Disk Drill Review – A Free Data Recovery Tool

Disk Drill Review – A Free Data Recovery Tool

Disk Drill Review

Disk Drill is a top-notch file recovery program as it offers numerous features and a user-friendly interface. Some of the features of this Disk Drill is advanced, but it is easy to use. So, if you have a lack of technical skills, don’t panic to use it. Due to its cost-effectiveness tool, it’s demand is increasing day by day. It doesn’t offer all the features like the Big Boys or other programs, but if you’re on a low budget, then it’s the best choice for you.

Basically, most of the people don’t have a good strategy for a safe backup of their photos or data. Dead disk platter or other hardware failures can delete all of your data. Sometimes, we delete our photo accidentally from the memory card or disk. But, these data are actually not removed from your device, just destroys the part of the system file. Basically, your device cannot show the file, but the file is still there in your device. Then, to recover this you have to go to a data recovery specialist which is little expensive. But, this Disk Drill can save your money and it is very promising to recover your data in the best way. If you want to know about this Disk Drill in depth, then go through this Disk Drill review that we have provided in this article.

Know the Key Features:

Let’s talk about the attractive features before discussing Disk Drill review in details.

  • Disk Drill can recover your data files from external and internal hard drives, iPods, flash drives, memory cards and more.
  • exFAT, HFS+, FAT, EXT2/3/4 and NTFS formatted drives can be scanned.
  • In Disk drill, the files are well-organized by video, audio, documents, pictures and archives. You can be able to view these files altogether.
  • This software has a feature of deep scanning and quick scanning on a partition.
  • Disk Drill offers a search tool which easily filters the results of your search.
  • This application filters the data by date or size.
  • Recovery Vault is an attractive feature of this program. It can track your deleted data.
  • You can pause and resume the scanning process.
  • Scan results can be restored and saved for later.
  • All the data are saved and backed up to a DMG file.

Disk Drill Review – First Impressions about it

Disk Drill has the capability of fast scanning and recovers your files very quickly. Let’s see the Disk Drill review in details so that you can have a better idea about how it works.


In this Disk Drill review, first, you have to know about the performance of this application. You have to know if this program is promising in its performance or not. So, let’s see whether its performance attracts you or not.  

If you run the deep scan, no noticeable impact will occured in your system. This Disk drill only uses about 1% of Ram, 10% of CPU after being scanned in a speed of 117.5 MB/s on the HDD.

The results after recovery disk, will be mixed and some video and image files may be jumbled up.

It has the capability to recover a .zip and .exe file full.

File preview is spotty and you can’t reconstruct your files which are originally deleted. Users are very disappointed with this lack.

A Full scan of the SSD and HDD are unbelievably very fast. It only takes 36 minutes to complete a full scan on HDD and 13 minutes to do the same on SSD. On the other hand, the quick scan is also very fast but it cannot recover your deleted file fully.   

The Pro version of this application can recover 99% of your photo files but it struggles to recover the music and video files. It can recover only 53% to 70% of these types of files.  

Multiple Scan Options

In the second part of the Disk Drill review, we are discussing the multiple scan options offered by this Disk Drill. If you don’t install Disk Drill when the files are deleted, don’t worry. It is able to bring back these files in a flash. It offers a top-notch scanning option ‘Quick Scan’ which can recover your files in some seconds. Deleted files are an easy target for this scan. When the files are deleted, the contents of the files are still in the drive. Basically, the filename is marked as removed. You have to choose the files which you are willing to recover, then run the Quick scan and it will bring back those files to you.  

If you lose your files many days ago, then the quick scan cannot recover these files. But, it’s a good news that Disk Drill offers also an option to scan is ‘Deep scan’. This is one of the useful features of this application. It can search all the deleted files to the entire drive, and then find it and reconstruct these lost files. More than 350 file types can be recognized by this Deep scan.  

Flexible Scanning

It’s a large process and takes several hours to recover data from large hard drives. But in this busy world, no one has time to sit in front of his computer for several hours, so Disk Drill provides a powerful session management feature. You can pause, stop or resume the scanning process anytime you want. It means you don’t need to wait to complete the whole deep scan if you already found the recoverable files. Simply stop the scan and recover it. If you want to turn off your device during the scanning process, no problem! Just pause the scan and shut down your computer. You can resume this scanning process from where you left off it.

The scan process is flexible in this Disk Drill. It means that this application knows the needs of your data recovery. So, while you have the flexibility of managing the recovery at your own speed, the recommended setting will be: stop using the drive, recover or create a recoverable disk image asap.

