Why should you choose Annual Maintenance Contract for your Devices?

Why should you choose Annual Maintenance Contract for your Devices?

Annual Maintenance Contract for IT Devices- Know about Top Benefits and Types to understand it Better.

Technological advances have bestowed many gifts on us in the form of latest devices. We invest a lot of money in buying a laptop, printer or PC but above all, these are depreciating assets which will require proper maintenance from time to time. Imagine a scenario where you encounter a damage situation with your device like a failure of parts or liquid spill over. The first thing which comes to your mind is the duration of warranty period left on your equipment. Panic crosses your face when you come to know that the safety cap of warranty is over and now you have to buy the parts which can cost you a fortune.

Here, AMC which is an abbreviation for annual maintenance contract can be the answer to all your technical maintenance worries. In Dubai, businesses and organizations have embraced this concept, and now we can see these contracts playing a vital part in offering post-warranty services. The role of it comes into picture when the warranty on your device is over. It is a contract between the consumer and a service provider who has agreed to provide maintenance and repair services at some mutually decided prices for a period. AMC offers you the safety from hefty investment in faulty parts and equipment whenever you face any technical issue.

Annual Maintenance Contract for IT Devices
Annual Maintenance Contract for IT Devices

There can be two types of this contract which are as follows

  • Annual maintenance contract

Under this type, Either the manufacturer or any other service provider offers you services for maintenance and repair of your device at a fixed price. The duration of this contract is usually of 1 year. If the consumer wants to extend the time span, then with an agreement it can be increased up to three or five years. Usually, it only provides you with service support. If the faulty parts are replaced in a system, then extra charges are levied on the customer. However, you can opt for a contract which includes replacement services also for some parts.

  • Comprehensive maintenance contract

This contract provides you with the power of prompt services from the service providers whenever you encounter any technical issues. The time durations are flexible as you can choose the time span by mutual concern. It includes repairs and replacements of faulty parts. This version is expensive due to its features as it offers you others components on reduced price which are not the part of a contract.

Opting for AMC can be a wise move as it presents several benefits. Following is the detailed description of advantages which can help you in understanding this contract well.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Consumers usually think that they will have to pay no matter there was an issue or not. But regular maintenance can help you in saving cost in the long run by keeping devices sound. It may cost more if you have to replace a part instead of maintaining it.  

  • Increases the lifetime of gadget or equipment

With regular wear and tear it is possible that issues can crop up at any time. If the maintenance part of any device is ignored then sooner or later, it will collapse and will make you cough up a considerable amount of replacing the component. Frequent checks and service can give your equipment a long and productive life which will in return save your money.

  • Dedicated service schedule

This contract provides you with a team of dedicated professionals which are available on the 24*7 basis as mostly all service providers are offering this support. Here you can rest all your worries on them without compromising your peace of mind.

  • Expert technicians

When we face some issues, then we search for an AMC service provider for computers. Usually, we hesitate in trusting a local technician for quality advice. With this contract, you will get certified professionals who will take care of your equipment.

A service provider first checks and evaluate the condition of machinery and then provide you with options from which you choose. Usually the contract consist of following details:

  • Name and address of both the parties
  • Details  of the equipment under contract
  • Duration of contract
  • Nature of AMC (comprehensive or non-comprehensive)
  • Cost of the contract
  • Number of visits and breakdown calls by the service engineer
  • Payment terms
  • Penalty clause
  • Termination
  • Signature
  • Seal

Before taking a final decision, take a profound look at the options available in the market. Choose for the service partner who has a vast reach of service network in Dubai so that you can get better service.