How to Replace Your Laptop Screen

How to Replace Your Laptop Screen

Computer, Laptop, Tablet and smartphones usually faces cracked and get smashed on very diligent hit. It is very much essential for user to keep Laptop Screen safe under cover and handle device carefully.Once Laptop screen get smashed or cracked need replacement. User need to connect with qualified technicians who support Laptop Screen Replacement Dubai efficiently so that user can enjoy effective outputs. User must have full check on Laptop screen before getting it repaired to ensure screen really needs replacement after having good inspection. User must check for graphics card on motherboard is dead for instance may be you might be wasting time by replacing perfectly good working screen.

In case the Laptop screen does produces output and display results successfully user need to get it repaired under the certified technicians. Have proper tools before to Replace Laptop Screenand what works for most laptops include:

  • Have Table or other flat working area which is not messed up
  • Small-head or middle sized magnetic Philips screwdriver head
  • Safety pin or needle required for removing cover stickers that are hiding screws on laptop
  • Plastic putty knife for aid in prying apart screen bezel from case
  • Small bowl for storing the small screws and keeping them safe

Steps that work for Laptops:

Step 1: Unplug the laptop and remove the battery

Step 2:  Take off the screws which are hidden round the sticker on screen bezel

Step 3: Remove the cover sticker without harming any other object with a sharp needle

Step 4: Remove the now-exposed screw with screw driver

Step 5: Take off the screen bezel away from back carefully from back side

Step 6: After screen unsnapped screen bezel may or may not be easy to remove

Step 7: After the LCD has been fully removed now it is secure to trim metal frame

Step 8: After each trim frame side remove any screws that are securing it to LCD

Step 9: Face down the LCD onto the keyboard

Step 10: Disconnect the cable from the back of LCD

Step 11:  After replacing the broken LCD simply place the new one face-down as you did for old one

Step 12: In the side trim frame pieces set the new screen

Step 13: Put the bezel back when you get the point of putting just in line and push to fit into snaps of rear screen case


Connect for Laptop Screen Replacement Dubai and get the assured service. Feel free to call on toll-free number or have live chat with technician or drop an email to customer support email id address and get revert with an effective solution for fixing the broken laptop screen.