Premium Data Protection

In this article about Disk Drill review, we are now going to discussing the data protection which is provided by this Disk Drill program. We suggest you to download this application for protection before your data is lost. This application offers a unique feature ‘Recovery Vault’ which offers an additional protection for all important and sensitive locations. Not only that, it helps to store all the information in details of your deleted files. This Recovery Vault works as an extra recycle bin in your computer without consuming extra disk space. It means that you can easily restore all the deleted back by this feature.

Some times, Disk Drill is used to fix the major issues of the operating system of your device. When you accidentally press the Delete button, all the metadata of your original files stays disk intact and you can recover any deleted file or directory in a few seconds.

This Recovery vault is an optional feature. You can enable or disable this at your own choice. It is free for forever and it makes the Disk Drill more powerful and attractive to the users.

Full Partition Recovery – a Powerful Feature

In this Disk Drill review, we are going to tell about an amazing feature of this Disk Drill application. The powerful scanning and its versatility make this program unique from other file recovery applications available on the internet. You can even recover your files up to 500 MB at free of cost. It provides advanced scanning options like easy scans, quick scans for fast and Deep scan which is a little complex. If you run a deeper search, you can easily recover your deleted files. Recovery process becomes easier for the full partition recovery feature. This powerful recovery feature provides healing algorithms too. By using this feature, you can recover not only your deleted files but also the entire storage medium. Disk Drill is especially helpful after erroneous formats on partitions. You can easily recover the original partition and associated files by scanning the entire drive.  

Installation and User Experience

Disk Drill installation process is very simple, quick and painless. It takes only three minutes to complete the whole downloading and installing process. It’s a modern-looking application, but its minimal design may actually be too minimal for the average user.

In order to designate which types of files I wanted to search for on my first scan, rather than having them right up front and obvious I had to dig into the (very limited) preferences menu to find how to scan by filetype only. Then, instead of letting me filter by filetype by typing it in I had to choose individually through an unintuitive tree system that was way more trouble to use than its worth.

Pricing and Plans

In Disk Drill review, pricing is one of the main factors which can attract the users. Disk Drill offers three types of plan which you can choose depending on your budget. These three softwares are available in both MacOS and Windows operating system.

Basic – Free

You can be able to scan your device for finding out the recoverable files with this Disk Drill Basic. You can use this plan at free of cost. In return, it offers features like backup the failing disks, undeletes the protected data and previews the recovery methods which you use.

Pro – Comes with Numerous Features

This Disk Drill software is developed for personal use as well. You can use this software on up to your three devices. It provides two types of scanning process – Deep scan and Quick scan. You can run a partition search to recover all file systems and all media types. It comes with a price tag of 327 AED. You have to pay an additional 106.50 AED if you want lifetime upgrades.

Enterprise – Good for unlimited Installations

It is mainly designed for commercial use. This plan comes with all features of Pro and also offers some additional features. Disk Drill Enterprise is quite well for unlimited installations and users. You have to pay 1466 AED to use this package and also comes with free lifetime upgrades.  

You can download this application free for all versions of Windows. To attract people, this Disk Drill application offers attractive discounts. It offers 20% discount for nonprofit, government and educational organizations, 50% discount on competitive upgrade and also gives a 50% off on the Mac version if you already use this application on the Windows version. If you want to upgrade the edition of this program, you will receive a discount of 183 AED.    

Mac Version of Disk Drill

During this Disk Drill review, we are discussing more about the Windows version of this software. Now, let’s talk about the Mac version of this application. It is a bit expensive, but in return, it offers extra features which make this version of Disk Drill one of the best data recovery program. These include:

  • Android recovery
  • Bootable drives
  • iOS recovery
  • Cleanup
  • Forensic features
  • Health monitoring
  • Duplicate Finder

Sometimes, users need to bring back your data from non-booting machines, then you have to use this version. The Windows version of this software supports over 200 types of files. But, interestingly the Mac version supports over 300 types of files.

Support file types include:

  • Audio: WAV, MP3, AIFF, Ogg, AAC
  • Archives: Zip, RAR, Gzip, Stuffit
  • Documents: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF
  • Videos: QuickTime, WMV, AVI, MPEG-4
  • Images: JPEG, RAW,  PNG, Illustrator, Photoshop

Does it Get Everything?

We can see in the Disk Drill review that the program offers us many features like powerful scanning, search tools and the powerful feature ‘partial recovery’. But if you want everything from this application, then the answer is big No and you should not expect for everything on this low budget. Don’t forget that the old images and files are stored in your SD card until these are written over by other files.

