Free Pickup & Delivery

On-Site IT Support Visit

Price: AED 350.00

  • 1 Windows PC/Laptop Basic Support.
  • Troubleshooting & problem identification
  • Antivirus and Spyware removing
  • performance optimization
  • One Time IT Support On-Site Visit.
  • Doesn’t include any data backup and format of PC

To keep every computer system up and running requires regular checkups and maintenance. If your PC is not running at best of its abilities or running slower and noisier, then your computer needs to be fixed to prevent from crashing that may even result in loss of your valuable data. With our On-site IT support visit, our experience technical will visit you and will check and fix your computer`s performance issue at the convenience of your home.

  • Frees up Wasted Disk Space.
  • Improved Browsing.
  • Improved Boot up Speed.
  • Organized Startup Menu.
  • Registry Errors Fixed.
  • Better PC security.
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