Amazing Tweaks to Fix Razer Laptop Is Not Charging Issue

Amazing Tweaks to Fix Razer Laptop Is Not Charging Issue

When it comes to manufacturing gaming hardware, Razer Inc. is considered one of the pioneers. Being power-packed with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics and cutting-edge technology, it allows the users to experience streamlined performance. Razer Blade laptops are a perfect combination of power and portability. These laptops are configured with the advanced control system, full RGB keyboard, and precise glass touchpad to give you an incredible experience of a smooth running of the existing games available.

Though these laptops are customized to provide you with stunning performance, many users often find problems in it. One of the very common problems is that your Razer laptop is not charging. Though this is a very critical problem, sometimes it’s quite easy to resolve while at other times, you need professional help.

Probable Causes Which Lead to Razer Laptop Not Charging Issue

Usually, when you plug in your laptop, the LED indicator light on your laptop glows and your laptop starts charging. But sometimes, though you have connected the AC Adapter with your laptop, the battery refuses to charge. The causes which are responsible for this can be numerous and among them, the most prominent cause is that the battery of your laptop has failed and it needs a replacement. Other causes behind the occurrence of this issue are listed below:

  • The laptop plugs and the AC power outlet are not seated properly
  • You might have connected the power with the wrong USB port of your laptop
  • Presence of any broken connections
  • Faulty or damaged cable wires
  • Due to broken power jack inside the chassis
  • Faulty charger
  • The battery sensor might misbehave due to overheating of the laptop

Premium Solutions That You Should Try to Fix Razer Laptop Is Not Charging Problem

It is essential to find the source of the problem for troubleshooting this Razer laptop not charging issue. Without knowing the exact cause, you can’t go for its repair. If you are looking for Razer laptop is not charging solution, at first, you need to examine certain parts of the laptop to check whether they are functioning properly or not. For that, we have provided below certain troubleshooting steps which you can try one by one to find the faults in your device.

Fix Razer Laptop Is Not Charging Issue

• Check the Plug-In Carefully

The first and the foremost thing you should check is that the laptop plugs and the AC outlet are firmly seated. Next, verify that the battery is properly seated in its port and the removable cords are appropriately inserted.

• Ensure That You Are Using the Correct USB Port

USB platforms are usually designated for charging as well as for data transfer. Some manufacturers opt to make USB ports for data transferring and it won’t allow you to charge your device. Thus, if you run into a laptop not charging issue, then verify if you have connected the AC power outlet to the correct USB port.

• Check for Any Breaks in the Wires

While plug-in, do a proper check-up of the wires and see whether there are any breaks or kinks. It is advised to verify the ends for any broken connections such as loose wires in the plugs. Also, check if they are expanded or torn somewhere and inspect the AC brick as well.

• Check the Connectors for Any Damage

Make sure that when you connect your laptop to the power connector, the connection should be solid enough. If the socket is not firm in providing power to your laptop or if the connection is loose, there is a higher possibility that the power jack might have been broken inside the chassis.

Hope that by trying the above steps, the problem will be resolved. But in case the problem persists, take the help of our experts at UAE Technician.

Reach Us to Get Advanced Solutions for Resolving the Razer Laptop Not Charging Issue

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