Brother Printer Not Recognizing Toner Cartridges?

Brother Printer Not Recognizing Toner Cartridges?

Generally, if you haven’t taken out the protective strips from the printer, you might note that that printer is not recognizing the toner cartridges. It is a more common problem for the Brother printer, owing to its built.

Further, if the toner is not compatible with the printer, or if you haven’t updated the printer driver for a long time, then the Brother printer will refuse to identify the toner cartridge. And, when this issue appears, an error message ‘Cartridge Protection enabled’ or ‘ Cartridges locked’ message will appear on the LED screen. Obviously, you will not be able to print anything from your printer.

To help you out, experts have come up with some effective solutions. Let’s get to the details:

Easy Hacks to Fix Toner Cartridges Error

If your Brother printer is unable to recognize the toner cartridge, then don’t panic as here we have discussed the best solutions provided by the professionals associated with printer repair Dubai

All of these solutions are based on years of experience and customer feedback.

  1.  Remove the Protective Strips

Now, at first, you need to remove the protective strips that come with the new toner cartridges. If you haven’t taken out the protective strips, then this will prevent your Brother printer from identifying the toner cartridges. 

Hence, you must take out the toner cartridges from the box. Then, carefully remove all the protective strips. Cross-check and ensure that you removed all the tabs, strips, and plastic covers. Thereafter, install the toner cartridges within the printer. 

  1. Reset the Internal Memory

After installing a new cartridge, the Brother printer will automatically detect the toner cartridge, as well as reset the internal memory. Unfortunately, sometimes the Brother printer is unable to perform this task accurately. In this situation, you must reset the internal memory of your printer.

So, first, take out the old cartridges from the printer, and then replace it with a new toner cartridge. Let your printer recognize the toner cartridge and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. However, if your printer can’t detect it, then take out the new cartridge from the printer and place it safely, where the toner cartridge won’t be damaged.

Press the Power button and turn off your Brother printer. After that, you need to unplug the printer cable from the power supply. This is crucial. Wait for another 25 minutes, and again fit the new cartridge to its previous place.

Plugin the printer’s power cord to the power supply. After that, you must press the Power button. Hope, now, you can print any document with ease. 

  1. Clean the Metal Contacts

You will see the metal contacts on one side of the printer. Sometimes, if the metal contacts get dirty, your Brother printer will refuse to identify the cartridges. Now, to fix it, at first, you must power off the printer, and thereafter separate the printer power cable from the power supply.

Carefully take out the ink cartridges and place it on a flat surface. Check the toner cartridge for the metal contacts. Apart from this, we also suggest you inspect the Brother printer to see the connection point. Take a dry and soft cloth and clean the contacts on both cartridges. Place the cartridge back in the printer. Connect the power cable and thereafter turn on the Brother printer.

  1. Check the Slot

Sometimes, by mistake, you put the toner cartridge into the incorrect slot. Or, buy the wrong cartridges model for your Brother printer. Apart from this, instead of buying a toner cartridge, if you purchase a fuser or drum and install it without the tonner, the printer will stop working and an error message ‘replace cartridge’ will appear on the display.

Hence, in this situation, remove all the cartridges from the printer. In addition, cross-check and make sure that the right cartridge is present on the right colour slot. However, if not, then you must again reinstall the new cartridges and reset the printer. 

Apart from this, printer repair Dubai experts suggest you lift the cover of the toner cartridge and make sure that all of the cartridges have been placed properly. In addition, again close the cover and try to print. 

  1. Reinstall the Printer Driver

This is another effective remedy that you can try, and fix the toner cartridges error. For that, first, move to the ‘Device & printer’ section by using the Start menu. Under the ‘Device & Printer’ section, locate and right-click on your printer name (here the name must be Brother). Then, you need to choose the Remove Device button. Thereafter, you must choose the printer driver that you wish to uninstall. Tap on the Yes button if a confirmation message appears on the display.

After successfully uninstalling the printer drivers, head to the official website of the Brother printer. Search for the most suitable version for your device. Then, by following the on-screen instructions, download and install the printer driver to your device.


However, if everything fails, you don’t have any other choice than seeking help from the professionals. Join with UAE Technician, associated with the printer repair Dubai. Owing to decades of experience, professionals can resolve every glitch with ease.