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IT Support for 1 Apple/Mac Device

Price: AED 350.00

  • Clean Up Adware Spyware.
  • One Time IT Support On-Site Visit.
  • Fix Performance Issues.
  • 1 IMac / Macbook/Macbook Air/Macbook Pro/Mac Mini.

Unlike most of the IT support companies, we also provide support for Apple/Mac devices. Our team of Technicians and IT support professionals is highly experienced and is capable of fixing the problems related to your Apple/Mac devices. With IT support package for 1 Apple/Mac devices, our technicians will detect and remove any Adware or spyware from your devices. Moreover, they will check it for performance issues and will optimize it to perform better in future; all this to be done at the convenience of your home.

  • Catch and fix software problems
  • Improved Apple/Mac Pc Performance
  • Remove Spywares & Adware
  • On time detection and replacement of failing hardware components.
  • Improved Boot up and Browsing Speed.
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