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To Whiten Home in Dubai With an Economic and Professional Service

UAE Technician offers in Dubai and in the UAE province a  painting and painting service of the house  that takes advantage of all the professionalism of  painters with years of experience  and the use of quality products: anti-mold breathable enamels and paints. A professional whitewashing and painting service for individual walls, doors, rooms or the entire building, which includes all the necessary grouting work to restore brightness to your apartment.

Our painters are professionals  in the use of roller and brush and will take care of your home by filling small signs of wear and protecting  the entire furniture with special sheets,  to avoid soiling it with paint or dust. Once the whitewashing work is finished, the house will return to shine and regain its lost brightness.

House whitening in case of tenant change

The change of tenant in an apartment often requires some minor maintenance of the house and painting or professional painting. We offer an extremely useful service for individuals, tenants or apartment owners in Dubai who do not have time to take charge of all the activities related to the change of home, such as domestic cleaning, small maintenance and painting of rooms and apartments. Painters of UAE Technician, giving your home a white (or another color of your choice), filling the walls and obtaining a The final result inclusive of cleaning has never been so simple, fast and cheap.

The whitewashing service includes:

1.       Coverage of furniture, doors, sockets and switches, chandeliers etc.

2.       Preparation of whitening with grouting of cracks and holes.

3.       A coat of fixative (if necessary).

4.       One or more hands of white on the ceiling and on the walls of the room.

The service includes:

1.       Two or more professional painters for one or more days.

2.       Use of covering sheets, adhesive tape, scales, etc.

3.       Use of wall filler, washable and fixative water-based paint.

4.       Final cleaning with waste disposal

Also, get the best professional cleaning services with us at very affordable price

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