, you won’t have to revisit us for replacing the part after a few days. 

 Annoying Sounds from Washing Machine: It is quite irritating to work when your washing machine makes weird sounds. The machine can become noisy when coins or other objects are stuck inside the inner drum. Your washing machine can get severely damaged if you don’t immediate measures to fix the issue. 

Hence, if you contact us, then we will check the inner drum and clean the stuck in debris. We will even replace the worn-out drum bearings. Furthermore, we will remove the dispenser host to remove the wires tangled inside the washing machine drum. 

 Water Not Entering the Washtub: Your washing machine needs a repair when the water is entering slowly or not at all entering inside the washtub. This problem can arise from problematic water level switch or inlet valves. Perhaps air trapped inside the washing machine is causing this issue. Hence, we can help you to detect where the problem lies. 

 Agitator Not Working: The agitator won’t move when directional cogs or plastic bearings need replacement. Also, due to a lack of power from the timer, this can occur. Besides this, the drive motor, water level switch or selector switch might be damaged. 

 Clothes Remain Dripping Wet: You will get wet clothes if the washtub isn’t spinning correctly. Our experts generally check the belt, clutch, tub bearing, and motor pulley to fix this issue. 

 Clothes Getting Affected: This problem is mostly associated with a non-functional agitator. Moreover, water supply valves might not be fully opened or the water supply hose is kinked. Whatever may be the reason we are going to help you with the best solutions. 

Pressure Switch Failure

LG washing machines might get filled with water partially or completely but the appliance may start draining the water after a while. Have you encountered the same situation with your LG washer? If yes, then it can be a pressure switch malfunction with the appliance.

The pressure switch is responsible for controlling the amount of water going into the washtub. Once it fails, your washing machine won’t be able to hold the water. All your clothes will fail to experience a full cycle and they will not be completely clean. 

Fortunately, our technicians can take preventive measures and apply relevant solutions to make sure that your LG washer retains its capability to hold the water. We offer to replace the pressure switch with a genuine spare part after a thorough diagnosis. So, get yourself a quick cure from our LG washing machine repair near me.

Drain Pump Issues

As seen from our years of service experience, defective drain pumps are one of the most common headaches among LG washer owners. Over time, lint, debris, and more can get trapped inside both the drain pump and hose. Such blockages can interrupt the washer from draining properly.

Apart from kinks, drain pumps can break down and prevent the entire washer from draining the water. As a consequence, your LG washing machine can’t start over a cycle. Don’t ignore such signs and call our LG washing machine repair Sharjah team for the best solutions.

Depending on your washing machine model and condition, our technicians will provide a pump repair, replacement, or retrieval of all foreign objects from the draining mechanism. So, save your washer from getting choked with our stellar LG washing machine repair in Dubai.

Smelly Washing Machines

More or less, every washing machine suffers from this situation. However, many front-loading LG washing machine owners have reported mouldy door seals and weird smells from them. Regular cleaning of your washer door seals might ease up the condition but it’s quite inevitable for the seal to get some mould on it.

If you don’t take the right steps, mould can spread to other units of the LG washing machine. And, your clothes will smell mouldy too. Contact our LG washing machine repair near me staff to handle the issue.

Our LG washer repair experts can suggest some best habits to keep your appliance clean and fresh. On the other hand, they can provide the maintenance to keep mould away from your washing machine. Get door seal replacement and other relevant services from our LG washing machine repair in Dubai.

Spin Failure

Is your LG washing machine refusing to spin anymore? Typically, your washer requires an expert intervention to diagnose the exact cause and devise the best solution to restore the machine. According to our LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi professionals, the below-mentioned reasons are quite prominent:

  • Broken lid switch assembly
  • Uneven levelling
  • Door latch complications
  • Loose or broken drive belt
  • Erroneous control board
  • Drum bearing problems
  • Broken tub bearings
  • Defective stator assembly

The list can go long and it’s important to find your LG washing machine the most suitable cure. UAE Technician’s experts can repair LG washing machines and restore their spin functionality. They are proficient in the following tasks:

  • Lid switch replacement
  • Broken drum and tub bearings replacement
  • Drive belt repair
  • Control board repair and replacement
  • Stator assembly repair
  • Levelling the washer

Get customised LG washing machine repairs at your home by booking our services over a call. 

