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Have a Reliable Haier Refrigerator Repair in Dubai: Instant Support at Your Fingertips

Refrigerators have become a necessity for households and organizations. This electronic appliance occupies a prominent place in our kitchen and preserves the freshness of our food items. It is perhaps the best place to store both cooked and raw food items for considerable hours. Our foods are protected from bacteria even when there is a power outage. Thus, it becomes difficult to preserve our foods when the refrigerator is malfunctioning. Hence, you will require a fridge repair expert to check your fridge for technical glitches. And in this case, UAE Technician has experts to offer Haier fridge repair services in Dubai.

Haier Fridge Problems Looked After by UAE Technician: 

Our fridge repair technicians fix the following problems of Haier refrigerator:

1. Noisy Compressor:Modern refrigerators come with sound noise-proof compressors. Thus, something might be wrong with the compressor if your refrigerator compressor makes a weird noise. The compressor is a device that keeps the internal gas pressure under control. It is equipped with a fan that cools down the temperature of refrigerators. The compressor might also be noisy when the compressor fan isn’t working at all or partially. Hence, you need to check the problem immediately to prevent overheating issues in your refrigerator. 

2. Torn Gasket or Sealed Door:When the gasket is torn, the cold will leak out of your refrigerator. As a result, the foods won’t be kept cool for long hours. Moreover, this leakage will put pressure on the compressor and damage it gradually. So, let expert at UAE Technician repair the torn gasket for you. 

3. Refrigerator Light isn’t Working: You might encounter that the light on the water dispenser doesn’t work. Therefore, change the bulb to check whether the new light works or not. If not, then check one or more components inside socket terminals. The terminal will be bent or discolored if they are damaged. Again, cracks inside the socket won’t let the bulb illuminate. 

If the socket or terminals are correct, then you need to check the door switch. Last but not least, the control plate might be worn out due to regular use. Whatever is likely to be the reason, we will get it fixed instantly. 

4. Refrigerator isn’t Cooling Enough: It is the most common and critical problem for refrigerators including different models of Haier fridge. After experiencing this issue, the first thing you need to ensure that the refrigerator is getting power. The thermostat might have been turned down or the vents on the back of the freezer compartment are blocked by obstructions. Thus, you need to keep the fridge at a distance from the walls and other furniture. 

Furthermore, the cold air won’t be able to circulate if particles are stuck inside the condenser fan. Some users attempt to clean the fan blades and spin the fan by hand. But, doing so you might unconsciously damage the fan or bend its blades. Thus, it’s better to leave the work with refrigerator repair experts only.  

5. Defrost Malfunction:Your refrigerator won’t defrost if the thermostat is faulty. The thermostat is the main component to control the overall temperature of the refrigerator and defrost the ice when necessary. The thermostat fails to work if there are clogged coils inside the refrigerator. Besides the thermostat, the defrost system contains a defrost time. If the timer is defective, it will stop at the cooling mode and excessive frost will build upon evaporator coils. Thus, you need an expert to track down the actual source of this problem.  

6. Refrigerator Consuming too Much Power:Every refrigerator model is supposed to consume a particular amount of power. It is fearful if there is a sudden hike in power consumption. Your refrigerator might have one or more malfunctioning component and hence it is consuming too much voltage. Therefore, UAE Technician will be able to inspect and fix the issue correctly. 

7. Compressor Not Working:Some parts or the entire refrigerator won’t cool if the compressor is faulty. The compressor motor might be overloaded and hence causing various issues. Reach us so that we can repair or replace the compressor if necessary. 

Stream Best-in-Class Solutions for Your Haier Refrigerator:

UAE Technician is not an unknown name for Haier fridge repair in Dubai. We have been surviving in the industry for many years. Thus, our experts have gained experience in repairing different models of Haier refrigerator. Our experts are round the clock available to listen to your problems and provide solutions.

We don’t charge excessively high for our services. In fact, we charge a fair rate from our customers. Since we keep a stock of spare parts, we will fix your refrigerator in a few hours only. You don’t have to worry as we use genuine parts only. Therefore, your refrigerator will last for several years once it is repaired. Therefore, call us at our helpline number and book your service today!

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