Troubleshoot HP Printer Doesn’t Print in Color Minor Issue

Troubleshoot HP Printer Doesn’t Print in Color Minor Issue

The Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP, is a famous brand in the field of electronic gadgets. It is a multinational company which is based in America and was founded in the year 1939. HP manufactures and sells a full range of hardware as well as software products for individuals and for business enterprises from various sectors. It develops laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, photocopier machines, and many more electronic devices. Despite its smooth functionality, there are some technical glitches that hinder the performance of HP printers like printer doesn’t print in color.

Sometimes, you might find that your HP printer is not printing color prints all of a sudden. It mainly occurs when the ink cartridge runs out of ink. However, there are many other reasons also such as an issue in the printhead, faulty printer settings etc. that can trigger the problem. Both the cause and effect of this issue is minor and you can solve this problem by following some easy techniques. We have provided a couple of simple solutions in this write up which you can apply on your own to fix this issue. So, read this blog and get rid of HP printer doesn’t print in color Minor issue within a short span.

What Restrains HP Printer to Print Color Prints?

HP printers are generally famous for printing high quality of color as well as black and white prints on a nonstop basis. The moment it stops printing color prints, check the ink cartridge first to ensure that it is full of ink or not. There are various other reasons also which might cause this error to appear on HP printers and those reasons are as follows:

  • Any defect in the print-head
  • The ink cartridge gets out of ink
  • Accumulation of dust within the printhead
  • The printer driver has been installed in a wrong way
  • Improper printer settings, i.e., wrong settings of the color options etc.
  • Using low quality of colors from unauthorized sources might also cause this error to arise

If you possess some technical knowledge about HP printers and you are willing to resolve this error, you can try out some easy steps provided by our experts. By following these steps, you will get an idea on how to resolve color printing issues of your HP printer.

Quick Tricks to Resolve Color Printing Issues of an HP Printer:

HP printer doesn't print in color

Method 1: Check the Cartridge

  1. Carefully open the top cover of the printer
  2. Take out the color printer cartridge using both of your hands
  3. Insert a brand new color cartridge and try to print again
  4. The problem may be that your printer is out of colored ink, or perhaps the color cartridge is faulty
  5. If your cartridge is new or at least one-quarter full, look for the expiration date at the side of the ink cartridge
  6. If you rarely use color ink, or you haven’t used it in a long time, the ink may be expired
  7. Purchase a new color cartridge if your ink is past the expiration date
  8. Place the new cartridge into your printer and try printing again

If this method doesn’t solve your problem, apply the next method given below:

Method 2: Inspect the Print-head

  • Check whether dust has been accumulated within the printhead
  • Clean the entire print-heads with a dry cotton cloth to remove all the specks of dust

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Method 3: Check Whether the print-head is Working Properly

  1. Tap the “power” button and hold it for few seconds.
  2. Keep the power button pressed and simultaneously tap on the “resume” button for at least six times
  3. Shift your finger from the power button
  4. Allow your HP printer to auto clean the print heads through a mild washing method
  5. Print out your color document again
  6. If it still won’t work, press and hold the “Power” button again
  7. This time, press the “Resume” button five times for a more moderate cleaning process
  8. Try printing the document again

If your printer is still will not printing color prints, you should immediately consult with a printer technician. A reliable HP printer expert will fix this issue quickly by providing you with affordable HP printer repair.

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