Weird Noises

Every washing machine makes a certain amount and intensity of sound while operating and your LG washer is not an exception. However, a sudden change in the sound or its intensity can be alarming. Choose our LG washing machine repair Dubai services to determine the source of that unusual noise and its specific solution.

Typically, your LG washer can make strange noises due to the following reasons:

  • Any foreign object stuck in the drum
  • Faulty installation of the washing machine
  • Broken tub seals and bearings
  • Loose or worn-out drive belts
  • Broken drive pulleys
  • Clogged drain pump

Restore your LG washer to its peak functionality and noiseless operation with our advanced washing machine repair. We at UAE Technician offer proper washer installation, foreign object retrieval, drain pump, drive belts, and bearings replacement for your LG washing machine repair in Dubai.

Therefore, call our experts and tell them your requirements to get your washing machine back in its pristine condition.

Leaky LG Washer

Can you notice a steady stream or a small puddle at the bottom of your LG washing machine or on the floor near your appliance? Chances are that your LG machine is overflowing or leaking. Prevent such a major water waste by picking up our LG washing machine repair near me.

As reported by our tech team, the following instances can cause a leak in your LG washer:

  • Cracks or tears in the water supply line
  • Unbalanced washing machine
  • Bad door latch or switch
  • Broken tub seal
  • Use of too much or wrong detergent

Make sure that you only use the recommended detergent while washing your clothes in your LG appliance. Otherwise, hire our techies for LG washing machine repair in Dubai and get rid of all laundry tantrums at once.

Our professionals are well-equipped to handle critical leaking situations with tub seal replacement, levelling the washing machine properly, and replacing the water supply lines. Additionally, they will look for clogs and blockages inside the drain pump and hose for better results. So, connect to us for a more immune LG washing machine at your service.

LG Washing Machine Models Supported by UAE Technician

UAE Technician is a privately licensed company that specialises in versatile appliance repair and LG washing machines are one of them. We are among the most trusted service vendors for handling out-of-warranty LG washing machine repair near me. 

Moreover, our technicians are creative and they can tackle any type of LG washers. Currently, they have fixed the following LG washing models, including top-loading, front-loading, hybrid, compact, automatic, and more:

  • LG F0L2CRV2T2
  • F4R3VYG6P
  • T1785NEHTE
  • LG F4R5VYL0W
  • T9586NDKVH
  • LG P2061NT
  • P1461RWN5L
  • P961R0N5L
  • LG T1466NEHGU
  • F4V5RYP2T and more

In short, don’t hesitate to contact us no matter what LG model you own as your washer. We are pretty confident that our experts can fix your LG washing machine irrespective of the model and the washer problem.

How Does Our LG Washing Machine Repair in Dubai Work?

UAE Technician has been easing up your life for years now with quality repair and maintenance services to diverse appliances. Booking our services for doorstep repair assistance is also easy. Let’s see how our LG washing machine repair near me works:

Call Our Profesisonals

You can directly call our helpline number provided on our official webpage. As an alternative, you can click the call icon or hit the Book Now option to proceed with the overall booking system.

Fix a Repair Appointment

Once you connect to our technicians, tell them what’s bothering your LG washing machine. Next, you can set up an appointment with our LG washing machine repair Dubai professionals at your preferred location and time.

Get Your LG Washer Fixed

We will send you a qualified team of LG washer repair technicians according to the schedule. They will inspect the appliance, repair the machine accordingly, and test the washer with required quality assurance tests. So, retain your highest satisfaction with our brilliant LG washing machine repair Sharjah services.

Why Choose Us for LG Washing Machine Repair Near Me?

UAE Technician is leading the way in serving proficient and swift LG washing repair in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. We take care of every customer and their demands regarding their appliances. Get tailored LG washing machine repair near me from UAE Technician along with the following advantages:

Qualified Experts

We partner with LG-certified, skilled, and experienced technicians to fix your washing machine. So, nothing can go wrong from the moment our techies start tackling your washer. Prioritise quality repair and your safety with our incredible LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi.

OEM Spare Parts

UAE Technician believes in the genuine repair supremacy. That’s why we stock and supply original OEM parts to our customers. Thus, our technicians can guarantee a sturdy and durable LG washing machine repair near me.

