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Discover the best and professional cleaning companies in your city or province! Ordinary and extraordinary cleaning, cleaning of offices, cleaning of condominiums, cleaning shops and many other services!

Our cleaning company offers professional, efficient and safe services. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and carefully plan each intervention. Our cleaning company has a high level of experience and expertise as well as professional equipment capable of handling every situation: from office cleaning to apartment cleaning ; from cleaning swimming pools to cleaning the house up to cleaning hotels or simply to ordinary cleaning.

We offer a real cleaning agency service and we also have more specific treatments for materials and surfaces that may be present in the structure on which we work. For each type of environment we organize a different intervention together with a quality service. For  further details on our equipment or the techniques used.

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All the products in our possession and normally used by our cleaning company have a biodegradability requirement of 90% . The applied chemical products are of low toxicological risk and all comply with the safety regulations in force, comfortably falling within the established parameters.

 We apply a quality control system to all our works and we do not limit ourselves to simple cleaning but we act to preserve the value and integrity of the structures entrusted to us. We put our best skills in the field of sanitation and cleaning.

Cleaning company: house cleaning, apartment cleaning, condominium cleaning - domestic cleaning

The Our cleaning company offers a wide range of services. We obviously take care of house cleaning, apartment cleaning, condominium cleaning and domestic cleaning in a professional and competent manner. Customer expectations, according to our philosophy, must always be satisfied in the best way .

Our specialized cleaning company pays great attention to apartment cleaning and domestic cleaning in general. In our condominium cleaning company we also carry out the service of cleaning condominium stairs and cleaning of windows or cleaning of terraces and balconies or cleaning of bathrooms.

If your house or apartment has just been renovated, don't hesitate to call us. Often, post-renovation cleaning is insidious and complex to carry out if you are not a professional in the apartment cleaning sector. Thanks to our technicians and our professional machines we guarantee the success of any type of cleaning.

If, on the other hand, you are very busy with your work and don't have time to keep your home clean, you can contact us for a free quote for household cleaning or ordinary house cleaning . Together they will plan schedules and services to be implemented. House cleaning is very important for our health and our hygiene, it is not a subject to be completely underestimated.

Our apartment cleaning service is definitely useful when you are in certain situations like:

·         House renovation or small repairs, wall painting, small restoration works: post-renovation cleaning .

·         demanding removals that cause dust peaks and, therefore, a cleaning company is required.

·         The famous spring cleaning, therefore of all those cleanings that we can carry out through our  seasonal cleaning company or monthly cleaning.

·         The construction of a new home requires, before being inhabited, a cleaning company with a first entry fund.

·         For exaggerated parties or that have turned your home upside down, you need a cleaning  party after party.

Each apartment or house needs specific and accurate cleaning in Dubai UAE

Window cleaning: window cleaning, mosquito nets cleaning, window sills, roller shutter cleaning, Persian cleaning, window cleaning.

Furniture cleaning: cabinet cleaning, cupboard cleaning, wood cleaning, door cleaning.

Radiator cleaning , pellet cleaning, wood-burning cleaning, boiler cleaning, street cleaning.

Air conditioner cleaning, filter cleaning, fan cleaning.

Cleaning chandeliers , cleaning shelves, cleaning libraries, cleaning the room.

Cleaning of tiles , cleaning and sanitizing of tiles.

Kitchen cleaning, oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, stove cleaning.

Floor cleaning: surface treatment, parquet cleaning, wooden floor cleaning, floor cleaning of single floors, cleaning of stamped concrete, floor cleaning after laying.

Cleaning terraces and balconies.

Such cleaning of apartments must be carried out only with equipment that provides hygiene for the treatments performed and efficiency.

Cleaning company: Vacuum cleaner

Cleaning company: steam brooms

Cleaning company: specific detergents

Cleaning company: professional tollers

Cleaning company: Liquid vacuum cleaner

Cleaning company: Professional single disc machines

Consult Our cleaning company portal for specific cleaning of apartments and house cleaning!

You decide which type of cleaning you prefer most and click!

Cleaning company: Ordinary cleaning

Cleaning company: Extraordinary cleaning

Cleaning company: Domestic Cleaning

Cleaning company: Post Restructuring Cleaning

Cleaning company: House cleaning

Cleaning company: Sgrasso cleaning

Cleaning company: Fino cleaning

Cleaning company: Office Cleaning

Cleaning company: Hotel Cleaning

Cleaning company: Floor Cleaning

Cleaning company: Condominiums cleaning

Cleaning company: Monthly cleaning

Cleaning company: Seasonal CleaningFloor Cleaning

Cleaning company: Occasional cleaning

Cleaning company: Cleaning of condominium stairs

Cleaning company: Glass cleaning

Cleaning company: Carpet washing

Cleaning company: Computer cleaning

Cleaning company: Lift cleaning

Cleaning company: Sanitation

Condominium cleaning

The cleaning of the condominium is often carried out by the condominiums themselves. But for an efficient, planned and professional service, you cannot fail to contact our cleaning company. Our professional technicians and safe products ( detergents , specific equipment , sanitation ) guarantee weekly cleaning operations:

Corridor Cleaning Company

Cleaning company for condominiums stairs

Condominium glass cleaning company

Cleaning company windows condominiums

Condominium handrail cleaning company

Cleaning company elevator condominium

Condominium building cleaning company

Household door cleaning company

Cleaning company of access ramps

A cleaning company that guarantees a true condominium cleaning service: this is it!

How much does it cost to call a cleaning company?

