Is iPhone 12 Really Waterproof? Find out!

Anyone at first presumes that iPhone 12 or in fact any other smartphone device is waterproof. That means no water can interfere with the configuration of the device or spoil the internal circuits. But on the contrary, that is not true. To make things clear, not all types of liquid are meant to clarify the waterproof statement for any device. There comes the water-resistance nonetheless which implies that there is a certain amount of protection that you will receive in waterproof technology. This also means that any mild spillage of liquid over the device can be protected. Meanwhile, you can also take the help of iPhone repair Dubai.

however, your device is more likely to die if it’s dropped in a pool or lake or in the sink of a bathroom full of water. But when it comes to repairing, the insurance claim makes a big difference. On the other hand, there is a water resistance standard that comes into play. Among these standards, there are various types of levels that determine the water resistance measure.

That also implies that many water resistance standards are not set by many servicing companies. The expenses are simply quite high. In other words, the notion is like a person giving an examination of a paper and then later grading it. More so, a water resistance device does not mean that the device is completely protected from water exposure. Read more to know more!

What iPhone 12 Brings You…

Meanwhile, the debate on the iPhone’s waterproof device release is rumoured. iPhone 12 may be bringing a significant amount of change to its device but for back up, there is a patent. That being said, Apple mentions that they’ve been evaluating and working on-screen sensors so that it can detect touch and respond underneath the water the same as it was above water.

Apple also mentions that the sensors would be built with algorithms that are triggered by force and pressure. But there are many other possibilities for how the patent can be of great use. The majority of the time, people integrate a type of algorithm that can detect the pressure amount. This pressure amount would tell whether the device is in contact with water or not. And that is done by calibration sensors rule, a difference among a normal touch of a finger and the touch of water. If your device is water damaged, contact UAE Technician for impeccable iPhone repair Dubai service.

Why Should Apple’s Water Resistance Standards Change?

The majority of mobile brands are known to have water resistance protocols. But, there are only a few brands that market the feature. For instance, to get more water resistance, iPhone 6 devices are built with seals and gaskets. That can hold and protect the device from a great amount of water. 

But surprisingly, this water-resistant standard was not featured during its release. More so, Apple did not receive any rating as well. However, the theory suggests that bringing out the feature was a test that could help iPhone 7 become water-resistant. 

To suggest the claim, even OnePlus Nord did undergo tons of hassle to make the device waterproof. However, OnePlus Nord did not proceed for any certification or market their brand. 

On the other hand, Apple did market the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro brand due to its water-resistant feature with Ingress Protection worth 67 and 68 respectively. 

Now, the Ingress Protection is a rating scale where the rating beyond 6 is a significant high for liquid protection. That being said, a rating of 7 would imply that a device is protected under the water for 30 minutes. Now, for both iPhone 11 and iPhone XS, the coil is submerged in water up to 2 to 4 meters respectively. 


Apple should reconsider branding it’s water resistance feature because there are other aspects that come in comparison. For instance, being immersed in water, a device may get water protection. But, there are always other components in the device that are not friendly being in contact with water. Besides that, there are SIM Card slots and memory card slots that need protection as well. Besides on certain occasions, seals and gaskets can easily come off. 

Thus, the entire brand of water resistance is not guaranteed. This is why it is a necessity for Apple to bring out a significant changing game on iPhone 12. 


iPhone 12 could have a lot of new features among which Water Resistance is the prime one. However, stay updated to get more details on what’s upcoming. For any further trouble with the iPhone, reach out to UAE Technician and grab the iPhone repair Dubai assistance. The technicians have enough expertise to sort all your issues within the least possible time.