Disk Drill creates a separate file which is stored in a folder named ‘Reconstructed’. These files are partially overwritten and this software tries to recover these files. The files which are unrecoverable for sure can be found in this folder.  Only about 50% of these files works in this folder. You can feel it odd, as this application can’t construct these files properly.

Some files remain as a broken file as it is not able to recover your deleted files full. But, this software should do a better job at pruning out the broken files.

On the other hand, you can see that some RAW files in this ‘Recovered’ folder are corrupted when you try to open these in Photoshop. These files are not fully available on the disk for recovery. But, you can find your photo as it is saved in this folder. The good thing is that it can save a part of the photo if this photo is unrecoverable.

Is this Disk Drill Suitable for you?

After talking about the Disk Drill review,  we can see that this program offers a lot of features. But, besides these features, there are also some cons. So, let’s look at the pros and the cons by which you can easily decide whether this Disk Drill is perfect for you or not.


  • Easy to use.
  • Very fast scanning
  • Easily you can pause or resume the scanning process
  • From many different file systems, you can easily recover your files.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows and also macOS.
  • Overall UI is user-friendly.


  • You can recover only 500 MB data at a time.
  • No portable option.
  • Before recovering your file, you cannot be able to see the file’s quality and condition.
  • Unintuitive filetype selection UI
  • Limited contact options
  • No preferences or settings available
  • Mixed recovery results are depended on your file.

Final Thoughts

The user interface is the only thing which we like most about this Disk Drill software. If you accidentally delete your files and photos, then this is the best option in the low budget to recover your files. It is also cost-effective. But, it takes too much disk space compared to other file recovery softwares.

If you only want to recover your files, then this is the best choice for you. But if you want extra features like drive cleaning tools, tools for backup files, then this is not for you.  

Basically, Disk Drills offers additional backup features like Recovery Vault feature and Guaranteed Recovery feature. It’s also worth noting that both of those features only work on files that are on your Mac, so they don’t offer any protection to accidentally deleted files that are on memory cards in your camera. After reading this Disk Drill review, if you choose Disk Drill as your File recovery software, you won’t be disappointed with Disk Drill. But make sure it’s the right tool for you before you lay down your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

         1-Is Disk Drill a malware?

Disk Drill does not contain any spyware, malware, viruses and trojans. You can easily check it by using any third-party Antivirus software. So, we can say that Disk Drill is not a malware and it appears to be safe.

         2-How you uninstall Disk Drill on Mac?

To uninstall Disk Drill on Mac, follow the guideline instructed below:

  • First of all, Download the Disk Drill installer.
  • When the download is completed, find DiskDrill.dmg file.
  • Click on this file.
  • Now, launch the Terminal app in your Mac device.
  • In the Terminal, just write the below command sudo /Volumes/DiskDrill/Disk\ Drill.app/Contents/Resources/uninstall
  • Run this command. It will help you to uninstall the Disk Drill.
  • No need to restart your device.
  • Now, go to System Preferences.
  • Fuse for OSX.
  • Remove the OSXFUSE.

Alternatively, if you can’t do this upper process by yourself, then you can try it.

  • First, launch Disk Drill.
  • Go to the menu bar.
  • Then, find Disk Drill and click on it.
  • Choose Preferences, and then select General.
  • Click on the ‘Remove Disk Drill’ option.

    3-When Disk Drill is first introduced?

The Basic plan of the Disk Drill was first introduced in 2010. Earlier, it is designed for recovering the lost and deleted files from SSD drives, hard disk drives and USB flash drives with the help of Recovery Vault technology. In 2015, CleverFiles introduced the Windows version of Disk Drill.

       4-What is Disk Drill Smart Monitoring?

Cleverfiles has released Disk Drill 1.1, a new drive utility that preemptively protects your disk data and provides tools for data recovery in the event of a crash or accidentally deleted files. Disk Drill includes live Smart monitoring of your hard drives to alert you when something is going wrong

       5-How you uninstall the Disk Drill Smart Monitoring on Mac?

To get rid of this Smart Monitoring, just perform the below steps one by one:

  • In Finder, browse to Applications/Utilities, and then double-click on Terminal.
  • The Terminal window opens.
  • Type the following command in the Terminal window sudo “/Applications/SMART Technologies/SMARTUninstaller.app/Contents/Resources/uninstall”
  • Now, press Return.
  • Type your administrator password, and then press Return.