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iPad Air Repair Services: Avail Top-Notch Solutions From UAE Technician

Apple has become quite famous for its innovative creations and premium services. One of the most used Apple products is the iPad Air. We can say that after iPhone and MacBook, the iPad is a new kind of experience to the Apple users. iPad Air is a tablet or 'slate' computer which runs on the iOS 7 Operating System, and it is much thinner than Apple's previous tablets. The iPad Air can be used for web browsing, sending emails, streaming videos, listening to music, playing games and other activities that are possible with a PC. However, no matter how well-designed and durable the iPad Air is, it is not completely free from technical glitches.

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So, if you're encountering issues with your iPad Air, then you need to get some professional help that can provide you with the correct solutions. Here comes the role of iPad Air repair services offered by UAE Technician. As the problems related to iPad Air are increasing with time, we have come up with a dedicated team of professionals who can easily deal with any iPad Air errors on a regular basis. Thus, get in touch with UAE Technician and let the experts do the job for you.

Common Problems You Might Face While Using iPad Air

There are various problems that can make your iPad Air experience quite problematic. No matter what the issue is, you should take the necessary steps to troubleshoot it without much delay. Here are some of the familiar problems that one may encounter while using the iPad Air:

1. Notification Crashes

Recently, the iPad Air owners are very much annoyed with this issue. Due to a strange bug, the notifications in the iPad Air are crashing. Basically, when a message using specific Unicode text is sent to your iPad Air, the pop-up notification crashes the iPad.

2. iPad Air Won't Turn On

Your iPad Air may not power on if the battery inside it gets damaged. It can be that the battery might be dead in your iPad which is not letting your device to turn on. Otherwise, it might be frozen in suspend mode.

3. AirDrop Not Working

Apple products have a feature named AirDrop which is a quick way of sharing files with other Apple devices. But sometimes, it fails to work and for that, the file transfer is interrupted.

4. iCloud Storage Issue

Though iPad Air provides the iCloud storage facility, it also causes problems at times. Often, users get shocked while checking the available storage amount which is not correct. It seems to be showing much less space than it should. Due to a display bug, this error generates.

5. Slow Charging

Many iPad Air users complained that their device is taking a very long time to charge which is not acceptable at all. Generally, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge properly. If yours is taking much more time than this, then contact UAE Technician and we will help you to solve it quickly.

6. Safari Crashing & Refreshing

iPad Safari crashing is quite common among the iPad Air users. Along with that, there is a new problem with the Safari that is troubling people. While switching from Safari to another app, the tabs opened in the Safari are getting refreshed and reloaded. This puts you back at the top of the page.

7. No Sound

Suddenly, you might realize that your iPad Air is silent i.e. no audio output is available from the device. No matter how many times you change the volume settings, the problem still remains.

8. Camera Freezes

Sometimes, the camera in the iPad Air may refuse to work correctly. Perhaps, it may not open at all or it may be loading but crashes frequently. Our UAE Technician team can diagnose the issue properly and then find solutions to fix them efficiently.

9. Touchpad Not Responding

Often, people find that their iPad Air touchscreen is not functioning properly. Sometimes, the whole screen or just one area is unresponsive.

10. Freezing, Crashing & Rebooting

Most of the users have experienced frequent freezing issues which can be bothersome at times. Not only that, but iPad Air also crashes to the home screen or to a black screen. Random reboots are also another problem that can affect the iPad’s performance.

11. Overheating

Most of the mobile devices these days are prone to overheating because of packing big batteries into small form factors, high-end processor along with HD screens on top. Overuse of iPad Air can cause overheating and for that, the performance of the device may be compromised.

12. Slow & Laggy Keyboard

Users have occasionally come across a lagging issue with their iPad Air keyboard while typing any message or email. This error is mainly related to the iOS of your device. So, get your keyboard lag issue fixed immediately with decent iPad Air repair services from the experts at UAE Technician.

Turn To UAE Technician For Excellent iPad Air Repair In Dubai Our UAE Technician team of experts are enough qualified and competent to handle all the issues that can arise with your iPad Air. To enjoy smooth services, you can freely connect with our engineers.
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Battery Replacement
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The wide range of our services include the following:

  • iPad Air battery related issues
  • Wi-Fi not connecting problem
  • Bluetooth connectivity issue
  • iPad Air overheating
  • iPad Air camera crashes/ fails to open
  • Any iPad Safari related errors
  • Unable to turn on iPad Air
  • iPad screen freeze
  • Other relevant iPad Air glitches
  • Other Issues

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We offer reliable iPad Air repair in Dubai along with premium services for all these above-mentioned matters. Hence, connect with us without any delay and resolve all your technical issues.

Why Should You Choose UAE Technician For Reliable iPad Air Support?

There are a lot of reasons for which you can rely on us for iPad Air repair services. We always look forward to providing maximum customer satisfaction along with the appropriate solutions regarding the issues of iPad Air. The benefits you'll get with the services are given below:

Free pickup and drop services: We provide services at your doorstep, and for that, you don't have to visit our workshop personally. It will save your time and money, and along with that, you'll easily get the services you need.

Expert professionals: We have a panel of experienced engineers who are capable of handling any iPad Air related problems and can assist you with top-notch solutions.

On-time services: We don't keep our customers waiting for too long to get the services they require. So, UAE Technician always focuses on providing fast-track delivery to the clients.

24x7 customer support: You can call us anytime you want as we are always available around the clock.

Budget-friendly solutions: We know the value of money, and so, we always try to keep the service charge as low as possible. We don't intend to charge anything extra.

Connect With UAE Technician For Instant Expert Assistance

In case you're looking for the best iPad Air repair services within an affordable budget, then place a call at our helpline number: to grab genuine services from our professionals. You can even get in touch with us via email. We will respond to your email within 24 hours and inform you about the answers you require. Otherwise, you can even chat with our experts through the live chat portal available on our website.


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