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Price: Starts from 199 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Prices in Dubai UAE

Type of Service

Approximate Price in AED (For Updated Price Contact Us)

Time Duration

Surface Pro 2 Screen Replacement


1 Day

Surface Pro 3 Screen Replacement


1 Day

Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacement


1-2 Days

Surface Pro 5 (2017) Screen Replacement


2-5 Days

Surface Pro 6 Screen Replacement


2-5 Days

Surface Pro 7 Screen Replacement


1-7 Days

Surface Pro 2 Battery Replacement


1 Day

Surface Pro 3/4 Battery Replacement


1 Day

Software Support for Microsoft Surface


1-2 Days

Upgrade The Ram In Laptop


1 Day

Cleaning From Dust, Prevention



New Laptop Setup



Installing Software In Laptop



Remote Support For Laptop




Fast and Certified Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Services Near You

Are you experiencing connectivity issues in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4? Is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s screen flickering or flashing suddenly? Have you tried to implement DIY solutions to fix these sorts of technical glitches? Well, there is nothing to fret about, UAE Technician brings you the tried and tested solutions. 

Most of the solutions that you find after surfing through the internet might not provide satisfactory results. As a result, it would only affect the day-to-day work that you perform using Microsoft Surface Pro. Whether you are unable to use the Surface Pen or getting issues in a Microsoft application, contact professionals. 

With the instant involvement of the technicians, you can resolve every Microsoft Surface Pro-related issue easily. But, some professionals can only handle a few specific repair works. So, choosing the best Microsoft Surface Pro Repair company plays an imperative role in ensuring the laptop is repaired properly. 

The UAE Technician has become a leading Microsoft Surface Pro service provider by skillfully handling every repair job. We have teamed up with the best technicians in UAE, who have immense repair skills and knowledge. With their years of experience, our professional team can withstand every Surface Pro-related challenge, irrespective of its model. So, visit us online and schedule an appointment with us to get the ultimate repair solution. 

Broad-Spectrum of Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Dubai Services, the UAE Technician Offers

When it comes to reliability, integrity, and offering customer-friendly services, the UAE Technician is difficult or beat. Our professional approachability and affordable repair solutions have helped us to become a constant choice. 

Though Microsoft Surface Pro comes with high-end security features, online hackers can still access sensitive information. This is where our professionals play an important role in preventing potential security issues. Whether you want to install antivirus software or need an instant screen replacement, we are always there to help you out.  

Whether you have accidentally spilled water on the device or need a prompt software update, inform us. Make sure to clearly specify the issues you're getting and the address while booking the service. Based on that, our certified and highly trained professionals would contact you and remove every long-term complication. 

Do you want to know which Microsoft Surface Pro problems our efficient professionals can instantly fix? Here we are enlisting a few major technical mishaps where you will need our expert assistance:

Charging Problems

Are you unable to charge the Microsoft Surface Pro? Did you try to replace the battery to resolve this problem? No! It’s because, in most instances, this problem occurs due to a defective power adapter. And, in such circumstances, without repairing the power adapter, you won't be able to charge the device. Simply, join hands with our versatile Microsoft Surface Pro repair experts and replace the power adapter now. 

Sometimes, when the users won’t connect the power cable properly, coming across this problem is natural. There can be other reasons as well behind such an occurrence. Without any sort of delay, contact our team of professionals and get on-site repair assistance. 

Screen-related Glitches

After the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro, many tech-savvy persons have purchased this product for its comparatively large display. But, a large number of users have reported screen glitches while using applications like Edge Browser. Some have faced screen flickering issues while streaming videos or playing online games. 

Usually, due to hardware problems, screen problems mostly trigger in the different Surface Pro models. Simply, hire our Microsoft Surface Pro screen replacement service experts for a one-stop solution. And, if you accidently break the device’s LCD, feel free to call us for an instant screen replacement service. 

Slow Device Performance

Are you getting hindrance while switching from one application to the other? Or, the web browser is taking an inadequate amount of time to open? These sorts of instances might cause difficulty while performing the necessary office work. But there's nothing to fret over when our professionals are readily available to mitigate all your Microsoft Pro-related requirements. 

Overheating is the prime cause of system lag and without our professional’s intervention, it's impossible to resolve such a problem. Our Microsoft Surface service center experts understand the importance of laptops in every individual's life. So, we house a team of competent experts who thoroughly scrutinizes the system’s CPU and processor to boost the device's performance.

Battery Drainage

If you are using Microsoft Surface Pro for a long time, then you must be family with this problem. And, our Microsoft Surface Service center experts have helped more than 100+ clients to recover and repair every device’s battery-related problems. 

Many have hired our professionals stating that — within an hour, the battery life is declining rapidly. Do you know what could be the possible reason behind the Surface Pro’s battery complications? Usually, a malfunctioned battery can lead to battery drainage issues. 

It can also be because of having a faulty charging device. Whatever the reason is, book our professionals and leave the repair part to us. Our professionals ensure Microsoft Surface Pro’s battery is replaced within a stipulated time. 

Additional Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Repair Services, the UAE Technician Offers

Hold on! That's not the end! The UAE Technician has become a reputable name across Dubai by offering a few more repair services. Our Microsoft Surface Pro repair Dubai professionals have also gathered positive feedback from more than 1200+ customers for rendering top-notch service. 

Here are a few more Microsoft Surface Pro 3 repair services, you can avail of from our service platform: 

  • Touchscreen repair services

  • Audio Speaker replacement services

  • External display repair and replacement 

  • Hard drive repair/replacement

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

  • E-mail services and Windows update issues as well

Are you thinking about which Microsoft Surface Pro models our professionals can efficiently repair? The UAE Technician can repair almost every old and latest version of Surface Pro, here are the list of the models, we have fixed: 

  • Surface Pro 3

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7

  • Surface Go 2

  • Microsoft Surface Book 3

  • And, Surface Laptop Go

Why Should You Consider Hiring our Diligent Microsoft Surface Pro Repair Dubai Experts? 

  • Being one of the largest Microsoft Surface Pro Service Center in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we provide a plethora of services. Recently, we have added 7 more repair services for improving our customer’s experience and satisfaction level. 

  • Before repairing or replacing the defective Microsoft Surface Pro’s parts, our professionals undergo an in-depth analysis. After detecting the root source of the technical problem, then only we proceed to the Microsoft Surface Pro repair part. 

  • Moreover, our technicians are well-acquainted with the tools that are required for hassle-free repair. We also never compromise with the quality of the work and provide assured Surface Pro parts. 

  • With our professional’s utmost dedication, we have successfully reached the pinnacle of success. And, every Surface Pro-related queries or requirements get our prior attention. So, simply follow simple yet precise steps and book an appointment with our veteran team of experts. 

Vetted and Knowledgeable Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Repair Experts are Just a Call Away!

Are you facing any difficulty while booking our experts? Do you need help? Consider calling us at 045864031 and get a prompt response from our customer service executives. Clear all your service-related doubts and become a part of our service network now! Why send 1000 AEDs! when you can get the problem solved at a reasonable price.

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