How to backup WhatsApp conversations on Android

How to backup WhatsApp conversations on Android

How to backup WhatsApp conversations on AndroidChat, photos, videos and recordings. Who said you have to give up all your memories on WhatsApp if you change your smartphone? Just know how to save them

Given the constant daily use, WhatsApp is enriched day by day with photos, videos and other attachments. Some users perform a regular backup of some or all conversations, which means saving every shared or received item. Others are not aware of this function, or have no idea how to activate it, which means losing everything in the event of software problems or loss .

Using WhatsApp is very simple and it is perhaps this feature that has led it to become one of the most used instant messaging app in the world, if not the most popular of all. New features have been added over the years, without compromising ease of use. It’s also child’s play to back up one or all of the conversations in the program, to save them in case something goes wrong, or to move them without losing a single chat , with the related media files, on another device.

Back up WhatsApp conversations on an Android system

The first move is to open WhatsApp, then touch the icon with the three balls at the top right to open the menu and choose Settings & Chat . Locate the Chat Backup feature and touch it to enter the chat window. There are various options, but the only one that really interests you at this juncture is Include video, which you need to activate. It is advisable to perform the backup when you are connected via WiFi so as not to waste the data connection. Now everything is ready to start the operation with a touch on the green button Run Backup . The waiting time depends on how much you chatted and how many multimedia content you have collected over time.

Copy the backup to the new Android smartphone

Connect your smartphone or tablet to the computer via the USB cable. Enter, then, the WhatsApp & Databases folder , where all backups are stored. It will be easy to recognize these files because they all start with the symbol msgstore and end with a date. Save the entire folder on your computer, in a place that is as easy to remember as, for example, the Desktop.

So go to your smartphone or tablet on which you want to copy all your WhatsApp memories. Install the application here too, downloadable from the Google Play Store , but be careful, don’t open it yet. First connect the device to the computer, open the folder with the selected backups and copy all the files that start with “mgstore” from the computer on the new smartphone (or tablet) to the WhatsApp & Databases folder .

Open the newly installed version of the app, follow the configuration instructions and, at some point, the program will tell you that it has found one or more backup files. Accept the proposal and choose which one to restore.

Android Backup: a new option

If you don’t want to back up all the conversations but only a few, there is a pretty simple way to do it. Open a conversation and go to the Settings & Other menu . At this point, choose the “Send chat via email” command. WhatsApp will ask you if you want to attach the multimedia contents and, in this case, choose Attach Media . At this point you will have to decide which system to use, with Gmail which is certainly the most used. Once the icon is selected, only a normal e-mail message will be sent.

WhatsApp: how not to save the received photos

Very often we find ourselves the photo folder of our smartphone overflowing with photographs that we have not downloaded from the web or taken in person. In most cases, these are images sent to us in one of the many active WhatsApp chats. The groups from this point of view represent a rich source, with shots of all kinds sent to all participants and automatically saved in the smartphone.

However, it is possible to deactivate the automatic saving , choosing individually, from time to time, which image to keep on your smartphone . A very simple operation, having only to go to Settings and turn off the tick in Save media received. In the blink of an eye you can save hundreds of mb on your internal memory. Also get the best Data Recovery in Dubai by UAE Technician.