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Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

It is good to do home maintenance at least every two years to increase the condition of the rooms Problems at home? Do you want to refresh the environments with service whitewashing and painting or making minor repairs to facilities in the event of sudden breakage? In these cases, contacting a construction company is the most prudent thing to do to have a team of professionals specialized in home maintenance services.

Often even a small repair involves a whole series of problems that a specialist always knows how to solve, saving time and money and above all solving the problem with limited time.

Relying on a restructuring company means having access to all these services to ensure ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of your private and commercial environments. The best companies operating in this sector are often organized to offer emergency assistance for electrical and hydraulic faults or to intervene in internal and external masonry works such as plaster restoration or painting walls.

Among the most popular services we find:

  • Repair and reconstruction of electrical and hydraulic systems with certification in accordance with the law
  • Repair and reconstruction of heating and air conditioning systems
  • False ceilings and plasterboard work
  • Painting of interior and exterior walls
  • Building up terraces, balconies, and outdoor areas
  • Restoration of walls and various masonry work
  • Tiling work also from scratch
  • Maintenance services for even large apartment buildings
  • AC Maintenance services
  • Apartment painting restoration
  • Plant maintenance
  • Plasterwork
  • Terrace waterproofing
  • Handyman Services
  • Air conditioning system cleaning.
  • Repair, assembly and disassembly of furniture, shutters and fixtures.
  • Repair and painting operations on doors, windows, shutters, grilles and locks.
  • Interior and exterior painting: walls, gates, fences and railings and balconies.
  • Repair and assembly of shelves, paintings and chandeliers.
  • Replacement of light bulbs, switches and sockets.
  • Repair and replacement of taps, siphons and drain pipes.
  • Small hydraulic interventions to repair water leaks and pipe laying.
  • Whitewash house in Dubai

The personnel must be qualified and highly specialized and able to guarantee targeted assistance and internal and external maintenance of the house, always in a workmanlike manner.

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