Quick Doorstep Approach

We don’t like to keep you waiting especially when you are already facing a lot due to a malfunctioning LG washer. So, we offer emergency LG washing machine repair Dubai services and our technicians reach your doorstep for the requested booking. 

Affordable Prices

Minor repairs and maintenance can add a few extra years to your washer’s longevity. Moreover, UAE Technician offers competitive rates for LG washing machines and other repairs. Furthermore, we keep our pricing policy transparent. So, get fixed and clear prices for your LG washing machine with our dedicated services.

Call Our LG Washing Machine Repair Near Me Experts Right Away!

Professional and quick LG washing machine repair Dubai services are just a call away. Restore your broken LG washer with a fast and certified repair service from UAE Technician. Now, you can call us and book an LG washing machine repair in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi depending on your location. We guarantee that our technicians will visit you soon with everything required.

We Also Serve Other Locations For Washing Machine Repair Service:

UAE Technician Repair Care Dubai has branches in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, making it convenient for customers across the UAE to access our LG washing machine repair services. Our skilled washing machine repair near me technicians are available to provide fast and reliable repairs for all types of washing machines at all our locations. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and quality repairs at affordable prices.

Washing Machine Repair Al Barsha Washing Machine Repair Discovery Gardens Washing Machine Repair Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) Washing Machine Repair Oasis
Washing Machine Repair Al Furjan Washing Machine Repair Dubai Marina Washing Machine Repair Jumeirah Washing Machine Repair Jaddaf
Washing Machine Repair Al Sufouh Washing Machine Repair Emirates Hills Washing Machine Repair Jumeirah Golf Estate Washing Machine Repair Springs
Washing Machine Repair Al Quoz Washing Machine Repair Green Community Washing Machine Repair Jumeirah Island Washing Machine Repair Studio City
Washing Machine Repair Al Warqa Washing Machine Repair Mira 1 Washing Machine Repair Remraam Washing Machine Repair Sustainable City
Washing Machine Repair Al Wasl Washing Machine Repair Mirdif Washing Machine Repair Raffa Washing Machine Repair TECOM
Washing Machine Repair Motor City Washing Machine Repair Hamriya Washing Machine Repair Silicon Washing Machine Repair The Lakes
Washing Machine Repair Arabian Ranches Washing Machine Repair Hor Al Anz Washing Machine Repair Mankhool Washing Machine Repair Umm Suqeim
Washing Machine Repair Arabian Ranches 2 Washing Machine Repair International City Washing Machine Repair Meadows Washing Machine Repair Wafi City
Washing Machine Repair Barsha South Washing Machine Repair Jebel Ali Washing Machine Repair Mudon Washing Machine Repair World Trade Center
Washing Machine Repair Bur Dubai Washing Machine Repair Marina Washing Machine Repair Nad-al-Hamar Washing Machine Repair Zabeel
Washing Machine Repair Burj Khalifa Washing Machine Repair Jafiliya Washing Machine Repair Oud Metha Washing Machine Repair Downtown Dubai
Washing Machine Repair Deira Washing Machine Repair Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Washing Machine Repair Palm Jumeirah Washing Machine Repair The Gardens Road
Washing Machine Repair DIFC Washing Machine Repair Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) Washing Machine Repair Sheikh Zayed Washing Machine Repair Karama

Front Loading Washing Machine Repair | Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Repair | Fully Automatic Washing Machine Repair

FAQ About LG Wshing Machine:

We offer repair services for all models and types of LG washing machines in Dubai, including front-load, top-load, and semi-automatic machines.

Yes, our LG washing machine repair services are available in Sharjah and its neighboring areas, ensuring convenient access to our expertise.

Repairing your LG washing machine in Ajman can be a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing a new one, depending on the issue.

Yes, our technicians are certified and well-trained to handle LG washing machine repairs in Ras Al Khaimah efficiently.

Absolutely, we can diagnose and repair LG washing machines with power-related issues..

The cost of LG washing machine repair in Al Ain can vary depending on the problem, but we offer competitive and transparent pricing.

Yes, we use authentic LG replacement parts to ensure the quality and longevity of your washing machine repair in Dubai.

Booking an appointment for LG washing machine repair is easy; simply contact our customer service team via phone on 045864033 or online.

Yes, we can diagnose and fix drainage issues in LG washing machines.

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