Apartment cleaning prices - Cleaning condominiums prices - Cleaning office prices

Gyms Cleaning

The cleaning prices indicated are approximate because to establish the precise cleaning cost we need an inspection and more information to understand what better offer to offer. Our company carries out condominium cleaning quotes , office cleaning estimates and condominium stair cleaning prices through our form. Enter your details and send us your request. Within a short time you will receive all the information regarding cleaning prices.

The cost of cleaning apartments?

For condominium cleaning and cleaning of condominium stairs entrusted to professionals. The condominium areas (entrance corridors, stairs, elevators, parking lots, courtyards, gardens, garage and much more), are places of passage for people and animals and therefore are more prone to dirt, wear and other damage. With a highly specialized staff and the use of the best products and specific equipment for condominium cleaners allow us to offer a first-rate service in all circumstances.

Window cleaning

How to clean the windows?

Our window and glass cleaning service, both internal and external, of industrial plants or office buildings, is followed with appropriate intervention techniques. Regarding the internal production environments, or the offices, our operators are trained to work in synergy, reducing interference and avoiding creating any kind of inconvenience to those who work.

Whether through the use of platforms or through a reverse osmosis washing system we will be able to reach every point of the structure and clean the glass without halos for cleaning external glass, we use special equipment or our glass cleaning machine.

How to clean window panes? Simple, contact our company and solve your problem of window cleaning.

How to clean the carpet?

Carpet cleaning often requires products that cannot be purchased at the supermarket, but requires specific carpet treatments that only companies like ours have. How to clean the carpet? Carpet cleaning and washing are two of the most complex and delicate practices to implement. The carpet is extremely widespread , both in homes and in offices and public establishments. If not treated accurately, it can represent a real health threat, due to the proliferation of mites and allergens that are very harmful to humans. For this reason, our carpet cleaning service is characterized by a deep knowledge of the sector and continuous updating on the most modern and effective techniques.

Office cleaning

Occasional cleaning

A clean and well cared for environment is one of the indispensable elements to make people who spend their time in the office feel good and at ease and, at the same time, is an indicator of quality and sensitivity towards the workplace. Our office cleaning company is aimed where there is a need for a company to clean and sanitize environments and services. Office cleaning will be accurate and carried out using specific products.

Villa cleaning

Our cleaning company ensures reliability, efficiency and maximum discretion with regards to cleaning villas or houses. We are trained and experienced in the field, so we can offer a villa cleaning service of very high quality and at very competitive prices.

Ordinary cleaning

Ordinary cleaning is cleaning that takes place every day, so every day, and in a planned and systematic manner. They are generally implemented in domestic, professional or school settings. They clearly differ from the extraordinary ones. Contact our cleaning company  !

Cleaning Shops

Monthly cleaning

A clean and well sanitized shop means being on the market and in business. A clean shop means knowing how to sell your image correctly. Our company offers really advantageous and professional stores cleaning services. Discover our service shop cleaning company!

Cleaning of Sgrosso

What is rough cleaning? We can simply say that rough cleaning is a basic cleaning of environments that need high level interventions to be able to return to their original state. Careful cleaning of roughing guarantees a healthy and sanitized environment.

Condominiums cleaning

Thanks to the Steam we are able to perform really special and efficient cleaning on houses, apartments, offices and shops. In order not to use polluting chemicals, there is the possibility of using steam as an ecological alternative. Through the heat and the steam any microorganism is killed and Viruses, bacteria, molds and bad smells of every kind are killed . Contact our cleaning company  !

Fino cleaning

Fino cleaning is a periodic cleaning that is carried out with fixed intervals. Fino to quarterly, annual or monthly cleaning can be done. Depending on your needs, our business will implement the best cleaning plan for you. Contact our cleaning company  !

Garden Cleaning

A well-kept and arranged garden means giving a glance to your home . Poor hygiene is never something tempting. This is why our garden cleaning service is in charge of keeping your green space in the best possible way. Equipment and professional technicians guarantee efficient  cleaning services!

Cleaning Bathrooms

The bathroom identifies the space of personal hygiene and for this reason it must be thoroughly cleaned. Dust on the floor, molds and wall coverings can affect our health. The bathroom cleaning company we offer removes limestone, mold and fungi and ensures excellent sanitation.

Hotel cleaning

The hotel cleaning company , or better, the cleaning of hotel rooms is the fundamental aspect that you notice when you rent a room. A thoroughly clean room means staff efficiency and, for a hotel, it is an adequate preparation for tourism. We guarantee a planned hotel cleaning service.

Periodic Cleaning

Our periodic cleaning service offers a truly amazing final cleaning result. Periodic cleaning includes the cleaning of radiators, chandeliers, skirting boards, fixtures, glass and mosquito nets. Find out more on our site!

Gyms Cleaning

Cleaning of condominium stairs

Sanitizing and sanitizing environments such as gyms and sports centres is very important. Gyms must be cleaned carefully and meticulously. Our cleaning service guarantees an optimal and necessary level of cleanliness for gyms.

Professional single disc machines

Cleaning Terraces and Balconies

Often balconies and terraces are the most neglected spaces in terms of cleanliness. Relying on us means returning terraces and balconies of useful and relaxing spaces. Discover all our service on the balcony cleaning company!

Post Restructuring Cleaning

After having restructured our house we could find ourselves facing a really demanding cleaning for our strength. Our team, thanks to their skills, will be able to help you to face the post-restructuring cleaning company in the best possible way using state-of-the-art products and machines for your home or office.


The sanitation of the environments is, in addition to general cleaning, an accurate disinfection that makes the environment safe from the hygienic and healthy points of view. Sanitization includes all those types of interventions such as rodent control and pest control that eliminate the risk of bacteria and parasites in the environment.

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