Learn How to Make Your Dryer More Efficient: Drying Made Easy

Learn How to Make Your Dryer More Efficient: Drying Made Easy

Washer Repair in DubaiWith the increase in the number of households, more and more homeowners are attracted to learning how they can the energy costs and thereby eradicate the adverse impact of the environment. There are several rooms in the house that gives opportunities to enhance the energy efficiency comprising of the laundry room. Both washers, as well as dryer, can be used in a generous way so that minimum energy is consumed. Therefore, go through the efficiency tips of the washer before you go deep down into this post. This informative blog will tell you the prominent ways pertaining to How to Make Your Dryer More Efficient.

Eco-Friendly Techniques to Maximize Dryer’s Efficiency

Cloth dryers cover more than 20 percent of all energy used in Dubai. So if you wish to save energy at home and the carbon footprint, one of the effective ways you can adopt is to use a clothesline in place of the dryer. Let’s have a look at the effective ways on How To Make Your Dryer More Efficient.

Place Dryer on Outside Wall

The minimum distance that the dryer has to travel more will be the amount of energy that you can save. You may look for few elbows bends as well as feet of dryer piping as per the manual efficiency. 

Use Natural Gas Dryers

If there is a lack of renewable energy like solar, then a high-efficiency electric dryer can be the best fit. Natural gas is way cheaper when compared to electricity and has few adverse effects. 

Ensure Optimum Speed in Washer

Evaporating water consumes more time and energy. Obviously, your washer can perform the same task during the spin cycle. But you need to ensure the water has the great spin speed or extended spin option to enhance the performance of the dryer when you shift to laundry. As this is a way how to make your dryer more efficient.

Stick To Smooth Ducts

All the bends in a dryer duct enhance the amount of energy needed to expel the exhausted air. It holds good when it comes to elbow joints in dryer’s exhaustive piping. This is also applicable for pleated, flexible ducts. Apart from the reduction of elbow joints, shift towards the use of smooth ducts. You need to wash as well as dry similar fabrics together at a time. If you wash a huge bunch of clothes, you need tumble dry. Moreover, you can dry them all in one go. With the use of fabrics, washing and drying requirements will minimize the drying time and can save energy for future purpose. This can really be a boon for your Washer Repair in Dubai services.

Avoid Dry Sheets

The chemicals which are used generally in the dryer sheets are basically skin irritants and hence, totally useless for fresh clothes. If you like to incorporate some extra odor, you need to pour some oil droplets to the wet laundry before start using the dryer. This is an effective technique on how to make your dryer more efficient.

Work on Heat,

You need to place the dryer in the warmer region of your house and try to dry the entire stock of laundry in the rapid interval. This will curb down the amount of time and energy required by the dryer to heat up the process. 

Dry Full Loads Each Time

Dryers are considered to be more efficient when they work on full loads as compared to overloaded items. Therefore, please ensure that you dry the entire load at a time. 

Reducing The Heat

Heat settings of most of the machines are generally warmer than what it is required to dry clothes most effectively. Therefore, shift your dryer to lower heat and delicates. Else you can press permanently in order to reduce the temperature without losing dry time.

Cleaning Lint Trap

Anyone who works in the laundry understands that you must clean the lint trap in order to protect your home from fire hazard. But do you have the idea that clean line trip is energy efficient? If there is lint in the filter, it affects the circulation of air in the machine making it less efficient. Therefore, you need to clean the lint trap before providing your laundry in the dryer. Apart from this, if you use dry sheets it will leave a film on the filter thereby ensuring you to scrub it on a monthly basis. 

Automatic Cycle

Latest dryer models comprise of moisture sensor which will switch off the dryer when the entire moisture goes out. Naturally, it implies that the clothes are dry. However, the alternative solution is to run the dryer on a timer. This will help in drying clothes for the entire span of time you have opted for. This is a prominent way since you are using less amount of energy than you actually need to dry clothes. Overdrying of clothes is also deleterious for the longevity of clothing. Therefore, the best option is to implement an automatic cycle in place of time dryer. You can get this facility if you search for Dryer Repair in Dubai UAE.

Dry Clothes Strategically

You can save a lot of energy if you follow a particular strategy in grouping your clothes before putting them for dry. Always, you need to dry towels with your towel, lightweight cotton t-shirts with lightweight cotton clothing. This will refrain your dryer to work harder than what is required for drying some particular clothes.  Apart from this, it is considered to be the best practice to dry the lightweight clothing before heavier clothing if you are using multiple loads. The residual heat coming from the lightweight wood can dry heavier clothing items very easily. Therefore, this is an effective step pertaining to How to Make Your Dryer More Efficient.

Air Drying

When the weather is dry, you can dry your clothes through air drying by sending your dryer to vacation. Therefore, you need to use a cloth line or drying rack in order to lay out your clothes to make them dry after washing your clothes. Through air drying, you can minimize the consumption of energy and also increase the life span of clothes and refrains static cling from the dryer. Hopefully, this step will make you understand How to Make Your Dryer efficient.

Wrapping Up

If your washer or dryer doesn’t work properly, you are simply wasting energy power machines. Patiently go through this informative user guide to understand How To Make Your Dryer Efficient. Moreover, you can refer the user guide to have a quick glance. Also, you can provide your valuable comment in the comment section present at the bottom of your website.



  1. How can you make your dryer work better?

You just need to follow the below steps to achieve that

  1. First, you need to clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct. If you perform periodic cleaning it will prevent lint buildup, which otherwise obstructs the flow of air and enhance dry time.
  2. You need to reduce the dryer hose.
  3. Then, you have to erase the lint from the filter screen.
  4. Thereafter, you must shake the water from the wardrobe.
  5. You don’t need to overload the dryer.
  6. Then prevent the opening of the door.
  7. You need to throw the towel.

    2-How you can enhance the dryer’s efficiency?

First, you need to clear the venting system. You need to enhance the efficiency of the dryer by cleaning the ventilation tube as well as the cap. Lint, dirt, as well as suspended particles, gets accumulated in this zone and thereby increases the drying time, fire risk as well as repair bills. Always use a soft cloth, feather duster, and cleaning brush in order to make the area clean.

  1. How can you balance the clothes dryer?

Troubleshooting steps for Off-Balance Dryer Drum

  1. First, you need to take out clothes from the drum and evenly spread them around the agitator. 
  2. Then, you need to dry the large items in a different cycle.
  3. After that, you have to place the spirit level at the peak of the dryer parallel to the front and the sides.