2018 Best free Android Browsers for Smart Phones and Tablets

2018 Best free Android Browsers for Smart Phones and Tablets

2018 Best free Android browsers for Smart phones– In any Android Smartphone, however, many other browsers can also be installed to browse the internet, in order to change the default one and to have some alternative in case there is need of some particular function.

In addition, unlike the iPhone, browsers for Android phones are independent applications, which in some cases may even be faster than the pre-installed browser (while on the iPhone and iPad the alternative browsers are all based on Safari).

In this article, we look at the best free, fastest and most powerful Android browsers that can be installed on mobile phones and tablets to surf the Internet.

best free Android browsers

1) Chrome is often pre-installed on Android and can be downloaded to devices, mobile phones or tablets, which have Android 4.0 and above.

Like Firefox for Android, Chrome is very similar to the PC version, with the great advantage, for those who use it on a PC, to get data synchronized from the computer.

Google Chrome for Android is the fastest browser, which has the best benchmarking scores ever.

For those who use Chrome on the PC, Chrome on Android is the mandatory choice as the default browser.

Certainly, however, it is not the best for times when you would like complete privacy in browsing, to be able to open websites without leaving traces and without Google storing our habits.

NOTE: Personally I use Chrome on my smartphone with the addition of the Chrome app , which allows you to open links from other apps in an ultra-fast way using Chrome, but without loading the entire browser.

2) Firefox for Android is the browser that will choose all the people who are accustomed to Firefox on the computer but is also to be installed to take advantage of some special features

In Firefox for Android, there are in fact many different options from Chrome, especially for the privacy of the browsing, and there is no lack of support for Firefox extensions on Android.

In addition, with the Firefox Sync function, therefore, any navigation data saved on the PC is synchronized on the mobile phone: bookmarks, history and open tabs.


3) Opera Mobile and Opera Mini are versions of Opera for Android that work beautifully on mobile phones.

Opera Mobile is a complete alternative browser to Chrome, while Opera Mini is a particular browser, which compresses web pages and allows you to download less data, saving bandwidth to the maximum.

Personally, I think that Opera Mini is always to be installed on every smartphone to be able to use it when there is little traffic availability or when abroad you pay for every Kbyte downloaded.

4) Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular browsers in the Google Play store, although in recent years it has lost some credibility due to allegations regarding the possible espionage of data.

Now that these privacy issues should be solved, we can consider Dolphin as the most customizable and most user-friendly web browser for Android, such as support for Flash sites and support for extensions.

5) Puffin browser to open sites in Flash on Android is also one of the lightest browsers, ideal for old or cheap smartphones and includes the function to save internet traffic.

6) Samsung Internet Browser is the official browser of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which is also available for other Android 5.0 smartphones.

The Samsung browser is very similar to Chrome and syncs with Chrome on PC by installing the Samsung Internet extension.

The mobile browser supports some extensions, allows you to print web pages, save them to read them later, request site in desktop mode and all the normal options.

7) Rocket Browser offers everything you would expect from a traditional browser, with amazing speed comparable to Chrome.

The Rocket browser also has a proxy mode for anonymous browsing and optimized rendering to minimize the weight of web pages on the GPU.

8) Next Team Browser Go Launcher is a new browser of excellent quality, easy to use and fast.

It supports extensions, has all the options available in the settings menu, supports voice search and integrates a download manager for saving downloaded files.

Favorite sites are synced through a Google account.

You can also disable images to speed up navigation, and you can control with gestures.

9) Maxthon Browser is the Android version of this cloud-based Japanese browser, it’s a real revelation.

Surely among the fastest to load, with a beautiful start page and many features such as: synchronization from the PC to the phone, private browsing, full screen, extensions, sharing options, extreme customization with the themes, download manager.

10) UC Browser is a great browser that is essential to surf the Internet in an optimized way even on mobile phones with a small screen.

A bit like Opera Mini does, UCBrowser compresses websites by saving bandwidth in the data connection.

This, however, also makes something more in fact, all those sites that do not have a mobile version and are difficult to navigate on the small screen of the phone, are optimized and each web page is modified so that it can be read and displayed with all the elements arranged , neatly, vertically.

11) Lighting Browser is a recent browser for Android optimized especially for tablets that is proposed as the lightest of all, able to pre-load websites before you click on and always providing the mobile and lighter version of the sites .

It also offers features found in Chrome and other major browsers including tabbed browsing, bookmark management, webpage sharing, password saving, pinch-to-zoom, gestures and much more.

If you install the Flash plugin, it also supports watching streaming videos.

12) Apus Browser is a simple minimalist browser that also supports Flash Player, user-agent change and full screen.

Apus Browser is a very light app, with interface material design (that of Android Lollipop) that takes up very little memory, so ideal for weaker and less powerful smartphones.

13) Firefox Focus to browse without advertising

14) CM Browser Fastis one of the fastest browsers for Android phones that stands out for lightness and speed, in just 2MB of space.

15) Exsoul Web Browser is a very fast browser with search suggestions, content translation, search on multiple search engines, 21 languages and much more.

16) NineSky Browser is a recent application that has already achieved some popularity on the Google Android Store.

This browser, inspired by Google Chrome, has a lot of features such as: safe and secure browsing, integrated search engines, homepage with quick launch of favorite sites, multitouch zoom and three internet modes including that to save bandwidth and optimize the display of heavier sites.

17)Phoenix Browser , a classic browser, with the ability to clear the history of every time you go out, with the news on the front page based on browsing habits, a bit ‘as does Google Now.

18) Tenta Browser is the best choice for those who want to browse without being traced by advertisements, anonymously, not to leave traces of navigation.

19) Boat Browser is very similar to Google Chrome, with tabs, the address bar at the top and the menu bar at the bottom.

Includes support for voice commands, add-ons (only some are available at the moment), a customizable toolbar, a speed dial, the ability to share links on Facebook, user agents configurable by the user (so as to simulate browsing on sites in normal and non-mobile versions) and a variety of other options.

19.1) Boat Browser Mini is even lighter, freed from the accessory features of the normal Boat Browser, ideal for low-end mobile phones and to open mobile versions of all websites quickly.