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Price: Starts from 199 AED

Diagnosis Time: 55 Minutes
Repair Time: 4-5 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 99 AED

*Additional charges as per bill estimate
**A Site Visit Charge is required to carry out a physical inspection of the item.

Motherboard RepairAED 249- 300
Power Supply RepairAED 249
Bulb Replacement AED 69
 HDMI Port RepairAED 199 -249
Back Light RepairAED 109
TV Remote RepairAED 49

Nothing can entertain us the way televisions do. Technical advancement has developed to mobiles and laptops as sources of entertainment. But, television lovers can’t consider these electronic devices as perfect substitutes for television. Since, we have become busy, we don’t get enough time to watch our favorite shows and movies on television. Still, it feels annoying when you can’t watch television at your leisure. Thus, you will require experts to restore the proper working of your television. So, if you are residing in Sharjah, then look for a TV repair in Sharjah to fix your problematic television. 

Why Will You Avail Our TV Repair in Sharjah?

Experts at UAE Technician look after the following issues:

1. Television Not Turning on/off

It seems to be a frightening issue when the television won’t turn on or off with the remote. Even if nothing happens when you try to power on the TV directly by pressing the buttons attached to it. After encountering this problem, check the power outlet at first. It's because the television won’t turn on if the power outlet is defective. Then, check the power cable and connect with a TV repair expert to inspect the issue. 

2. Television Stuck with  Blue, Green, or Blck Screen

You might find that your television is stuck with a blue, green, or black screen when turned on. The problem persists even after several attempts to turn on the TV. Your television might fail to show any picture due to a hidden fault in the HDMI cable. If the warranty period has expired, then, hire our TV repair experts in Sharjah. 

3. LED TV No Picture

Users of LED TVs often complain of their television showing no sign of picture. You can’t see the picture even when the speakers are audible. If this is a minor technical glitch, then you can solve it through a factory reset. But, you need technicians if the problem continues after a factory reset. But, before you perform a factory reset, make sure to back up all the picture settings and anything else saved on your television. Otherwise, everything will be erased just after a factory reset. It will be a little expensive if the picture tube needs to be repaired. 

4. Television Won’t Connect to WiFi

Smart televisions are equipped with the wireless feature where you can connect to a WiFi network and stream content from the internet. But, most of the time users fail to connect to a WiFi network. The problem seems to occur due to an incorrect Internet Protocol setup as well. It can also happen due to a faulty router or technical issues with the television. Only experts will be able to identify the actual cause of this problem. 

5. Speakers Not Working

You might encounter that one of the speakers or both the speakers of your television aren’t working. Sometimes the speakers might produce crackling or faint sounds even when the volume is set to maximum. A loose connection between the input and output cable is the primary reason for such an issue. Apart from this, incorrect audio settings or lack of sync between audio and video outputs might also lead to the audio disease. If this is the situation, then you need immediate support like UAE Technician to prevent damage to the speakers. 

6. Inconsistent Brightness

Though you adjust the brightness, it keeps on changing automatically. As a result, your television looks brighter at one time and dimmer at the other time. Something might be wrong with the power-saving feature. A handful of users have reported that their television randomly goes black while running. An expert is a must if you encounter such an issue. 

7. Disrupted Images with Pixelations

Your television might display disrupted images with pixelations when the signal is low. But, every time the problem doesn’t happen due to low signal. It might happen due to loose connections between the internal components. Thus, let our experts take care of this issue. 

8. Squashed, Stretched, or Cropped Pictures

Your TV might suddenly display squashed, stretched, or cropped pictures without changes in settings. If it is an internal fault, then it will remain as it is after adjusting the display settings like zoom, wide, or aspect ratio. 

9. TV Screen Blinking or Flickering

Once the television is turned on, the picture keeps on blinking and flickering. This problem is common for both LCD and LED TV screens. It indicates faults in the display panel or internal connections. Thus, you would require our experts to inspect the problem and fix it instantly. 

Connect with UAE Technician, the Ultimate TV Repair in Sharjah 

Experts at UAE Technician specializes in a variety of technical issues including TV repair or TV Installation in Dubai. They are trained with advanced ways of repairing televisions. Moreover, they apply different ways of repairing different brands of television. Our experts are specialized in working with the following brands of televisions: Sony, Samsung, LG, Phillips, Toshiba, Hisense, Arion, Geepas, Supra, Evvoli, and TCL. The brands we mentioned are widely used in the UAE. Moreover, we use genuine parts and guarantee our service for a specific time period. Thus, keep faith in us and register your service request at our Helpline Number 045864031

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