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Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: Closed.

Price: Starts from 149 AED

Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
Repair Time: 1-2 Days (Depending on the Problem)
Site Visit Charge: 49 AED

Laptop Repair Prices in Sharjah

Type of Service

Approximate Price in AED

Time Duration

Laptop Screen Replacement +1 Year Warranty


1 Day

Laptop Keyboard Replacement


1 Day

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement


1-2 Days

Laptop Body Repair


2-5 Days

Laptop Hinges Repair


2-5 Days

Laptop Motherboard Repair


1-7 Days

Laptop Battery Replacement External


1 Day

Laptop Battery Replacement Internal


1 Day

Replacement Of Thermal Paste


1-2 Days

Upgrade The Ram In Laptop


1 Day

Cleaning From Dust, Prevention



New Laptop Setup



Installing Software In Laptop



Remote Support For Laptop



Professional Laptop Repair Sharjah Services Await You

A laptop is the premium essential for students, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and so on. You can clearly imagine the consequences of carrying a faulty laptop. Any time, the laptop can crash and it can drain all your hard work and image. When you are a resident of Sharjah, you might have come across countless laptop repair service providers. However, it’s important to figure out whether the laptop repair Sharjah service vendor is capable enough to deal with your laptop issues.

Tech glitches are quite stubborn and if you can’t avail of the right technician, the circumstances might worsen. And, then you have to hire another professional to amend the trouble. With UAE Technician’s laptop repair Sharjah services, there’s no chance to go wrong. Our professional and licensed technicians are precise, convenient, and moreover punctual. You need not wait days after days to get your business laptop repaired when you put your faith in us. 

We believe that diagnosis plays an important role in eliminating laptop repair issues. And, our certified engineers and technicians take no risk with diagnosis. Therefore, they can discover diverse solutions regarding the issue. Hence, call in our professionals when you’re looking for top-notch laptop repair Sharjah initiatives. 

Our Impeccable Range of Laptop Repair Sharjah Services

Sharjah is one of the business capitals in the United Arab Emirates. And, we can easily understand that a malfunctioning laptop can ruin your entire day. Don’t worry as we are ready to combat the most unfavorable instances with our unique laptop recovery management. We’re quick enough so that you need not wait in a queue or count the days to receive your laptop after repair.

Be it your home or office, you can avail of laptop repair Sharjah services from UAE Technician. Don’t leave your clients waiting or bite nails out of the deadline stress when you can render our services. We offer you the latest technological innovations along with the best infrastructure to handle the most complicated laptop repair issues.

Laptop Overheating

Whether you’re talking about MacBook, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, MSI, or Razer, every brand is evolving the hardware and software approaches. The objective of the brands is to deliver you the best systems. In spite of upgrading hardware components and technologies, laptops might suffer from overheating when you load heavy applications.

Generally, gaming laptops encounter this problem the most. On the other hand, if the laptop undergoes any malware attack or resource distribution issues then overheating can kill the performance. And, your laptop becomes dead slow. Overcome this issue effectively with UAE Technician. Our in-house technicians would examine why your laptop’s getting hot or why the programs are loading slowly. They would repair the device only after you provide them with permission.

Windows, Mac or any other Operating System 一 We Fix Everything

We believe in the dynamic modes of the industry and that’s why we haven’t restricted our expertise within a specific technology. Whether it’s regarding hardware, networking, or software, you will find every possible solution to them with UAE Technician. Our laptop repair Sharjah experts are proficient in tackling laptop issues. No matter whatever operating system your laptop carries.

Our engineers and technicians are nothing less than technological superheroes. They can eliminate chronic technical issues and fix the bugs with their years of experience. Be it common or uncommon, let our specialists handle them for you. Apart from dealing with various operating systems, they are the best in repairing the following brands:

  • MacBook

  • HP

  • Lenovo

  • Acer

  • Dell

  • Razer

  • MSI

  • Asus

  • Samsung

  • Sony Vaio

  • Toshiba

  • Microsoft Surface

Hardware and Software Glitches 一 your One-Stop-Shop

Whether your laptop screen has broken, or loose hinges, get your laptop fixed as early as possible with none other than UAE Technician. In case your laptop has undergone any liquid damage and it has affected the motherboard then contact our professionals soon for the best results.

On the other hand, if your laptop is slowing down, showing BSOD issues, or malware-infected, all these might be triggered by software hazards. Delaying when stricken with software issues can affect your professional life. Don’t take chances with your laptop’s health and your career graph when you are at Sharjah. Our technicians are experts in retrieving or recovering data on laptops. Avail of our laptop repair Sharjah services and keep laptop hassles at bay.

Why Should you Switch to Laptop Repair Sharjah Services from UAE Technician?

Are you looking for laptop repair near me? UAE Technician has arranged impeccable doorstep services for laptops and their peripherals repair. In case your laptop’s breaking down every now and then and you’re a resident of Sharjah then you need not go anywhere. Here’s why you should get in touch with UAE Technician for laptop repair Sharjah services:

  • UAE Technician only dispatches qualified, licensed, and certified technicians and engineers for your service. So, you can expect only high-quality guaranteed service.

  • Our services are available at fixed rate charges. Additionally, you can take advantage of our pick and drop service at your location. Say goodbye to waiting in a queue.

  • We understand that your laptop is full of sensitive information. Everything remains safe and confidential when you hand over your laptop to us. We protect your laptop and take care of data recovery services if needed.

  • UAE Technician is committed to providing you with genuine spare parts for laptop repair Sharjah services. It makes sure that your laptop gains extra longevity. Moreover, you can’t find any hidden charges in our billing system.

Contact UAE Technician for Laptop Repair Sharjah Initiatives

With full-fledged technical support, the latest technologies, and competent technicians, UAE Technician is ready to serve what you deserve. In case you’re worried about your laptop issues and it’s related to your business, then make a smart and quick move by contacting us.

Call us at 045864031 and fix an appointment with our technicians. Our technicians would reach your location and follow up with the repair. For more details regarding our services, visit our website.

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