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Standard Wireless Package (Ideal Coverage for Villa)

Price: AED 4330.00

  • 1 Wireless Router.
  • 4 Access Point.
  • Network Cabling is not included.*
  • 4 x Network Patch Cords included.
  • Installation & Configuration included.


    Our standard Wireless Package for ideal coverage will provide full coverage of the whole area of your villa. The package generally includes 4 Access points along with Wireless Router that increases the coverage area of the wireless network. With this package, you can connect to the network while sitting anywhere in your villa.

    • Fast & Reliable Network Connectivity.
    • A Complete Package that includes both equipment and installation service.
    • Up to 400 Mbps high-speed wireless network experience.
    • Wireless Security and Stability.
    • Support with all kind of OS Mac OS, Windows, Android, etc.
    • Device Registration control by MAC Filters.
    • Guest wireless network Optional.
    • Long Range Wireless Device
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